People Collecting ‘Entitlements’ – Who Are They?

Who are these 47% that  do not pay income taxes to the government? Does it matter that the poor pay no taxes because they do not make enough to do so? Our graduated income tax system states that if you make less than a certain amount, you legally do not have to file any federal or state tax return. Should we start taxing them? The reason that they are NOT taxed, is that they do not make enough to live, much less pay to taxes. 

Millions of seniors tend to retire and collect Social Security as well as getting benefits from Medicare. They do not file or pay federal or state taxes, because they generally do not make enough to require them to do that. The elderly are a large part of the 47% that collect ‘entitlements’, according to the Republicans. Does this mean Republicans are in favor of eliminating Social Security and Medicare? The answer is YES. 

Republicans want to put all seniors back out on the street, making them homeless, and without any financial assistance to handle their very expensive health issues, most of which happen in the last two years of life, as was the situation before Social Security and Medicare were implemented.

Roughly 15% of the population in the USA is on food stamps. The number of people on food stamps has been steadily increasing since the reign of George Bush. The number of poor has also been increasing since George Bush took office as President. Why? 

Maybe we should outlaw anyone collecting more money than they pay in? All of the red states could also be seen as collecting entitlements, as all of the red states get back more than they pay in taxes overall to the federal government. Should we pass a law that states can only get back from the federal government what they pay, so that they do not get any ‘entitlements’? Certainly, the blue states would LOVE to pass a law like this.

What about the fact that the banks are collecting corporate welfare in the form of 0 % interest loans from the Federal Reserve? If this is not an ‘entitlement’, what is? Why are the largest banks ‘entitled’ to that 0% interest money, but hard working, hard studying college students and homeowners have to pay 4-10% interest or more, especially with credit cards or payday loans, where the rate may be 20-50% interest? 

Why not reverse this scenario? Why do the richest of the rich get the free money, but the poorest of the poor have to pay the highest interest rates, or cannot have access to money at all? Those who can afford it the least, get the least, and those who can afford to pay the most, pay the least or nothing at all. 

Many of the largest corporations pay no taxes at all despite making BILLIONS in profit. They also collect corporate welfare (entitlements) at the same time while they make record profits.  These huge corporations often rape, pillage or steal to make money in foreign nations, paying workers $1 a day, with no benefits. They can move from country to country, with no visas, passports or permission. If we tried to do that, we would end up in a foreign jail. We cannot live as citizens in other countries, as corporations do. We cannot hire workers for $1 a day with no benefits. 

Banksters can and have stolen Trillions of Dollars, but no one goes to jail. They feel ‘entitled’ to the money. They feel they deserve all of it and MORE. As David Koch said; “We want it ALL”. Yet, if a poor teenager steals a sandwich to fill a hungry belly, he goes to jail. 

This corporate entitlement thinking may even make sense if these big banks then turned around and loaned this money to average folks or small businesses, but they don’t. They ‘invest’ this money in US Treasuries, and make a guaranteed rate of return. They took the BILLIONS in bailout money that they felt ‘entitled’ to grab from the taxpayer trough and bought up smaller banks, making themselves even bigger and more powerful. So the next crisis that they manufacture due to greed will be even worse. 

Big banksters committed crimes, fraud, pulled scams and stole TRILLIONS. Then they felt ‘entitled’ to get bailed out when the whole fake Ponzi Scheme fell apart. They said they were toooooo big to fail, so they got more BILLIONS to bail themselves out of the mess, and to stay out of jail. 

Small credit unions and small community banks did nothing wrong. They loaned money to average people and small businesses the way they were supposed to. Instead of being rewarded for doing the right thing, small banks and credit unions were PUNISHED and given no money during the big bank bailout period. Big banks felt entitled to BILLIONS in bailout money, but they did not think that anyone else deserved it. They took it ALL. The criminal and psychopathic 1% got all of the money and a free get out of jail card, while the millions of sane people who were doing the right thing got punished. 

Banksters turn around and use the taxpayer entitlement money that they get for personal corporate gain (since corporations are now people since Citizens United Ruling). The officers and CEO’s give themselves HUGE bonuses, stock perks, and golden parachutes, because they feel ‘entitled’ to this. The millions of people at the bottom worked to make these profits for the 1% at the top, but they get nothing but cancelled pensions, cancelled health benefits and layoff notices right before they are due to collect retirement. Then  all of the millions of good paying jobs are exported to Communist China, because the 1% want MORE. 

Banksters invest the money they got from a private corporation (The Federal Reserve), to MAKE money. How is that NOT entitlement welfare collected from the ‘government’? All corporations are collecting subsidies, grants, loan guarantees and favorable laws that create a good ‘environment’ for themselves. 

The Federal Reserve is a private for profit corporation, owned by just a few very rich people. They are ‘entitled’ to print as much money as they want, whenever they feel like it. They get to make it up out of thin air, and that is legal. 

But if you or I create a private for profit corporation, and start to print money with a fancy printing press, we will get tossed into jail, faster than a blink of an eye. So where is the ‘free market’ here? If one corporation (that is also a person) can print up money and hand it to other corporations, (that are also persons), why can’t other persons, like you and I, do the same thing? 

Why is only ONE corporation ‘entitled’ to print up money out of thin air? Why is the ‘free market’ so noble in principle with Conservatives, but when it comes down to it, only monopolies controlled by the 1% seem to control everyone and everything in their world? 

The battle between the 1% and the 99% has been going on a long, long time. Kings oppressed their subjects, which made them so miserable that they moved to what we now call the United States.

In 1832, King Andrew Jackson did away with the Bank of the United States. President Jackson said this bank was a ‘monster’ that gave too much taxpayer money and special privilege to other corrupt elites/corporations. He stood up to the rich, corporations and the elite. He was re-elected to a second term as President. 

The founders of this country said that a national bank was evil and should not be created. That battle went on for quite a few years, until the banksters got the ‘entitlement’ to create a national bank that could print up as much money as they wanted.  The greed that a national PRIVATE bank unleashed created the Great Depression, causing ten years of suffering and turmoil. 

FDR said “I am fighting on behalf of poor people”.  When and where do ‘liberals’ say that nowadays? Have you heard ANY supposed liberal politicians talking about the poor, climate change or the environment lately? What happened to all of the liberals? They seem to be extinct. This is part of the power of the 1% expressing itself through monopolistic media, setting the agenda of what is ok to talk about. Certain things are NOT ok in the eyes of the 1%, so they do not get discussed. 

Where is the movement on behalf of the  middle class, much  less immigrants who work to bring food to our tables and clean houses or do the dirty labor no one else wants to do? Where are those representing the oppressed and the downtrodden? Where are the people that wrote on the statue of Liberty; “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”?

In 1904, Teddy Roosevelt, also known as the ‘trust buster’, beat a millionaire and his running mate with the promise of a ‘square deal’ to everyone. 

Aristotle also made the point that if you have, in a perfect democracy, a small number of very rich people and a large number of very poor people, the poor will use their democratic rights to take property away from the rich. Aristotle regarded that as unjust, and proposed two possible solutions: reducing poverty (which is what he recommended) or reducing democracy. 

Since the USA is a free country, people are ‘allowed’ to reduce or even eliminate democracy, and they have been doing that since the beginning, when this Republic was formed. 

The founders of this Republic just happened to be rich, white and landowning MEN, who were often associated with or working for foreign corporations. They did not allow anyone else to govern this nation. They did not allow women, or majorities such as Indians or blacks to vote. 

Women, blacks, Indians and other minorities were not allowed to be represented in government, since that might change this dynamic of a few rich people governing and controlling everyone else. This dynamic is certainly not new, and continues on today, just with Trillions of Dollars. The 1% continue to suck the wealth out of the 99% and transfer wealth from them to themselves.  Often, the individuals representing the 1% get elected and take more freedoms and wealth away. This has been happening for a LONG time. 

James Madison was one example of this problem where the rich oppressed the poor. His goal was to reduce democracy rather than eliminating poverty. He focused on “protecting the minority of the opulent against the majority.” As his colleague John Jay was fond of saying; “The people who own the country ought to govern it.”

Jim Crow laws and the taking of land and resources from the native inhabitants was also an expression of this underlying lack of real democracy and freedom for all inhabitants of this country. Even though the Constitution promised that all men were equal and had equal rights, this was not true in practice. Blacks, Indians, and all manner of immigrants were treated as animals, slaves, or uncivilized ‘pagans’, who were segregated away from a higher ‘class’ of people, namely Christians whites. Those original aborigine inhabitants and slaves brought in to work on corporate farms had to fight for many generations to get and keep the rights promised to them in the Constitution. What rights are these people ‘entitled’ to? Did they deserve to have all their land and resources taken? Were the ‘settlers’ ‘entitled’ to take it all, with no compensation, while treating these people like dirt? 

This takeover happened two hundred years ago, so little is remembered of those times. The ‘settlement’ and civilization process was done by force, not by choice. People were moved by force to ‘reservations’, set up to move people off of desirable lands and onto worthless property, not wanted by anyone else. 

The military was used for this forced moving process. The military itself feels ‘entitled’ to the money siphoned out of the public Treasury. The US military now makes up over 50% of the total budget. Combine that with the interest cost and most of the budget is oriented towards two for profit corporations, who feel ‘entitled’ to those profits, at any cost to the US taxpayer. 

Underneath all of this is a certain kind of consciousnessness. The problem is NOT the corporate structure, because there are plenty of employee owned corporations who do no harm, and they actually benefit local communities and nations. 

So when we search for the root of this problem of a few people taking advantage of 99% of the rest of people, it is actually not the people themselves, but their lack of awareness of how the world works. The 1% for the most part represent a black and white kind of awareness, a consciousness, or rather the LACK of consciousness. Just as many criminals who are mostly in jail, blame their victims, the 1% blame the 99%, but they are mostly NOT in jail. Criminals also suffer from a lack of awareness, a lack of consciousness, and a lack of conscience. 

Because the 1% have a lot of money and thus power,  they can buy protection, pass laws to make themselves immune to prosecution (many monopolies now have this in place) and buy favors from judges, lawyers, and politicians, effectively making themselves immune to jail, no matter how many people they kill, steal from or harm. Is this the definition of ‘free market’? Can the 1% really buy special ‘entitlements’, just because they have the money? The answer seems to be; YES.

In summary, those who suffer the most from ‘entitlement justification’, use projection to blame others for something that they themselves utilize more than anyone else, and are guilty of more than anyone else. That shame and guilt must be pushed off and blamed on others, even if they are not guilty of it. Projection is often used by those who are in denial. 

People Collecting ‘Entitlements’ – Who Are They? via A Green Road

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