Savannah River Site; Most Severely Radiation Polluted Place on Earth?

According to the article; Human Health Problems at Two of the Most Polluted Places on Earth, the Savannah River Site in South Carolina is an 802 square kilometer complex that has been severely polluted by five decades of Nuclear Weapons production. It is now rated as one of the top ten most polluted and toxic places on the planet.

Top ten most radioactive places on earth 
Ten most toxic places on Earth  

“Up to 100 million curies of tritium were released from over the decades, contaminating the region’s drinking water. 490 million Curies of liquid high level radioactive Y-/vats are stored in underground tanks. [7] Near the Savannah River Site, the death rate is 19.8% above normal, largely from heart disease and cancer; both are associated with ionizing radiation.”

According to the video source description above “at the Savannah River Department of Energy site near Aiken, South Carolina, USA, a 300-square-mile complex of streams, ponds, nuclear reactors, reprocessing units and barbed wire in the pine woods on the South Carolina-Georgia border, everything from the deer and ducks to the collard greens shows traces of radiation.

Swimming through the ponds into which the Energy Department has dumped billions of gallons of contaminated water over a period of 30 years are turtles, which absorb radioactive tritium, strontium and cesium in their shells and flesh. The radioactivity will outlive the turtle by decades. What about other animals that use these contaminated ponds for drinking water?

William H. Lawless, once a senior project engineer in radioactive waste management at the Department of Energy, wrote in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1985 that pond-slider turtles with radioactive strontium levels up to 1,000 times the natural background had been found more than half a mile from the plant border, at a commercial hog farm. To control the problem, fences have been erected to keep turtles from wandering through the most polluted areas and then off the site. (Radioactive animals daring to wander off the site is a problem at Hanford as well. Accidents are common at all recycling plants like this one. Here is an example of another plant just like this one in Japan.)
Tokai And Rokkasho Reprocessing Plants History, Accidents And Dangers; via A Green Road  
In 1950 the Atomic Energy Commission designated the location for the atomic weapons complex which was then called the Savannah River Plant. Within five years, the basic facilities were in operation and plutonium metal and tritium gas were being produced and delivered for atomic weapons. The principal construction and operations contractor was E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company which continued as such until Westinghouse took the reins in 1989. 

Until the end of the Cold War in 1991, nuclear materials for tens of thousands of atomic weapons were manufactured at the Savannah River Plant.” Source: April, 1992 Alternative Views #466: NO NUKES IS GOOD NUKES (1992). 

The show featured the outstanding 1991 documentary, “Building Bombs,” along with an interview with its co-director-producer. Building Bombs is a 1991 documentary film produced and directed by Mark Mori and Susan J. Robinson. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. It dealt with environmental contamination and worker safety issues at the Savannah River Site nuclear materials processing center. 

The entire film “Building Bombs” is currently available as a DVD at Alternative Views was a public affairs program that produced 563 one-hour TV shows between 1978, and 1998. It’s goal was to provide information and perspectives that either were not shown on the regular mass media or were greatly distorted by them. The show also provided a platform for other people to present their views and to play their documentaries that the Establishment mass media would not. This program is available at the Internet Archive.” Source;
The Under a Cloud video above presents evidence that the Savannah River Site in South Carolina had a recent, unreported radioactive fallout release event. That radioactive fallout threatens human and environmental health for ‘downwinders’. This is a “wake-up call” for the communities around the Savannah River Site: communities around this site must take action to secure site accountability and to protect our health and the environment. Original release date: Sept. 2003 Video source:

Reprocessing plants are UNIVERSALLY extremely expensive to build, dangerous and accident prone once completed, create huge amounts of radiation while operating and leave toxic radioactive messes behind once they are ‘done’. 

Windscale: Biggest Covered Up UK Nuclear Disaster? via A Green Road
Ozyorsk – Kyshtym – Mayak Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Center Disaster And Coverup; via A Green Road
La Hague; France’s Nuclear Waste Nightmare; via A Green Road 
UK Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Loses $1.2 Billion Pounds, Then Closes; via A Green Road
Pu-239, The Half Life of Timofey Berezin; via A Green Road
Knowing all of this, does it make sense to build a MOX plant using weapons-grade plutonium at this S. Carolina site with ominous looking reactors — This plant is also located on top of region’s most dangerous earthquake fault line (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

According to the DC News “NNSA’s nonproliferation and energy solution is Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX). With little more than a theory, the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations accepted an unproven idea and committed billions of taxpayer money to building an enormous plant to take surplus plutonium from weapons and civilian programs from around the world, grind it into a fine powder and turn it into a very dangerous, toxic, radioactive and highly volatile fuel array for civilian nuclear power reactors. Some experts say this process is more dangerous than stabilizing and burying the excess plutonium.

MOX production facility

The Fukushima crisis should be teaching humanity a great lesson; nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants and humans do not mix well on the same planet. 

The earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis that happen on a regular basis knock out the cooling systems, and then these plants melt down and/or explode,  releasing enough radiation just from the spent fuel pools in worst case scenarios, to kill everyone on the planet. Here is just the latest example. With each huge earthquake or tsunami, more nuclear facilities will get knocked out, quite possibly with much WORSE consequences. 
What really happened at Fukushima? via A Green Road
How Dangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road
Hot Particles (Fuel Fleas) From Fukushima Continue To Circulate Globally; via A Green Road
Fukushima Nano Bucky Balls Weaponized With Uranium, Plutonium, And Cesium; via A Green Road

Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks; via A Green Road

Comparing Contaminated Zones Around Chernobyl And Fukushima Ocean Radiation Released; via A Green Road 

At the Savannah River Site, “working with its huge and politically-connected contractors, NNSA uses an old, tired Atoms-For-Peace argument: It will solve the country’s energy problems by taking excess warhead material and converting it to reactor fuel for “peaceful” purposes. Former Obama White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod coined the phrase – nuclear power is the “bridge to our energy future” – when his company worked for Exelon, a Chicago-based utility that is the largest nuclear operator in the United States. NNSA says its MOX fuel will provide an abundant, on-demand, carbon-free power supply. Some powerful environmental groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council became convinced that a new generation of nuclear reactors could be a sensible alternative to coal-fired plants. “

According to the National Security News Service; “tons of weapons grade plutonium and other nuclear materials, a target for terrorists, are not being properly protected by the National Nuclear Security Administration at the Department of Energy’s sprawling Savannah River Site. A secret security review underway at DOE and other government agencies after an elderly nun last summer breached a NNSA bomb-grade-uranium facility at the Oak Ridge Tennessee Y12 area reveals “harrowing problems in site management and control at other DOE sites,” said a Homeland Security official who requested anonymity. The official said that the Savannah River Site was of concern because “SRS does not have the staffing or the facilities to protect the huge amounts of plutonium that have been brought to SRS in recent years.” There is enough weapons grade plutonium to destroy the world multiple times at this site.”
There are many security concerns around this site, explored in the above video.. If an 80 year old nun and two other people can get right up to a building housing tons of plutonium and spray it with paint, what would happen if a bunch of determined terrorists did this at the Savannah River Site?

The mass media does not like to talk about it, but terrorists have taken over a nuclear power plant already…

Atucha Nuclear Reactor Taken Over By Terrorists; via A Green Road

The Savannah River Site plant has numerous steel tanks (49) containing 36 BILLION gallons of toxic, radioactive liquids. No one knows what to do with it. No one seems to care. Meanwhile, these 46 ordinary steel tanks with highly radioactive liquids in them are rusting and corroding away.. At Hanford, many of these types of metal tanks have rusted through, and the highly toxic extremely radioactive liquid is now moving underground towards the Columbia River that supplies drinking water for MILLIONS of people. Find out more about  disaster that is potentially awaiting all of the cities downstream of Hanford in this article…

Hanford; Lethal And Leaking; A Race To Armageddon?  via A Green Road

The concept of a reprocessing or recyling plant is that plutonium can be used for fuel in the form of MOX, or mixed oxide fuel. However, in practice, this fuel is proving to be FAR more dangerous and FAR more toxic when it is involved in an accident, than the plain uranium based fuels that reactors normally run on. The Fukushima accident and explosion is one example of how badly this fuel reacts during an accident..

“Savannah River MOX report 6 months overdue to Congress”

“The concept of mixing plutonium with traditional uranium oxide reactor fuel is part of an international nonproliferation plan. The plutonium to be used at the MOX plant comes from dismantled warheads, and its conversion to commercial fuel prevents its use in nuclear weapons.”
“On April 7, 1977, President Jimmy Carter banned the reprocessing of commercial reactor spent nuclear fuel in the USA. The key issue driving this policy was the serious threat of nuclear weapons proliferation by diversion of plutonium from the civilian fuel cycle, and to encourage other nations to follow the USA lead.” 
President Carter recognized that the non-proliferation theory is a deception. The DOE wants to sell plutonium, not figure out how to store it safely for eons of time. NO ONE wants ANYTHING radioactive in their backyard. Also, these plants emit more radiation EVERY YEAR, than the TMI accident from beginning to end.

President Obama wants to start up this supposedly green ‘recycling’ facility. Would that have anything to do with Exelon contributing huge amounts of money to his campaign? “Obama’s dirtiest, deadly secret exposed: Plutonium ‘Bomb Plant,’ ‘Green future’”

“Obama and Works of Death”

The nuclear industry can only survive with secrecy and lies. Here is just a small sample of what has been covered up by the nuclear industry…..

Los Angeles Nuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up; via A Green Road 

Radium Girls And Radium Dials; Ottowa Illinois, Death City; via A Green Road

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Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road

The nuclear industry loves to pretend that nuclear is green. Read about this deceptive propoganda in greater detail here….

Dr. Ivan Oelrich; Nuclear Spent Fuel Reprocessing Greenwashing; via A Green Road

Would you allow ANYONE with the following kind of horror filled history, non transparency and dangers to countless future generations into your community?  

Fukushima Reactor 4;  Global Life Extinction Event If It Collapses; via A Green Road

12 reasons why all nuclear power plants must be shut down; via A Green Road

Nuclear Power; EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic; via A Green Road

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Savannah River Site; Most Severely Radiation Polluted Place on Earth? via A Green Road

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