The Day The Berlin Wall Came Down; ANYTHING Is Possible!

The Day The Berlin Wall Came Down, proves that ANYTHING Is Possible! Never give up on your dreams or goals.. This short 2 minute video illustrates the day the wall came down.. May it inspire you and motivate you… 

Rockin’ the Wall MovieTrailer; 2 minutes. This trailer explains and explores how rock music contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The arts are part of a powerful movement for freedom, democracy and spiritual consciousness. No wonder dictators are so afraid of artists, musicians and dancers. Keep on dancing, singing and expressing the freedom within. Do not let anyone stop you!

The Rise and Fall of The Berlin Wall; Part I
This is the story of the Berlin Wall, the Cold War, and the power of  positive thought and intention.

The story of the Berlin Wall serves as a very real symbol of the power of intention and thought. For over twenty years, a physical wall and a dictatorship existed, with an Iron fist controlling movement, media, jobs, religion, thought, and more. But at a certain point, the power of millions of people desiring and wanting freedom, and wanting the wall to come down, created that reality, all at once. The way it happened, was like a dam breaking, with water rushing out once the first tiny crack appeared.  

Part II

The lesson of the fall of the Berlin Wall is very powerful. Remember that anything is possible. NEVER give up on a worthwhile goal. Keep working towards whatever it is that your intuition leads you towards. Imagine the goal already done and accomplished. Feel the success. Imagine living as if it were already done, and repeat this daily. Have faith. If done properly and often enough, any goal is possible. The only variable is WHEN the goal will be reached, not IF it will be reached. 

So if your goal is world peace, do not be discouraged or frustrated that the whole world seems to be following a self destructive path to war and violence. Keep focusing and feeling the peace. Speak your peaceful truth. 

If your goal is freedom for all people, do not let dictatorships and monopolies drag you down or stop you from imagining this and feeling the feeling of it actually happening. Speak freedom, express freedom in whatever way you can. This seed of freedom may one day tip the balance and trigger a tidal wave of freedom rolling all over the world. 

If your goal is a world where all people are fed, housed, clothed and have a meaningful occupation, do not let anything to the opposite stop you from imagining, feeling and working on this.  

Just as the Berlin Wall came down, a sustainable future is possible for all of humanity. Just as millions of people woke up in a single day, realizing that they were free and that no dictator or wall would stop that, billions of people will one day realize the same thing, and no 1%, no army, no police force or government will be able to stop them from beating weapons into plowshares. Nothing will be able to stop people from feeling and expressing the love of all people for each other. Nothing will be able to stop people from being free to do, be and go where they will, free of artificial man made laws and rules designed to thwart freedom, movement and free expression of individual will. 

The Day The Berlin Wall Came Down; ANYTHING Is Possible!; via A Green Road

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