Cruel And Unusual Punishment Alive And Well In The US Prison System

Why are prisons and drug sentences so harsh in this country, compared to any other country in the world? Why is the USA imprisoning more people per capita than any other civilized country in the world? 

Why are so many privatized prisons nothing more than a business that need a constant, never ending flow of  ‘criminals’ so that the local city and county budget is met, and profits meet a predetermined target? 
What are we accomplishing by locking up drug dealers, who then get drugs delivered to jail by their guards or by other convicts? 

What happens to criminals inside jail? Do they get ‘better’ somehow through neglect or isolation? Or are we getting worse trained criminals after they get released, because they are sent to a specialized ‘school’ that concentrates all master criminals together into one place, where they have nothing else to do or look forward to, but to plan future crimes in better and more creative ways? 

What about the 8th Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment? Could prison be viewed as a cruel and unusual punishment, especially for people subjected to years of isolation cell time?

In the USA, there are 73 13-14 year old children sentenced to LIFE in prison, and imprisoned in isolation cells in adult prisons. If this is not cruel and unusual punishment, what is?

A surprise ruling from the European Court of Human Rights could send five terror suspects to a super-maximum security prison in the United States. Is keeping inmates in solitary confinement for years a form of torture? Or is Supermax a necessary tool to combat global terror? April 13, 2012. This Global Ethics Corner slideshow is part of a weekly series from the Carnegie Council. To see all Global Ethics Corners, go to

What is humane and caring about legalized ‘torture’, implemented under Dick Cheney and President Bush? Amnesty International discusses this issue and interviews one ‘detainee’ subjected to this ‘treatment’. Even US citizens are now legally able to be ‘tortured’, under US law. 

After the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the US has come under intense scrutiny for its use of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ that many experts have called torture. Now there are calls to bring those responsible in the US government to justice. Philippe Sands is a Professor of Law at University College, London. In his new book “Torture Team”, Sands explores the legality and ramifications of the US program of state-sponsored torture behind closed doors at Guantanamo Bay. In an RT interview, Sands discusses the possibility of one day bringing those responsible to justice. Watch RT LIVE on our website

It used to be legal for the church to torture people, especially unbelievers, until they either confessed or died. The Salem witch trials were popular at a certain time, with torture and death being very popular and profitable for those who engaged in this policy. 

But it worked both ways, sometimes with the Roman state torturing believers, having wild animals eat them in a public square, with a goal of trying to make them give up their faith or religion. 

Now the US government in combination with private for profit corporations have taken the place of the church, with the same attitude, and torture like punishments, plus a ‘holy’ crusade against all ‘evil’ doers. All must submit to the ‘law’, or be punished through  imprisonment, isolation, torture and/or slow death.  

Those who disagree with laws banning taking drugs taken in certain ways,  (marijuana or mushrooms grown in the backyard), but allowed in others (by prescription from profit motivated holy robed monks/doctors) must be punished, tortured or be put to death. 

Cruel and unusual punishment can consist of making people eat terrible things… Have you ever heard of Nutraloaf or prison loaf, slop loaf? It bears many names, but is something that prisoners across the US know all too well as the food they’re forced to eat. But in one particular case it has made an inmate terribly ill and last week, a federal appeals court ruled that what he was served could violate the 8th Amendment, and be considered cruel and unusual punishment. So what else do we know about the food that the prison population eats? Dr. Jeffrey Ian Ross from the University of Baltimore discusses this in the next video…..

Why does no one know about what goes on inside prisons, whether that is torture, 13 year olds sentenced to life in jail,  people in insanity producing isolation cells, and more? 

What is justice? Who is profiting from the current set up of some drugs being illegal? Big Pharma, perhaps?

Why are 80% of the people in jail in the USA there due to anti drug laws, or related offenses? 

Why are we locking up and executing more people per capita than any other country in the civilized world? 

What are we getting with all of this focus on violence and endless wars? Are we getting more freedom, more democracy, more security and safety? It seems like the US is getting the opposite of all of these things.. So why do we keep doing things that do not seem like they are working? 

Could it be that the profit motive keeps things as they are, despite the war on crime and drugs not working? 

Cruel And Unusual Punishment Alive And Well In The US Prison System; via A Green Road

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