The Mystery Of Life, Love, Happiness, And Joy

The mystery of life is all around us, but how many people actually see it or appreciate it? How many people take life for granted, much less the people around them? The sacred mystery of life seems like a distant memory on many days and in many ways, especially when life gets difficult. Why is it so hard to think about the mystery of life? Why is it so infrequent that we respect and appreciate the mysteriousness of life, love, happiness, joy and all of the other simple mysteries of life? 

Could it be that we are afraid of something unknown and possibly unknowable? Could it be that we are so afraid of the mystery of life and love, that we avoid it altogether? Could it be that we fear mystery so much that we never allow this fear to surface. Could it be that because we are so afraid of facing uncertainty, mystery, change and new experiences, that we push this mystery called life down into our unconscious, where it then surfaces in rather obtuse and negative  ways, such as addictions of all kinds? 

Could it be that we avoid mystery so much that we construct artificial realities that we call religion, politics or science? What if these realities that we hold so much stock in are nothing more than piles of cheap paper playing cards and dust, ready to collapse into a heap of nothingness, when confronted with the reality of mystery? 

To be sure, on some level, everyone is seeking out security, safety and predictability, and this seeking takes the form of political parties, science, business, various ‘isms’ and religion, just to name a few. These institutions or belief systems are the bastions of security, safety and predictability. Each one claims to be the high and hallowed ground of absolute truth, certainty, security and safety, in addition to freedom, liberty, democracy, etc.. But are they really all that they promise? 

Are these institutions REALLY 100% predictable, 100% guaranteed, 100% safe and secure? And is this really so bad, to pursue, desire and teach that religion or science or a particular political point of view is 100% guaranteed safe, secure, predictable and certain? 

The consequences of living in a faux reality often take a toll in poeples lives. The consequences of living in a faux or fake reality rather than in the uncertain mysteriousness of life include but are not limited to feeling that something is missing inside, failed relationships, failed businesses, a polluted planet, feeling isolated and alone, feeling restless, experiencing a loss of feelings such as awe , gratitude, love, joy, happiness and wonderment, being depressed, feeling jaded and cynical, and feeling trapped in a prison of one’s own making, just to name a few. 

The mystery of life is relatively easy to experience. A child has no problem experiencing the mystery of life, as they ARE the mystery. No one can explain how to create (starting from NOTHING) an egg and sperm, much less how life and consciousness is created or grows. 

A baby and a child lives in the moment, in awe of life, and absorbing every nano second of the miracle of life. A child is full of wonder and questions everything. A child can laugh and play, stay full of joy and happiness, even without any toys or knowledge about the meaning of life, religion or science, much less business or politics. Children of all religions, colors, languages can play and laugh together with no problem, as long as the parents allow it. 

A child can lay in the grass, looking up at the clouds and listening to the babbling of the brook, and just appreciate the mystery of life. A child can dig in the dirt or walk through the woods, experiencing the sheer complexity and wonderful mysteriousness of it all, without understanding any of it. A child can love another child and explore the mystery of love, without any thought about money, dogma, rules or religious conditions. 

A child can take a drawing instrument and paint a joyous and mystery filled expression of life. A child can sing a song, coming straight from the mystery of life. A child can dance, just for the sheer mysterious enjoyment of it, when a piece of music comes on. 

But for some reason, once adults start making decisions about what is important in life in terms of money allocated to education for example, the right brain mystery filled creative art and music programs are the first to disappear. The left brain, logical, non mysterious programs of science and math are kept for the ‘good of society’. 

The political budget battles consist of what we will teach our children in terms of values, beliefs and mindset. What society seems to be saying in the US at least is that the mystery of life is not worth anything; that the creative mystery is not worth even focusing on or teaching. Is this really what we want to teach our children, our little miracles? Do we really want to trap them in the certainty and guarantee of the logical left brains, with no hope of escape into the right brain mysterious creativity of life?
On the one hand, we have a focus on increasing knowledge and information. With the help of computers, we can now access information and knowledge that makes the best brick and mortar book library look like a sandbox for a child by comparison. We can find out how to cure any dis-ease.

We can learn which mental disorders we are subject to. We can learn about the dozens if not hundreds of types of religions that we have a choice of being converting into or being saved by.

We can learn about health foods and modalities that will in theory ensure a long, healthy life, full of energy and vitality. Many of these ‘experts’ will confound and confuse us, as they say and claim things that are in direct opposition to each other. Who is right? Who is wrong? What is truth? Where is wisdom? What is enlightenment? Where can happiness be found? Who am I? What is wisdom?

The experts that give us supposed security, safety, certainty and ‘guaranteed’ solutions can easily be found, providing their expertise in an ebook or a best selling hardcover book. These ‘experts’ come in all shapes and sizes. Many of these experts have PhD’s behind their name. Not that there is anything wrong with a college education, but what do we decide personally if we have a humanistic godless PhD expert at a prestigious college on the one hand, and a fundamentalist religious scholar, each attacking the other, and claiming that they have the absolute truth? Who is right? 
What do we get from these ‘experts’, many having opposing viewpoints? On the one hand, we get more mental/logical data and information, which fills our brains. We can claim to ‘know’ a lot, based on education, degrees and experience of all kinds. We can have ‘faith’ and believe in things unseen, which are promised after death. Either of these two things can appear to give us certainty, security, and a guarantee of safety in those hallowed halls of information and mental or faith based belief systems. 

In the end though, life is really mostly about a mystery. Life is a mystery beyond mental understanding, just because it is SO complex, so multifaceted, so intricate, that humans have almost zero chance of figuring it all out. 

What we know about the Earth and the universe around us, is about 1% (at most) of all that can be known about it. 

Mysteries Of The Cosmos; Andes Lakes, Spirals, Etc; via A Green Road

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What we know about just HUMAN history is about 10% of what can really be known about it, at best. 

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What we know about life on other planets or in other dimensions is basically ZERO, despite the fact that the odds of life on other planets or in other dimensions/frequencies is so large, that it is almost ridiculous to assume that we are the only place with intelligent life, or the only form of life around in the entire infinite cosmos.

Mystery; NASA Compilation of UFO Pictures and Videos; via A Green Road

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What we know about ourselves is also a small fraction of what remains to be known. What do we know about consciousness for example? At most, we may know 1% of what could be known about this subject, which most scientists and religions attack as being ‘quackery’, demonism, or some other dangerous subject for exploration, through a fear based logic. 

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What do we really know about happiness or love and the pursuit of it? Most people would have to admit that they know very little about it. Happiness is a mystery. The more it is sought and pursued through purchase of things, the more it seems to run away or hide. But a few people seem to experience a lot of peace, joy and happiness, so maybe we can learn more from them about this mystery. 

Gross National Happiness – Bhutan; via A Green Road

Inspirational: All Good Things Are Coming To You Today; via A Green Road

What do we really know about how to have a stable marriage, succcessful relationship and how to make those work in a sustainable manner that can be taught to future generations of our children? Again, the final answer is that most people know almost nothing about love, much less unconditional love. Love is a mystery..  

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What about truth and freedom? What is the meaning of the word ‘truth’ or ‘freedom’? How does this apply to my life, my community, our way of making a living, businesses, corporations, our nation and our world? 

Freedom, truth, sharing, community and making money through doing things that we love are easy things to talk about.. How is this working now? How are corporations expressing their power through the leadership and strategy of the 1%, which leads this portion of our world?

JFK’s Speech About The Danger Of Secret Societies And Huge Monopolies

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Life in the final analysis, is one big mystery, beyond mental comprehension. Those who are so sure (even with a guarantee perhaps) that they have all of the answers, whether it is a corporate leader, politician, atheist, agnostic, fundamentalist, religious scholar, nuclear scientist, or other expert, may really not have the answers to all mysteries of life. They may very well be mostly or partly deluding themselves and/or their ‘followers’. 

Life is ever changing. Life is dynamic. Life consists of a continuous stream of surprise twists and turns, that often reduce the best made plans that our human minds can think or dream of, into a trap, a fossilized rock state, death, waste or ruin, either personally, nationally or even globally.  

Could we agree that anything that we hold up as an idol, (other than the mystery) often turns into the very method of our corruption or destruction? We can worship at the alter of a particular belief system or religion. We can and often do rigidly hold onto something or someone.. We can make anything our ‘idol’. We can turn any person nto our ‘guru’ or saviour, but the price we pay may very well cost us our soul, our happiness, our freedom, and more. 

What would happen if were just a little less sure about EVERYTHING? What if we were just a little bit more open to hearing another point of view? What if we were willing to go to another person’s church, mosque or synagogue, just to keep our mind ‘open’ to the mystery? 

What if we were willing to engage in an open debate with people who did not think like us, or believe as we do, while truly asking questions about their way of thinking and believing, and LISTENING to their answers, without becoming defensive, angry or frustrated? After all, have you ever met ANY person that had ALL of the answers and was NEVER wrong? Maybe we are here to learn from the huge diversity that is humanity… Consider the possibility…  

What if we became as a child, curious, and asking questions? What if we stayed in a humble, honest and inquisitive state of mind and heart? Would this potentially be something to consider as part of being a student of the mystery of life?

Instead of becoming an expert, maybe we can become humbled by the sheer awesome mystery of life, beyond all comprehension.  Maybe as we learn more about the mystery of life, we can and will become more humble, instead of becoming more arrogant, sure of ourselves, and ultimately full of hubris and pride. 

Very often, the mystery of life has a way of conspiring to bring those who are so sure of everything, into a state of realization that they really may not know ANYTHING, or at least maybe not as much as they thought they did. 

Maybe there is a method to this madness that consists of the mystery of life. Maybe if we live in the uncertainty of life, and become comfortable with change, instead of resisting it at all costs, just maybe that wonder and mystery could unfold into something very wonderful and miraculous.

What if we could live in the moment, centered in our hearts, instead of our brains? What would happen? What if we could stay in the direct experience of each moment, not analyzing, judging, blaming, condemning, or attacking or fearing anyone, including ourselves? What would this look and feel like?

Maybe it would be a place where we watch a little less TV? Maybe it would be a place where we listen more and talk less? Maybe it would be a place where we are willing to learn or experience new things or get to know new people, even if they feel strange, threatening or very unusual.

Maybe, in the end, we will be more content and practice resting and Being in the arms of the grand mystery, letting it carry us down the river of uncertainty, to the ocean  of infinitely complex life, which contains all and everyone, with a goal of peace on Earth. 

Life is a mystery, so why not enjoy that, and explore it? 

The Mystery Of Life, Love, Happiness, And Joy; via A Green Road

Exploring The Mystery 

The Mystery Of Life, Love, Happiness, And Joy; via A Green Road

Mysteries Of The Cosmos; Andes Lakes, Spirals, Etc; via A Green Road

Mystery; Size Comparison of Stars, Planets, Universes, Galaxies; via A Green Road

Mysteries And Theories: Is The Earth Growing? via a Green Road
Mysterious Fibonacci Secrets Revealed; via A Green Road
Mystery Of The Largest Stone On Earth; via A Green Road
Mystery; Lost Civilization Of Lemuria?; via A Green Road

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Mystery; Extraterrestial Archeology On Mars And Moon? Via A Green Road
Mystery: Atomic Warfare 15,000 Years Ago? via A Green Road
Mystery; Ancient Aircraft And Spaceship Evidence; via A Green Road
Oprah, Dr. Oz, Google Report On Benefits Of Meditation; via A Green Road Blog
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