Abandoned Nuclear Powerplants – Worldwide

Simi Valley California (Los Angeles) was the site of the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history in 1959, and the amounts of radiation leaked to the environment and atomosphere were more than 240 times that of the accident at 3-Mile Island. The area is beautiful today, but what radiation and toxic heavy metals still linger from many decades ago? This is an abandoned and forgotten nuclear plant and disaster that was never mentioned in the mass media. For more information about this disaster, click on the following link…

Los Angeles Nuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/los-angeles-nuclear-plant-meltdown.html

The following information courtesy Wikipedia:

The SL-1, or Stationary Low-Power Reactor Number One, was a United States Army experimental nuclear power reactor which underwent a steam explosion and meltdown on January 3, 1961, killing its three operators. The direct cause was the improper withdrawal of the central control rod, responsible for absorbing neutrons in the reactor core. The event is one of many reactor accidents in the United States that caused deaths and/or other radiation exposure. The accident released about 80 curies (3.0 TBq) of Iodine-131. About 1,100 curies (41 TBq) of fission products were released into the atmosphere.

The facility, located at the National Reactor Testing Station approximately 40 miles (64 km) west of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was part of the Army Nuclear Power Program and was known as the Argonne Low Power Reactor (ALPR) during its design and build phase. It was intended to provide electrical power and heat for small, remote military facilities, such as radar sites near the Arctic Circle, and those in the DEW Line. The design power was 3 MW (thermal). Operating power was 200 kW electrical and 400 kW thermal for space heating.

In the accident, the core power level reached nearly 20 GW in just four milliseconds, precipitating the reactor accident and steam explosion.
Further information about the SL-1 reactor accident can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sl-1

This is the worldwide one and only abandoned nuclear powerplant with full accessible reactor core in East Germany. It’s one of the most lost and dangerous places on Earth. The people visiting inside this reactor core mention that the radiation level is ‘high’, but never mention the actual dosage. “Besuch im AKW Stendal kurz nach der Kernschmelze. Die Aufnahmen entstanden unter massiver Strahlenbelastung.” 

The fact that this facility is open, and accessible to the public shows how much the nuclear industry cares about the public and safety or health of surrounding communities.. What happens when kids get in here? 

This is a brief look at the Satsop nuclear plant that was never finished in Elma, WA. These places are all over the world… kind of like Solyndra solar facility, but many times more expensive and toxic.

http://madisonindiana.us/madisons-abandoned-nuclear-power-plant/ Watch this drive through footage from the Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant near Madison, Indiana. This ghost facility marks a spectacular failure of “counting the costs.” Construction began in 1977 and was halted in 1984 before the plant was operational. These nuclear power reactors were never completed.

Marble Hill is currently being used for industrial scrap material. Construction began in 1977 and was halted in 1984 with Unit #1 approximately 80% complete and Unit#2, 40% complete. A proposal in June 1984 to complete the project was made by three of the major construction contractors: the Bechtel Power Corporation, Sargent And Lundy and the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. This plan was rejected because it required Public Service Indiana to continue to find financing for the $7.1 billion project.

Two “sister” plants were constructed, Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station and Byron Nuclear Generating Station, both in Illinois. Braidwood serves the Chicago area. As a point of comparison, the Braidwood facility took 12 years to build at a final cost of $5.2 billion.
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HOW MANY of these nameless, faceless nuclear power plants are there, sitting abandoned and potentially exposing surrounding communities to radioactive contamination?

Great fun is being made of Solyndra..one solar plant that was abandoned due to the huge 50% price cuts in solar panels in just one year.  No one was poisoned. The manufacturing plant did not melt down. 

What are the total costs of all nuclear power plants started, but never finished?  What is the total cost of all nuclear power plants that melted down, such as the ones above, plus more, such as Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island? 

Fukushima Crisis Total Cost $1 – $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/06/fukushima-crisis-total-cost-up-to-10.html

What is the cost of all of these abandoned nuclear power plants? What is the total cost of cleaning up all of this toxic mess, and storing the waste for the next million years, to guard it from terrorists? 

If the Fukushima disaster indeed ends up costing 1-10 TRILLION over the next thousand years, what is the cost of all of these other disasters and uncompleted nuclear plants? Why are we wasting this money, when there are much better solutions available?

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Abandoned Nuclear Powerplants – Worldwide; via A Green Road

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