Historical Myth; Columbus ‘Discovered’ America; The Canary Effect

There are many myths and lies being taught in US schools. One of these myths being taught to children in history classes is that Columbus discovered America, and that American Indians ‘sold’ this country to the ‘settlers’ who ‘discovered’ it. Never mind that between 8-20 million people were already living on the continent, and had been living here for thousands of years. No wonder they call it his-story.. Her story is not considered, just his. By 1890, only 250,000 of these original inhabitants were left. 

What is this called, when it happens in other countries, such as Nazi Germany? We think it may be called genocide… 

The people that were left after an extermination campaign was finished and all of their valuables were stolen, were forcibly moved from their land onto ‘reservations’, which consisted of the most worthless stuff that was left over, after the settlers took whatever they wanted. 

Along the way, many ‘treaties’ or agreements were signed, most of which were broken with impunity, over and over again. The Jewish people were given a country by the UN for much less. What have the American Indians been given as compensation for this genocidal treatment? 

Historical Myth; Columbus ‘Discovered’ America; The Canary Effect; via A Green Road

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