Gulf Oil Spill, Corexit And Toxic Effects Explored

Dr. Seth Forman Talks About The Oil Spill Clean-Up Chemicals on MSNBC in the video above. He talks about symptoms caused by Corexit exposure. 

What effects will the massive oil spill and the million gallons use of toxic oil dispersant Corexit have? Do we have the right to know?  Do we want to know? Do we care? 

Gulf toxicologist: Shrimpers exposed to Corexit “bleeding from the rectum”
Oil found inside of oysters, at a popular restaurant. 
Corexit and the links to huge corporations and profits. 
Approximately 1 million gallons of toxic Corexit was sprayed on the gulf.. over many more millions of barrels of oil.
According to at least one scientist, the Corexit dissolves the oil into tiny droplets that sink into the ocean water along with the toxic chemical that disperses it. On the surface oil can be skimmed off, leaving the water relatively pure. 
When Corexit is applied, this toxic mess dissolves into water and creates something that is 55 times more toxic than either one alone. It also spreads downward into the water column, spreading out in all directions with water currents. 
Because the droplets are so tiny, everything it touches absorbs this mixture, shellfish, crabs, fish, tiny plankton, etc… 
From there, this mixture goes up the food chain. Whatever it does not kill directly, it concentrates upwards, through the food chain.
The only unknown is how fast and how far it will spread, and how many animals, including man, it will affect in a negative way? 
In Alaska, where this same mixture was used, entire fisheries were wiped out, and this many years later, they still have not come back. Beaches are still soaked in oil, only under layers of sand.. The oil under the surface prevents any shellfish from living in the sand, as they normally dig down.. If they try that now, they hit a toxic oil layer… Of course, no one is studying this…
How can shellfish live by digging through a layer of toxic black, sticky oil? Of course, they cannot.. So, for as long as the oil layer is there, no shellfish can ever come back. See links and videos above to see how this looks on a beach.. The surface looks normal, but dig down a few inches and it is a solid black mass of oil. 
I wonder if ANYONE is taking actual tissue samples and testing them for a combination of Corexit and oil breakdown products? 
The only tests I have seen being done are visual inspections. If the critter is not covered in oil and does not stink of oil, it is deemed ‘safe’ for human consumption… 
Personally, knowing what I know about the toxicity of Corexit alone and combining that with oil products, I would not eat Gulf seafood for maybe another twenty years..
Hopefully by then a layer of sand will cover most of what is there, and ocean currents will spread and dilute the million gallons of Corexit all over the globe… into all oceans, so everyone can get a piece of it..
Government says food is safe.. How safe is it really? 
Here is video showing that none of the government agencies are actually TESTING any seafood for heavy metals or any other toxic compound… 
Just visual tests, smell tests… like they cave men did back in the good old days..
Basically BP is controlling what EPA, NOA and other government agencies do, say and report… 
Bottom line, you have to just trust large corporations who have a monopoly strangle hold on this country, our freedom and on most information going out…
Scientist explains effect of Corexit EPA tests and how false results can be
Scientists testing with UV light show video of microscopic oil droplets all over the bottom of the Gulf.. Where do you think this oil will go, other than into the sea creatures, as well as those we eat?
USF scientists report on oil found on bottom of food chain and on bottom of ocean.. 
The toxic mess is in the food chain, and is moving up the chain… There is no way to avoid it, unless you become vegan. 
The government says this toxic mess violates all of the laws of Nature and will break down, and not accumulate up the food chain.. right… believe, and drink the Kool Aid… keep drinking it … yum, tastes good. 
The Bigger Picture; How BP ties in with systemic corruption of govts and economies, including USA
Prediction of how BP will handle claims and lawsuits from here…
Here is how BP handled the Exxon Valdez spill… NOT. BP was the biggest shareholder in Alyeska pipeline who was responsible for any oil spill in Valdez… 
How did they do? The company, along with their other oil buddy companies such as Exxon, lied, covered up and denied all claims, fought claims all the way up to the Supreme Court and refused to pay just about everyone… They waited to start the cleanup for THREE DAYS, and by then it was too late.. A storm blew up and spread the mess for five hundred miles of coast line. 
They ended up paying just a small pittance.. top gun corporate lawyers are cheaper than thousands of poor people who do not have big bucks to hire those same caliber of top gun lawyers. That is how corporations win just about every time.
So what do you predict BP will do for this second disaster that they are responsible for? Will they pay, or fight tooth and nail, denying all claims, while saying on TV that they are ‘good guys’? 
Parents of little Briana Frye left their Pensacola, Florida home for their health and safety. The young family was taken into the home of a Nebraskan family. After seeing what heavy metal ladened rain did to their plants, Briana’s parents, Rick and Lynne Frye researched, learned about the present Gulf poisons cumulative effects, and then knew that to protect their child, they needed to leave the Gulf Coast.
Over the weekend, two Pensacola residents reported to Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors that they are ill and bleeding internally. These women left their homes, felt better and the bleeding stopped. Upon returning to their homes, the bleeding and other symptoms also returned.
Heather Dixey, an avid gardener at her Pensacola home, told the Examiner, “Before I left for OKC to detox, I started getting crusty, bloody boogers. The day after I came back, so did the crusty, bloody boogers.”
EPA whistleblower, fired for exposing toxins in the September 11, 2001 New York City mass murder, Hugh Kaufman recently said in a Democracy Now! interview with Amy Goodman thatCorexit is suppose to cause internal bleeding. (Dupré, D. Censored Gulf news: People bleeding internally, millions poisoned Examiner, July 21, 2010)
Corexit has been sprayed in unprecedented amounts throughout the Gulf region, making the toxic crude oil now throughout the Gulf, including in the air, water and on land, 11 times more deadly according to toxicologists. The lethal dispersant banned in other countries has been called “Core Exit.”
There has additionally been an unprecedented petrochemical-military-industrial-complex (PMIC) cover-up of the continuing U.S. crime against humanity occurring in the Gulf of Mexico region, slow genocide of Americans and ecocide of the planet.
Aside from her internal bleeding, other debilitating physical conditions, plus her once thriving garden destroyed, Dixey said she discovered Thursday that “something is eating the paint and right down into the plastic on her scooter,” only on the side of the scooter exposed to rain and only since Corexit spraying began.
Scientists’ call to Obama to halt the Corexit spraying fell on deaf ears. The spraying continues.
“I’ve also been sniffling, sneezing & coughing,” explained Dixey.
“Before I left, my whole body was vibrating. I had fever and chills along with such bad chest pain, I had to go to the E.R. My chest was killing me.”
At the hospital, Dixey had a blood test and was told that she is “viral” and has “anxiety.” The hospital medical staff gave to Dixey pain killers and nothing else, saying they did not know what else to do for the condition.
The vibrating, fever and chills have not returned to Dixey so far, but she said, “I no longer live outside. In fact I go there only when I have to.
“The rain or wet grass burns my skin and every time I go near outside. I get stinging, tingling and burning here, there, and everywhere which eventually goes away when I stay inside.”
Rick Frye has no college education but that did not stop him from giving a powerful speech at a recent gathering that the New Pirate Party Canada BP captured in the video below. His presentation demonstrates his good common sense, interest in independent research, and a lot of courage to take a stand against corporate bullying he is enduring now as a whistleblower.
Rick Frye and his wife saw no choice but to leave their home, their other son with his dad, and along their journey, their dog in Alabama. Frye’s videoed account can be likened to learning about a new trail of tears, the Gulf Coaster Trail of Tears.
Frye stated, “We can’t have our daughter sprayed like a cockroach because government won’t do anything about it.”
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The After-Effects of the BP Oil Spill
Business as usual, back to ‘normal’, oil monopolies in control
We had a huge opportunity to switch our country from toxic carbon fuels, to cleaner, green energy sources. I think we may have wasted that chance, due to denial and coverup. 
Fisherman faced with choice; get bought out, or ????
The BP fund set up for damage is offering to buy out any fisherman who wants out. They have to sign a release, agreeing not to sue BP, EVER.
According to this article, it is difficult or impossible to fish and make money right now.. So that puts the pressure on fishermen to accept the payoff, and disappear quietly into the darkness. 
Since they are the experts on what is happening in the Gulf, I predict that a huge silent wall will descend on the Gulf region. Meanwhile, the toxic effects of oil and dispersant will have their effects, but invisibly, not reported, not studied, and not discussed. 
Is there a history of this happening before in the same way? Yes… with Agent Orange and Vietnam. The government and company making it reported that it could not do harm, would have no ill effects, so Americans just quietly stayed home, said nothing and all those vets came home… to disaster, horrible suffering and in many cases, awful deaths and deformities in their kids. It took another twenty years for the truth to come out. 
Meanwhile, millions of Vietnamese suffered as well… but invisibly. Now that same dynamic is being implemented here. It worked in Vietnam, so why not now, here at home and with US citizens, instead of Vietnamese? 
483 miles of Gulf Coast have ‘light/moderate oiling 93 miles have ‘heavy’ oiling. This is what the government calls “moderate to light oiling” — a problem for 483 miles of the Gulf Coast. Another 93 miles, mostly in Louisiana, are experiencing “heavy oiling
I wonder how they count the miles? Do all of the inlets, bays, islands, marshes and rivers count too, or is this just a straight line measurement drawn on a map? 
Scientists Find Thick Layer Of BP Oil And Corexit Mixture On Seafloor
September 10, 2010 … And we haven’t even sampled close to the wellhead yet … Marine Scientists Seek Standards For Spill Research Sept … seafloor depend on the depth of the oceanwhere it … By Richard Harris
Panel Challenges Gulf Seafood Safety ‘All-Clear’ – (Hydrocarbon Liver Damage)
‘It is unethical to experiment with the health of the U.S. population or its military members’, says expert toxicologist. There are still too many random variables and unanswered health-risk questions regarding the Gulf seafood safety limits set by FDA. Please note news at;
VICTIMS OF THE BP OIL SPILL: Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help
Number Of Dead Animals In Gulf Rising Rapidly
One report showed that some animal deaths went up 500% after the BP spill, and that is only the one that they were counting.. What about all of the ones that are NOT being counted? 
Lots of people disappearing, dying or going to jail…
In the above video, the author talks about BP and the power of the corporation, plus what they can do when they decide something.. He worked for twenty years in the oil industry. 
corexit 9500
I did a post on here a long time ago…just after it was so-called clean up…and the news kept spouting “It’s gone! It’s gone” I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time now, trying to tell you that you haven’t seen anything, yet. I just hope that all that crap just stays where it landed on the bottom. People should be in Jail for what they did to hide things…and they are busy giving themselves bonuses? What kind of human beings do you have running the show? 
If ocean currents move this stuff all over the Atlantic and into Ant-arctic Oceans, around to the Indian Ocean or Pacific, we are in deep trouble. The Oceans were taking a beating already, before this happened,,,and it’s all moving up the food chain, killing and diseasing everything. The Oceans as a food source are in dire trouble. Over fishing was a drop in the bucket to what is going to happen…no food at all!!! 
Ever read the list of ingredients in Corexit? One is Driveway cleaner? Takes the oil off in small particles, prevents mosses and algaes from growing and sends it all down the storm drains to the ocean..we have committed suicide on a time plan!!! 
And use whatever fishmeal we can get to feed the beef and fish sticks for the fast food industry…that will put it to the top of the food chain really fast…can’t sell the ocean produce “as is” so turn it into fishmeal to dilute the poisons. “Eat hearty! Me lads!”
Gulf of Mexico Seafood Safety according to the FDA and EPA. This is scary, scary, scary… nurse details how much seafood is safe to eat from the Gulf, according to FDA and EPA studies.
Help us continue our efforts to document BP’s damage to the Gulf at
The seafood isn’t safe! The oil and Corexit is still here and so are we!
Health Warning: Oil And Corexit Are Poisoning The Gulf, Marine Life, Workers And Public!!! Scientific tests of water, beach sand, and oysters… One water sample exploded from the Corexit contained in it.
Hydrocarbon levels are being found in the 40% of areas where the government has opened it back up and declared it ‘safe’. The amount found kills all baby oysters.. NONE are surviving. What does that say for the industry? 60% of the oyster grounds are still closed.
One oyster harvester says he refuses to sell these ‘safe’ oysters, as they are covered with black oily goo. I am sure not all of these guys will be so conscientous. 
A good explanation and overview of oil, Corexit and methane
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