Corporate Personhood Via Citizens United; Are Corporations Really People?

Go to and to support a constitutional amendment to reverse Corporate Personhood! As Noam Chomsky has said, “A constitutional amendment [to reverse corporate personhood] requires public support, substantial public support…you have to work on it. So there has to be a lot of organizing and educational work to build up a major groundswell of support which will call for restoring the 14th amendment to what the words say.” 

Corporations argue that they are natural ‘people’, entitled to all of the rights that natural born people have. Corrupt corporations demand the right to marry, divorce and be subject to all of the same rights that ordinary people have, PLUS the right to LIVE FOREVER. They have elevated themselves to GOD, with power equal to God. No one can oppose them, and no one can hope to win against them, because they own everything, control everyone, and live FOREVER, just like God.

Through Citizens United ruling by a Conservative, corporate friendly Supreme Court, these corrupt corporations also have won the right to say that money is not speech. 
In other words, corporations can buy elections with unlimited anonymous ‘donations’ through SuperPacs and a monopoly known as the Dualopoly, pimp politicians to make them pass laws that are corporate friendly, and prostitute democracy by portraying their pro corporate propaganda and ‘goods’ on mass media, owned solely by themselves. Their version of ‘reality’ is shown exclusively via shows that allow ONLY their view of the world, but no others. 
The problem with corporations being able to ‘donate’ unlimited amounts of money to elections, PLUS owning all of the media that covers elections, is that it prostitutes democracy, and pimps freedom into a mere shadow of itself by creating a monster that rules from the top down, via the ego maniacs known as the 1% that make Billions, but have zero empathy and care nothing for the average person or community.

The result of having corporate money in charge of choosing Presidential and other political candidates is having only two Dualopoly choices. Both of them drive you crazy, because they are both backed by corporations and no one else can get in..  because it takes corporate money to get elected. So we are all forced to choose seemingly between worse and worst, instead of better and best. Third party candidates are not even on the radar screen, and never show up on any corporate owned media outlet.

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

There is a way to win against corrupt, monopolistic global corporations. There is a way to put people back in charge. Here is one way, by starting at the bottom, at the city level. 
LA City Council has voted to support a state and federal resolution that would out and end the idea of “corporate personhood.” This all stems of course from the now infamous Citizens United Supreme Court ruling which gave corporations the same free speech rights as people do. The resolution was sponsored by City Council President Eric Garcetti and was backed by the group Move to Amend. 
But, the ultimate goal of Move to Amend is to get 50 towns and and cities to put the resolution on the ballot and eventually catapult it to Congress from the grassroots up. It’s a lofty goal but an important one. After all as Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti said: “The flood of money since Citizens United is literally drowning out our voices.”
Corporate Personhood Via Citizens United; Are Corporations Really People? via A Green Road