BHUTAN – Taking The Middle Road To Happiness

BHUTAN – TAKING THE MIDDLE PATH TO HAPPINESS examines Bhutan’s policy of “Gross National Happiness,” which emphasizes environmental and cultural preservation, economic development through hydroelectric power, and transparent and honest governance. 

The Himalayan kingdom’s commitment to these four pillars, particularly its approaches to “good governance” and sustainable energy practices, set it apart from most of the world. Prime Minister Lynpo Yeshey Zimba and Jigme Drukpa, the Director of the National Academy of Performing Arts, articulate the importance of each pillar. 

During the film, government officials and locals explain the meaning of “the middle path,” a concept rooted in their Buddhism-influenced view of the world. Happiness and enlightenment, they believe, result from neither overindulging in the world’s pleasures nor rejecting the world’s goodness.

DISTRIBUTOR: American Public Television
PRODUCER: Vendetti Productions, LLC

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Gross National Happiness – Bhutan; via A Green Road

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BHUTAN – Taking The Middle Road To Happiness; via A Green Road