USS Ronald Reagan Sailors/Crew Exposed To High Doses Of Fukushima Radiation?

In the above video, “At one point, the carrier’s commanding officer announced that there was some radiation in the ship’s drinking water supply, and “I know everybody went down to the vending machines to grab bottles of water,” Duke said.”

Reagan crew limits contamination on carrier. Crew worked to contain radiation exposure to carrier, crew of 4,500

In the above video, the journalist talks about the crew ‘decontaminating’ the ship. There is no need to decontaminate a ship if it has not been exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation. You can see the crew spraying lots of water on the decks, then scrubbing them down with soap and brushes, plus scrubbing and power washing all of the equipment, planes, jets and helicopters that were exposed to the radiation.  Here is another short video clip of sailors decontaminating the ship.

Again, there is NO NEED to do this, unless there are high and DANGEROUS amounts of radiation detected. 

The announcer says that everyone was wearing special radiation protected suits, but in the video clip, there is nothing there to indicate that. There are no breathing filters, no special suits, and no one is being washed down after doing this dangerous work.

At the Fukushima plant, they have special radiation protection suits, which they throw away at the end of the shift. They also wear special air filter masks that cover the whole face. The filters are specially designed to filter out radioactive particles that may be breathed in with air. To learn more about this, watch the following video to find out more about the decontamination protocols that were NOT followed on board this ship;

How Dangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road

Also, click on the link above, to find out what these soldiers were exposed to, and how dangerous it was. 

In the pictures and video, these poor sailors got nothing to protect themselves, much like the military folks exposed DIRECTLY to nuclear fallout after nuclear bomb tests, just to see what happened to them. 

Downwinders And Nuclear Bomb Testing; via A Green Road

Dr. Kristen Iverson – Rocky Flats Accidents Exposed Downwinders To Plutonium

Atomic Bomb Testing Veterans; via A Green Road

The same secretive and manipulative military not only says anything up to dosages that cause almost instant death from radiation is safe. If radiation is so safe, why do they bother to cover up the truth about how much radiation is coming out of things like Chernobyl, Fukushima and then hide the results from the public? 

The military, United States government and nuclear regulators were well aware of high radiation levels, and toxic contamination coming from Fukushima, but they hid it.

The military, medical and nuclear industry also claim that depleted uranium is safe, so that all of these poor military folks can be exposed to it whenever and where ever they go. 

They also say that they can shoot off these depleted uranium shells anywhere they feel like, including US cities, towns and anywhere else around the world, in any city globally.  

Beyond Treason: The True Story of Depleted Uranium; via A Green Road

Depleted Uranium – Physicians For Social Responsibility; via A Green Road

It is highly likely that these sad sailors were not even tested or notified about the potentially high levels of radiation that they were exposed to. Since it takes a time for radiation damage to show up, most of these sailors may never even connect the dots and trace their health and/or reproductive problems, or problems with their kids back to this time. 

At least some of them did discover health problems within a few months… Here is the video that talks about this.


In the transcript below, they are saying that 10 hours of exposure would result in thyroid health issues. Some sailors had 2,500 CPM of radiation on their shoes, after they flew above the Fukushima plant in helicopters that came from the carrier and then returned to it. Did those helicopters have radiation detectors to warn them when they were flying through dangerous radiation? Probably not.. because that is how things work in that world.

In the next transcript, sailors show shock and horror at what their Geiger Counters are showing them, but they never talk about the details.. Clearly they think that they are dead, just based on the massive readings of radiation that they are seeing. 
At :05 “This is what happens when you’re exposed to massive amounts of radiation.”
At 2:10 (Radiation detectors beeping loudly) “This is crazy… Oh Shit, can you hear it?”
At 2:45 “This is kind of crazy. When in your life will you ever get to do this shit again besides a nuclear holocaust?…We’re dying and we’re taking videos of it.”
At 4:45  “Hey put that camera away.” (Video Ends)
In the following transcript, the carrier Ronald Reagan is talking with a Mr. Virgilio, reporting on radiation readings, and this is where ‘official’ radiation readings are being transmitted to ‘official’ agencies and higher ups. 

MR. TRAUTMAN: Okay good. I know they gave you some data points that we got from Ronald Reagan.


MR. TRAUTMAN: We got an additional one.


MR. TRAUTMAN: The ship was out, we thought they were getting further away from port and they went up to 130 miles or from the plant, and we were still reading a direct gamma shine of 0.6 millirem per hour, and I am still working on the — the exact ship position and in fact we just got an additional data point from them that is in longitude and latitude and we are busy patching that to NARAC right now so they can update the plots for all of us as part of this process.


MALE PARTICIPANT: How is that communicated to us?
MR. TRAUTMAN: That was via the phone conversation with Admiral Donald and Mr. Weber, is what I was told………………………..
MR. VIRGILIO: Do you want to come up to the table? I’m sorry Steve. Could you go ahead and start again. At 100 nautical miles –
MR. TRAUTMAN: Hundred nautical miles with a portable air sample beta gamma, we were reading 7.5 times 10 to the minus 9 th microcuries per milliliter.
MR. VIRGILIO: Say the number again.
MR. TRAUTMAN: 7.5 times 10 to the minus 9 th microcuries per milliliter, air sample……Then at 1430, essentially the same distance, we had three times to the minus nine microcuries per milliliter and then again at 1700 it was back up to 7.5.

MR. VIRGILIO: And what was the third time, 1700?
MR. VIRGILIO: All at 100 nautical miles?
MR. TRAUTMAN: Yes. And what we were getting is our APDs (phonetic) are going and then we did portable air samples as part of that process.
MR. VIRGILIO: Okay, so now the additional data point that we have –
MR. TRAUTMAN: Was at 130 nautical miles.
MR. VIRGILIO: And the time?
MR. TRAUTMAN: I don’t have that. I’ll have to get you the time and I’m also I have got another data point as well.
MR. VIRGILIO: Okay, and that was 0.6 millirem per hour?
MR. TRAUTMAN: Correct, from beta gamma shine that was actually pointing at the sky.
MS. BROCK: Wait, that was the one that was at 130 miles?


MR. TRAUTMAN: We are all dumping — all of this data is being passed to the DOE NARAC site, and so with everything, they should be able to start hopefully generating some more refined plume plots for us.

MS. BROCK: Okay. But we have been (inaudible) with them too, so we are working hand in hand as far as (inaudible) models and sources terms and different things.

MR. TRAUTMAN: Okay good.

MALE PARTICIPANT: This sample is taken from an airborne aircraft?

MR. TRAUTMAN: No, it was taken on the deck of the Ronald Reagan, U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.

MALE PARTICIPANT: Okay. Is it clearly above the deck?
MR. TRAUTMAN: Yes, this from the ship.
MALE PARTICIPANT: Okay, is not coming I mean, if — it’s definitely not in the cloud.
MR. TRAUTMAN: The answer is it — well, I don’t know, I’m not sure what you are asking me. This is not a — we do not have deposition on the ship. This is coming from a cloud.
MR. TRAUTMAN: We have nothing measurable on the deck.

If there were no dangerous radioactive particles on the deck or on the equipment, why did they wash it all down and then also say that radiation was detected in the drinking water of the carrier?  The CNN video also never even mentions that rest of the ships that accompany this carrier. Carriers NEVER travel alone. They usually have a whole fleet of ships that go anywhere they go. 

This was not the case of a lone ship exposed to some random cloud of harmless radiation passing overhead, with nothing coming down on the ship. There were MANY ships with potentially ten thousand sailors exposed DIRECTLY to the FUKUSHIMA nuclear holocaust radiation. The carrier alone had 4,500 people on board. Since this was a nuclear carrier, they had LOTS of Geiger counters on board. ALL OF THEM WENT OFF. This indicates that the radiation reached all parts of the ship. 

The captain of the carrier announced to the crew that there was no danger and that all radiation had been washed away with soap and water. He indicated that no crew member would suffer any long term harm. This is what always happens after any nuclear accident. Authorities ALWAYS announce that there is no harm to anyone and little or nothing was released. They then compare the ‘small’ amounts of radiation to a day on the beach or eating bananas. Here is the truth of the matter… 

Radiation dangers in food and water; via A Green Road

Radioactive Bananas? Peeling The Mystery; via A Green Road

Chernobyl Heart Movie; How Children Are Affected; via A Green Road

Fukushima through the Eyes of Children; via A Green Road

Chernobyl and After – The Coverup Exposed; via A Green Road

How Cesium And Strontium 90 Kills Children (German w English CC) via A Green Road

Other support ships around the carrier probably did not have Geiger Counters on board. But all of these ships get their drinking and washing water from the ocean, through desalination treatment plants. They suck up radiation contaminated water, desalinate it, and then use it for bathing, cooking, showering, washing dishes, washing clothing, and DRINKING. 

The sailors on all of these ships more than likely received a heavy dose of radiation, after being directly downwind from the largest nuclear disaster in history. 

Could it be that the nuclear industry has a lot of reasons to hide the truth about what is REALLY going on? 

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception
Governments Have Been Covering Up Nuclear Meltdowns for Fifty Years to Protect the Nuclear Power Industry

After all of the cover ups by the corporate owned mass media, the nuclear regulatory agencies, and silent politicians who stand by while millions of Japanese plus US citizens are killed or made sick by Fukushima radiation, a few brave people took some action. What would happen, if everyone who was exposed to even low doses of radiation, took the nuclear industry or the local nuclear power plant to small claims court and sued them for $5,000 each for damages? 

“US Navy sailors who say they were showered with radiation from the exploding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant during relief operations are suing its operator, Tepco, for tens of millions of dollars.
A lawsuit believed to be the first example of foreigners suing the Japanese electric utility over last year’s tragedy has been lodged on behalf of eight sailors in a US federal court in San Diego.
The sailors were crew members of the USS Ronald Reagan, which played a pivotal role in the US government’s massive tsunami relief program called Operation Tomadachi.
The aircraft carrier was dispatched to the coast off Fukushima in the days after the disaster but had to move on March 14 when it became clear from radiation readings that fallout from the plant had reached its location.”

US sailors sue operator of Fukushima nuclear plant; BY: RICK WALLACE, TOKYO CORRESPONDENT From: The Australian December 29, 2012 12:00AM

Of course, if millions of people hired lawyers and took nuclear power plants to court, that may make more difference, but either way, it would spell the end of nuclear power. They cannot defend what they are doing and covering up, if there is a fair judge and jury. If anyone feels like going to court, here is some ammunition, to help you prove your case that even low levels of radiation are harmful and that the nuclear industry is covering up the dangers. 

Radium Girls And Radium Dials; Ottowa Illinois, Death City; via A Green Road

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Radium Girls And Radium Dials; Ottowa Illinois, Death City; via A Green Road

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USS Ronald Reagan Sailors/Crew Exposed To High Doses Of Fukushima Radiation; via A Green Road