Nuclear Disaster Lessons NOT Being Learned By GE, Westinghouse Electric, Hitachi, Toshiba

General Electric nuclear plant inspector Kei Sugaoka was one of the inspectors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2000. He noticed a crack in the steam dryer which he videotaped. He was later ordered by Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO to edit this part of the tape which is illegal in the United States. He went public and some TEPCO managers were fired. He thought that things would change but they have not. Additionally, as a result of being a whistleblower he was also laid off by General Electric and has been struggling to get the truth out about these dangerous plants. Sugaoka has inspected plants throughout the world including in Taiwan and Europe. Interview May 5, 2011

We have learned from this nuclear plant inspector, that GE and TEPCO have a history of covering up problems, and no learning from mistakes. 

The discussion in the video above states that there is no protection in Japan for whistle blowers. As a result, no one comes forward to tell the truth, as this inspector did in the US, where at least there is a small amount of protection. They admit that if it were not for this nuclear inspector from the US, the secrecy would have continued and nothing would have come out in public. Is this just an isolated incident, or is there a pattern here? Let’s see what another nuclear expert has to say….

According to nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson, none of the new nuclear plants being planned or built incorporate  safety measures or improvements to address ANY of the 40 concerns found after looking at Fukushima plant design flaws and safety concerns that resulted in it’s meltdown. 

Bottom line, Arnie is saying that the nuclear monopoly is NOT including any design changes that would normally come from lessons learned due to the Fukushima disaster. When the price of failure may mean the extinction of all life on the planet, one would think that they would be willing to learn something from past failures, but when one is dealing with the 1% via the global corporations, learning lessons and facing reality does not seem to be part of the way things work in their faux view of how the 1% world works. 
But is that any surprise, for an industry based on lies, secrets, deceptions and coverups? Click on the following links to learn more about this sociopathic industry and the supposed ‘regulators’ of it.
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In the past, the nuclear industry promised free or cheap, clean, green nuclear energy. That has changed. Two new nuclear plants are being fast tracked in two states that have ZERO need for more power. After these two new plants are built, electricity rates will go UP for residents around these planets, not down. The danger to surrounding communities will go up, not down. Their communities will become more toxic, not less. They may get 30 years worth of jobs, but the contamination and negative health effects will go on affecting their community for hundreds of thousands to millions of years or longer. 
Nuclear Power; EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic; via A Green Road
Nuclear industry pressure to use massive corporate welfare taxpayer dollars on a 50 year old mature industry is driving these two new nuclear plants. No investors are willing to invest in NEW nuclear power plants, no matter what their design. 
The never ending search for profits at any cost is forcing GE, Hitachi and Toshiba to act as ONE organization. By working together, they get easier access to the taxpayer dollars that they need to artificially put nuclear power on life support. It takes many companies acting together GLOBALLY as one to make new nuclear plants happen, even in countries and places within the USA, where these plants are not wanted or needed. So where is the proof of this? 
“GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, a partnership between General Electric (GE_) and Hitachi (HIT_), and Westinghouse Electric, a Toshiba unit…”
“Westinghouse Electric Company LLC is owned by the Toshiba Group. The headquarters for the company are in the state of Pennsylvania.”
“NEW YORK (TheStreet) — GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, a partnership between General Electric (GE_) and Hitachi (HIT_), and Westinghouse Electric, a Toshiba unit are likely to benefit from the recently approved Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill in India.
“On Monday, the Indian Parliament approved the compensation bill for nuclear accidents subsequent to tougher provisions on supplier liability. This move would end the two-year nuclear ban on India, whose atomic energy market is estimated between $150 billion and $175 billion.”
The nuclear lobby also promotes nuclear energy via tentacles reaching deeply into the education sector. The only problem with this, is that it tends to squash or denigrate all other options, such as renewable energy, which the nuclear apologists call ‘too expensive’ or not feasible, despite clear evidence and examples of communities becoming self sufficient with 100% renewables in five years, once the goal is set. The nuclear and carbon fuel industry are also behind the efforts to discredit scientists finding links between climate change and carbon fuel burning. 
Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations; via A Green Road
“The MOU builds on the long-term collaboration of GEH and Warsaw UT on various workforce development initiatives. In 2010, GEH donated 10 of its GateCycle™ licenses (relating to a customized software package used to model nuclear steam cycles) to Warsaw UT to help train a new generation of engineers to operate Poland’s future nuclear power plants. Each May, GEH also sponsors an annual Nuclear Congress organized by Warsaw UT. Additionally, a number of students from both Warsaw UT and other institutions from across Poland held summer internships at GEH’s global headquarters in Wilmington, N.C.
“GEH, GE and Hitachi’s global nuclear alliance, has the experience, best practices and best technology, including the world’s safest reactor[1], to bring safe, reliable nuclear energy to Poland,” said Craig Ihrke, vice president of commercial operations for GEH.
“This collaboration between GEH and Warsaw UT is the latest in a series of similar agreements that GEH has made with several Polish universities to help ensure that the country develops a deep domestic pool of nuclear engineers and skilled workers needed to build and operate future nuclear power plants. For example, GEH is working with Warsaw UT and other schools to enhance educational and training opportunities for a wide range of important positions, including: mechanical engineers, corrosion protection specialists, electrical engineers and chemical engineers. …”
GE Teaming with Toshiba to Bring FlexEfficiency* Power Plant Technology into Japan and Other Key Asian Countries
September 27, 2011
• New Alliance Builds upon 80 Years of Cooperation between the Two Companies
• GE and Toshiba Agree to Mutually Promote the New Combined-Cycle Technology 
GE, Hitachi win U.S. approval for laser-tech uranium plant
Sep 25, 2012
“The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a license on Tuesday to a partnership between General Electric Co. and Japan’s Hitachi Ltd to build and run a uranium enrichment plant using laser technology….The license, which came after three years of safety and environmental reviews, allows GE and Hitachi to use laser enrichment technology which could produce half the amount of enriched uranium the U.S. needs each year for its nuclear reactors, according to the Energy Information Administration…”
It is one thing to have a few corporations acting together to promote a particular point of view, but global corporations are now at the point where their power has concentrated so much, that they ARE the government, have most of the power and control most of the financial resources. People have been warned, but the process of transferring profits to the 1% via corporations. The 1% has been very successful at moving all risks, costs and disaster cleanup to the taxpayers – 99%. 
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Alex Jones has some parting words to say about the nuclear industry in this on air rant, for those who are able to listen to passionate diatribes, in the video above. 

For those inclined to more polite poetry, Or-Well has some poetry to share on this subject. 

December 31, 2012 

I HAVE to do SOMETHING with that…
They knew they were special
because they were Official,
they knew they were different –
they said so -insistent!
They knew they were entitled
and the rest they belittled,
they knew god was on their side
so offered us to the devil,
they knew they were in charge
and said the rest must be meek rats,
they knew they had secrets
they kept under their sleek hats,
they knew they were right
in the dead hours of night,
and considerations of safety
were but retroactive and hasty,
they knew they would prevail
with ears closed to the kids’ wails,
while we let them do it
attending to details,
then and there, here and now
Ship of Fools, tattered sails,
garbage scow in a storm
fasten life-vests and bail.
They knew, they knew,
what they wanted, at least:
all the seats at the table
at an endless feast,
scraps thrown to the beggars
who’d then be fed to the Beast
of their Will to Power
with reason and sanity
but spice to devour
and they’ll lick the plates clean
right up to the last hour.
Oops, or-wells’ dark side snuck in.

Published with permission, source;

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Nuclear Disaster Lessons NOT Being Learned By GE, Westinghouse Electric, Hitachi, Toshiba; via A Green Road