Who are we? Are We Our Definitions?

Who are we? Is the thought of who I AM, connected to job, relationship, money, possessions, power, religion, dogma or anything else? Gangaji reminds us that there are NO DEFINITIONS of outside things, or inner mental chatter that can define who we are in the final essence.

Listen as Gangaji describes the inner silence that is so feared, so horrible, so dangerous, that people will spend their ENTIRE LIVES, living a life seemingly filled with desperation, anger, worry, fear, or anxiety. Many other people fill their lives with trying to fill the inner emptiness with ‘stuff’. Getting more money means getting more ‘stuff’, so that the next few days can be filled with focusing on the outer distractions, rather than on what is important; the inner silence. 
What is that inner silence? Who are we in relationship to the  inner void that seems to be empty of all meaning, purpose and definition?

Who are we? Are We Our Definitions? via A Green Road