NASA And Dr John Church Explain Ocean Level Rise

John Church, CSIRO Fellow Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Change explains sea level rise. For more information see

If history of earths distant past is correct- then as cautious as Hansen is – C02 has never risen so fast in such a very short amount of time.
The trick is figuring out how quickly the earth reacts to these rapid changes in the atmosphere. In earths past a rise of 100ppm C02 took far longer on the geologic time scale- from as little as 10,000 years to 20,000 years- we have seen this in 150 years!
We are already seeing the planet react with climate instability and far more rapid ice melt then the IPCC predicted using climate models.
Hansen is now saying we have likely passed beyond the point of avoiding dramatic and disastrous climate change. Time will tell.
The problem is that never before in the history of the planet have CO2 levels risen as HIGH as they have now, and never before in the history of the planet have CO2 levels gone up this high, this FAST.

The planet is used to cycling up and down in both temperature and CO2 levels, but the levels rise and fall over tens of thousands of years, slowly and gradually. Now we are making changes that on a historical graph looks like a straight vertical line, instead of a gradual rising line. We are forcing a change that the Earth has never been exposed to, short of drastic and catastrophic changes caused by such things as meteor strikes.

NASA And Dr John Church Explain Ocean Level Rise; via A Green Road