Investigative Journalism Is Obsolete; Being ABOLISHED By CNN

John Oliver discovers that pretend news is the media world’s sole remaining home for intrepid investigative journalists. Major media news networks such as CNN are now eliminating their whole investigative news departments, and substituting holograms for ‘real’ newscasters. 

News now consists of talking heads, who read from monitors about a faux, corporate friendly, ‘Fox News’ style anti Socialist world that is force fed to all news ‘anchors’ globally. 
After all, who will protect the white minority now that diversity reigns supreme in the real world? According to the 1% who rule the global corporations, mostly white newscasters must continue railing against the useless and worthless 47%, Socialists, ‘entitlements’, and government in order to protect democracy and freedom, which will be lost if they keep on hiring worthless and useless investigative journalists.

One quick question to these very intelligent bosses at the major news networks, who fired all of their investigative journalists…

Can you really uncover corruption, get behind coverups, and investigate criminal behaviour by politicians, corporations and more, all with a talking head behind a desk, using nothing more than Skype?

Investigative Journalism Is Obsolete; Being ABOLISHED By CNN; via A Green Road

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