To Reduce Gun Violence, Ban Assault Rifle Imports

Did you know that the U.S. accounts for 87% of child gun deaths in the 23 richest countries?”

The above video illustrates the type of gun that could be subject to an import ban. Why would hunters need a gun like that, or clips that hold 30 rounds?

Tom Diaz, a former policy analyst for the Violence Policy Center, told NPR in the immediate wake of the Newtown massacre, the authority to ban imported weapons like this  remains on the books:

One thing the president could do immediately without legislation, that he has the executive power to do, is direct the Justice Department to look at imports into the United States of specific kinds of guns (or military high capacity clips/bullets) . . . He could say to the Justice Department, which is now the home of ATF, take a look at these imports. Take a look at this standard for sporting purposes, and let’s weed out the guns that don’t meet that. That would have significant impact on assault rifles, including these assault pistols. It might also have an impact on guns like the FN57 that was used at Fort Hood, which by no definition, by the industry’s own admission was primarily designed for counter terrorism use. This is something the president can do with a stroke of the pen.
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Here is more information about gun import laws and the history of gun laws in the USA.