Japan Plans To Produce 1 Gigawatt Wind Power With 143 Turbines

An up-close look at one of the biggest wind turbines in Japan, as well as at Japan’s prospects for harvesting wind power. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20121025f1.html

According to the video above, Japan has a potential 1.5 BILLION KW in offshore wind power available to it, compared to only 300 Million KW onshore. 
According to phys.org news, “in the aftermath of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government has turned away from nuclear power and the dangers it possesses and towards other renewable energy resources. The country plans to eventually shut down all of its nuclear plants and replace them with wind and solar plants. 
To that end, plans for world’s largest wind farm construction have taken center stage, with this newest the most ambitious yet. Currently, the largest wind farm in the world is off the coast of Suffolk in the U.K. Called the Greater Gabbard farm, it produces 504 megawatts of power using 140 turbines. What will end up being the biggest wind farm globally is being planned for Japan and is expected to produce 1 gigawatt, by using just 143 turbines.”
Germany, Japan and other countries seem to be committing to a bold, new, renewable energy drive and commitment. Is the US going to do the same, or lag behind other nations? This is now a global village, and a global competitive marketplace.

Any nation can now leave the US in the dustbin of history by making bold renewable energy moves, because it seems that the US may be stuck with oil, coal, nuclear and gas monopolies, that will not allow free choice and democracy, when it comes to energy choices.

Japan Plans To Produce 1 Gigawatt Wind Power With 143 Turbines; via A Green Road

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