2nd Amendment Gun ‘Right" Was Used To Suppress Black Slaves In South

Professor Carl T. Bogus, Professor of Law at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, author of The Hidden History of the 2nd Amendment, joins Thom Hartmann.

Why didn’t slaves just rise up in the historical deep South states, when the blacks far outnumbered white ‘owners’ by huge margins? One reason why slaves were kept under control for such a long time is that George Madison wrote and got the 2nd Amendment passed largely to satisfy his slave owning constituents, in order to keep the white ‘militia’ in power. At the same time, all black slaves were kept powerless and gunless. 
The Southerners who resided in huge palaces and sprawling estates, live in perpetual fear that the black slaves that they ‘owned’ would revolt, rise up and take over, possibly putting all whites into a slavery status, with blacks owning all property and having all political power. Their worst fear was having blacks in political office and God forbid if a black was ever elected as President. How could Southern Whites NOT be living in perpetual fear of such terrible things happening? 
What would whites do, if blacks were elected to political office, where they potentially could turn the tables and dictate to whites about whites having to sit in the backs of buses, or whites not being allowed in certain restaurants, or whites not being allowed in public bathrooms, libraries, schools, parks or pools? Blacks could put whites to work as slaves and take away all of their rights, merely to balance the scales historically. 
Of course, the bottom line answer to ANY fear is ALWAYS to gun up, and then ammo up. 
In other words, much like the racist and segregated South Africa, a white minority historically used guns and force to keep a black majority in subjugation and under control, while taking all of the profits and keeping power, using the 2nd Amendment as an excuse to keep slaves, with force of weapons and arms, through the creation of police states.  

2nd Amendment Gun ‘Right” Was Used To Suppress Black Slaves In South; via A Green Road