Radiation And Geiger Counter Readings Simplified

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Geiger Counters and radiation readings can be confusing. The above chart, created by nukeprofessional, simplifies radiation readings at Geiger COUNTERS, so that even a beginner can understand what the readings mean and what effect they have.

Of course, if you drive near a nuclear accident site, as the person is doing above, and your Geiger Counter goes off like this one, be sure to turn around or speed up and get the H out of there! There is no need to interpret radiation readings when your Geiger Counter is beeping like crazy and the red light is flashing.

Remember that Geiger counters can only estimate a tiny fraction of the total radiation you are being exposed to. And as the chart shows, internal radiation is 20 times more dangerous than the same amount of external radiation.

If you are measuring external readings of dangerous radiation, that same radiation is going to end up inside of you, if you eat or drink contaminated food or liquids, inhale dust or gases, etc. 

For more information about dangers of radiation in food and water, click on the following link….

As the chart explains in graphic detail, uranium and plutonium are very dangerous, but generate very little detectable radiation. To find out more about the dangers of individual radioactive elements and isotopes, click on the following link.

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation,  Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Anti Nuclear Music

Plutonium is very dangerous in very tiny quantities, that may not even show up on a Geiger counter. Discover how dangerous plutonium is by clicking on the following link….

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Radiation And Geiger Counter Readings Simplified; via A Green Road

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