Randall Robinson On Democracy, Freedom And Foreign Policy

Much of the rhetoric of the mass media focuses on how America is the greatest, most powerful nation on Earth. But is it really the greatest? What effect does being the best at technology, but the worst at emotional intelligence and true empathy have on us as a nation? 

What are the effects of foreign intervention by the US? What effects does the US have on other countries when democratically elected leaders are overthrown and dictators are installed by the CIA? 

What is the effect of the USA having the highest percentage of their population in jail, in the entire civilized world, including Communist China and Russia? What is going to be the effect of privatizing everything ‘for profit’, including jails and prisons?

We can see every monument in the mall at Washington, honoring the deaths of US veterans and others who died during wars. But nothing is there to commerate 30 million black slaves who died in transit on the way from Africa to the US. Those slaves BUILT this nation up from nothing, and even constructed the White House itself. Where is their plaque and where are their monuments?

Those slaves built all of the mansions in the Southern States and were responsible for the wealth accumulated by the richest and ‘best’ colleges located on the East Coast. They were promised 40 acres and a mule after the Civil War was ended, but they never got anything. 

Yet nothing is mentioned in history class about this, and no monuments are visible in the mall at Washington, thanking them for their ‘service’, sacrifice and millions of lives lost. These were American ‘citizens’. Why are they not even a footnote in history? Why are there no memorials for them? 

There is nothing on the mall in Washington to acknowledge the huge debt we owe to 6-10 million American Indians who died or who were genocidally killed during the ‘settlement’ of America by our forefathers. 

These American Indians who were brutally shoved off their lands unto worthless and useless plots of garbage properties called ‘reservations’ historically provided the foundation stone for building this ‘great’ nation through their long lived and successful political system, which we copied.  They have much to teach this young, foolish, arrogant nation, but they also, are being ignored, denied and despised. 

The concept of thinking about seven future generations and the circle of life is fundamental to the American Indian way of living. Yet, the US Capitalist system and moneyed interests that rely on short term profits at any cost, despise, ignore and deny the value of this ancient philosophy, obstructing, fighting and making fun of it at every chance. 

This nation may have to learn the hard way… because closed minds tend to suffer a lot, as they ignore what is valuable in life. Closed minds embrace the shallow, empty, petty, brutish things and people in life. 

Open minds have a chance, and miracles may happen in that direction. As Randall says, keep on open mind, treat everyone as an equal, learn and stay curious, question authority, do not believe all that you read, travel widely, read voraciously on many subjects, topics and authors, and keep attending to the school of life.

Randall Robinson On Democracy, Freedom And Foreign Policy; via A Green Road

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