Fukushima City; 5 Million Bq Per Square Meter Cesium 137 Contamination Levels

In this video, nuclear experts measure just a few of the hundreds of types of deadly radioactive substances found around Fukushima Daichi, in the town of Fukushima, which has been declared to be ‘safe’ to live in by the nuclear industry, government and pro nuclear apologists. 

But the current levels of radiation are higher than in the ‘exclusion zone’ established around Chernobyl after that much smaller nuclear disaster, and people have still not been allowed to come back to those dangerously radioactive zones. Why are people allowed to live in toxic, radiation contaminated areas like this?

Fukushima City measured out at 5 MILLION Bq per square meter of Cesium 137 contamination as of 12/30/2011. Some other measurements were even higher. See measurement analysis graph/chart above. These figures were taken from actual readings using this state of the art equipment.  

Masaharu Okano used highly sophisticated, brand new radiation measurement devices when he did a survey around the Fukushima nuclear plant.

He found high levels of radiation in the air and soil, including Iodine 132, Iodine 131, Latinum 140, Technium 99m, Technium 129m, Technium 132, Cesium 137, Cesium 136, Cesium 134, Ba 140, just to name a few of the hundreds of contaminating, invisible, radioactive and toxic materials released from any nuclear disaster. 

Just to give ONE example of some of the other things  released from a leaking reactor, we will focus on Xenon gas. Radioactive gases are harder to measure, but they are among the FIRST things released during a nuclear accident. Radioactive Xenon gas was released from Fukushima and circulated around the globe, as the above map shows. 
The above picture shows how the media downplays and minimizes radiation readings. Despite clear evidence that radiation levels of Cesium 137 were over 5 million Bq per square meter in Fukushima, NHK News only reported 1 million Bq of Cesium 137 were found. 
If this were the only example, it would be no problem, but the mass media consistently under reports radiation levels, minimizes total radiation releases, or avoids talking about these nuclear accidents entirely, by saying the whole incident is done and over with, when the opposite is true. 
Decontamination efforts did not prove very effective, and levels after the contamination just increased even further in many cases. For more information, click on the following links. 
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Fukushima City; 5 Million Bq Per Square Meter Cesium 137 Contamination Levels

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