Offshore Wind Energy; 4 X The Energy Potential Of ALL Existing Power Plants In US Today

In the video above, 100 wind turbines were installed in 100 days. The Hoover Dam was built in 5 years from idea to finished product. However, offshore wind energy plans in the US are stuck in a holding pattern. In more than 12 years of planning and environmental review, not ONE wind energy turbine has been installed off the Northeastern coast of New England. 

The developer of a proposed wind farm off the coast of New England has spent over 65 MILLION dollars with nothing to show for it yet. Meanwhile, other countries are moving rapidly ahead, becoming energy independent and self sufficient using renewable energy sources that do not pollute the planet. 
“Department of Energy data on the potential of offshore wind in the U.S. is impressive. It suggests that as much as 4 million megawatts of electricity could be harnessed from the steady breezes blowing on state and federal waters along the coasts of the U.S., as well as in the Great Lakes. That’s roughly four times the combined generating capacity of all existing electric power plants in the nation today, according to DOE — and the Obama administration has made it a mission to finally get the industry moving.”

The USA is lagging behind Europe in developing wind energy offshore. Despite the huge promise and potential, not one wind energy farm has been approved in the USA. Meanwhile, European countries are moving rapidly ahead, with more than 1,600 wind turbines located offshore at 55 different locations. These renewable and carbon free energy sources are contributing over 3,500 megawatts of power to the European electric grid, according to the European Wind Energy Association.

The British built their first offshore wind farm in 2003. 

The British and the rest of the world usually copy the world leader in technology, but not this time. In terms of offshore wind energy, the US is lagging far behind many other nations and is getting further and further behind each year, while other countries enjoy the free energy source offered by the wind.

Even France, the world leader in nuclear power, is moving rapidly into building massive offshore wind farms with a total goal of producing 3 Gigawatts of power from this source. “Alstom inaugurated the largest offshore wind turbine in the world, at Carnet in the Loire-Atlantique, France. The 6 MW Haliade 150 wind turbine has been developed in response to a call for tenders launched by the French government in July 2011 that aims to install 3 GW of wind turbine power off French shores by 2015.”

If tiny countries like Germany, France and the UK can move rapidly into harnessing massive amounts of FREE wind energy, why can’t the USA? 

Is the USA really that addicted to polluting, global suicide producing energy products such as oil, nuclear, coal and gas?

Remember, this ONE source of renewable energy can entirely REPLACE all other current energy producing power plants in the USA, according to the US Dept. Of Energy.

We owe this sustainable energy solution to seven future generations of our children. We cannot leave them a legacy of pollution, devastation, and terrible toxic dangers posed by such things as nuclear energy, coal, gas and oil. We must move to zero carbon energy sources such as offshore wind energy farms.

In the video above, President Obama has just approved the FIRST offshore wind energy farm locations, which can be leased for wind energy production, just like oil companies lease land and get the right to extract oil. The US has some catching up to do, to catch up to where many other countries have gone.

Offshore Wind Energy; 4 X The Energy Potential Of ALL Existing Power Plants In US Today; via A Green Road

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