Fatal Fallout; Dr Gary Null Exposes Dangers Of Nuclear Power

Dr. Gary Null plus many other nuclear experts explain the dangers of America’s unprotected nuclear power plants and weapons, plus the dangers of low level radioactivity, terrorist vulnerabilities, plus much more. This series is well worth watching. 

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Fatal Fallout 9 of 9
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Fatal Fallout; Dr Gary Null Exposes Dangers Of Nuclear Power; via A Green Road

One thought on “Fatal Fallout; Dr Gary Null Exposes Dangers Of Nuclear Power

  1. We owe it to future generations to learn about and stop the dangers of nuclear power and weapons. This film is an excellent summary that may be surprising to many but I believe is actually conservative in its assessment of the situation. I do have to add that the film does not address President’ Obama administration which has just as bad if not a worse in some ways on nuclear issues than both former Bush Presidents, you just don’t hear about it. This film does not go into our most recent nuclear history since the Japanese Fukushima nuclear accident or the relatively recent decisions under the current administration. Our country is on the cusp of making the situation even worse and if we don’t all do something about it the future generations will suffer the consequences of our ignorance and indifference as we now begin to understand the damage done of the atomic age from 1940’s to now and how it has impacted us.


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