Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects?

It seems that no one can find out what is causing lots of seal, walrus, and polar bear deaths, which started happening in late 2011. What happened in 2011, that could cause massive amounts of skin lesions, organ and gland lesions, hair loss and death of large mammals that are on the top of the food chain? 

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The video above confirms that polar bears are suffering from the same thing that seals and walruses are. 

Could these animal lesions and deaths have anything to do with the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown of three reactors and three spent fuel pools containing MOX (plutonium) spent fuel, making it around 85 times worse than Chernobyl? 
Fukushima; Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed; via A Green Road

Fukushima Leaking Radioactive Water Into Ocean Plume; via A Green Road

Alexander Higgins recently said that he connected the dots to discover a potential link to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in ocean creatures. Besides the high radiation readings taken by activists, reports that an alarming number of polar bears, seals and walruses living in the Beaufort Sea, which is located just north of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories, are turning up with skin lesions and Alopecia, which is another name for hair loss. And before the polar bears, it was apparently ice seals and walruses living in the arctic that were suffering similar symptoms.  (

RT News reports below that Cesium levels have INCREASED 11 times since 2011 in measurements of bottom sediment hundreds of miles away from Fukushima. 

In the video above, part of it is reading news reports about how small crustaceans in the ocean are showing extremely high levels of radiation (about half way in). He is also trying to test food for radiation with a standard Geiger Counter, which is exactly the wrong way to do this. Unless the surface contamination radiation is high on a piece of food, standard Geiger Counters like this one will NOT show radioactivity inside of food. Once the skin is removed, the only radiation that will show up is internal radiation, and that cannot be measured with a Geiger Counter. 

In the video above, it talks about how fish have been caught in the Pacific ocean that were 2,400 times the legal limit of radiation off the coast of Japan, sometimes hundreds of miles away. The following article talks about this in more detail.

Radiation levels in the Pacific ocean have NOT decreased since the Fukushima accident, despite all ‘experts’ predicting that it would go down after the accident. Seafood has been found to have sometimes very much higher levels of radiation since the accident, (depending on the species type) especially near Japan, but also near California.

Some 40 percent of bottom-feeding fish caught near the Fukushima plant tested positive for high levels of Cesium contamination.

According to Elizabeth Grossman, “Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) reported that seawater containing radioactive iodine-131 at 5 million times the legal limit has been detected near the plant. According to the Japanese news service, NHK, a recent sample also contained 1.1 million times the legal level of radioactive cesium-137. Studies from previous releases of nuclear material in the Irish, Kara and Barents Seas, as well as in the Pacific Ocean, show that such radioactive material does travel with ocean currents, is deposited in marine sediment, and does climb the marine food web. In the Irish Sea — where the British Nuclear Fuels plant at Sellafield in the northwestern United Kingdom released radioactive material over many decades, beginning in the 1950s — studies have found radioactive cesium and plutonium concentrating significantly in seals and porpoises that ate contaminated fish. Other studies have shown that radioactive material from Sellafield and from the nuclear reprocessing plant at Cap de la Hague in France have been transported to the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. A study published in 2003 found that a substantial part of the world’s radioactive contamination is in the marine environment.”
Tuna caught off the coast of California have also been found to contain higher levels of radiation than normally are found. The tuna normally migrate from Japan to these US waters. Scientists were ‘shocked’ at the findings. Ten times the normal amount of radiation was found in fish that were only exposed for a brief period to smaller Japanese fish that they ate. 

What is known about radiation in animals is that radiation does concentrate as it moves up the food chain. So what may be a low level of radiation in plankton, multiplies by a factor of 2-10 in smallest larvae which eat the plankton, then by a factor of 2-10 in smallest fish, then multiplies again by a factor of 2-10 in small fish, and again when eaten by larger fish, and then again in large fish such as tuna.
So why would it be so difficult to research whether plutonium, cesium, uranium or other toxic radioactive substances are affecting seals, walruses, and polar bears? Why would it be almost impossible for US scientists and universities to study Fukushima ocean radiation and how it moves over time? Only one recent reference points to the fact that the problem with radiation is not disappearing, but rather spreading further and further out.
Radiation Contamination Detected 400 Miles From Fukushima, At 1,000 Times Normal Levels.

Why is it that almost no scientists seem to be studying Pacific ocean bottom sediment for radiation? Studies in other parts of the world by foreign scientists confirm that indeed, radiation WAS THE CAUSE of the health problems in seals, and other sea creatures. 
After these discoveries of internal and external lesions leading to deaths in Alaska seals, walruses and polar bears, it seems as though US based scientists and biologists are trying every which way to avoid tagging low level nuclear radiation or toxic heavy metals such as plutonium or uranium as the cause.
But few or no viruses or bacteria are being found, which leaves one major elephant in the room that is not being discussed: low level nuclear radiation fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. All of the scientific reports keep talking about how they are GOING TO test for radiation, but then they never report on the results of those sometime in the future radiation tests. 
Even if viruses and bacteria are found eventually, this still does not mean that radiation or something such as plutonium or low level radiation was not the cause underneath, because one of the first symptoms of low level radiation exposure is a weakening of the immune system, opening the way to more infections and diseases, plus increased number of deaths due to these things. Around Fukushima, cattle had and continue to have lesions, skin problems, weakened immune systems and got sick more often. The farmers there call it ‘Fukushima Syndrome’.

Radiation can easily travel hundreds or thousands of miles and affect animals (and humans) in a negative way. This has been proven to be the case after Chernobyl for example.

UK Established Animal Radiation ‘Controls’ Due To Chernobyl Cesium Contamination; via A Green Road
Chernobyl; Animal Studies Show Radiation Is Still Harming Our Wild Companions; via A Green Road

It only takes a few minutes to test for internal radiation or toxic heavy metals such as plutonium in humans or animals, especially with the sophisticated testing equipment available on major university campuses. Somehow, no radiation or heavy metal test results have been made public since 2011, all they way up to today. Why NOT? Do they have something to hide? 

Based on the timing of when these creatures began to suffer their horrible symptoms, as well as the nature of their symptoms, it appears as though radiation from Fukushima may at least be one of the causes of this mystery disease. Add in the refusal of just about anyone scientific at any US based university being willing to utter any word in the direction of radiation, much less admit that they even tested for this, and it leads one to believe that there is a massive coverup in progress. How would that work, if it were to happen?
It turns out that a massive number of US universities get a large amount of money from the very profitable and generous to educational institutions nuclear industry. Many of these universities have small scale reactors on site, which adds to their ‘value’ in the eyes of the nuclear industry.
Could it be possible that the financial and job/career tie in between educational institutions of higher learning and the nuclear industry prevent them from reporting anything negative about nuclear power or low level radiation? It turns out that the answer may very well be yes, just as the tie in between corporate donations and politicians seems to exert a strange hypnotic pro corporate trance on them as well. To find out more about this corporate/education and pro nuclear influence, click on the following link…

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

Consistently, the same universities that are funded by strongly PRO nuclear organizations have come out with reports about the safety of nuclear power, minimized the risks of radiation, minimized the readings of just about everything radioactive, minimized or avoided testing anything, and put down anyone daring to talk about radiation other than themselves.
Is it any wonder that no radiation tests on seals, walruses or polar bears have been completed and reported on in the YEARS since the Fukushima accident by these same higher education centers that are funded by the nuclear industry? Only a few tests on tuna and fish have been completed, but the scientists consistently report that there is NO DANGER.
Is it any wonder that there is an almost total DEAFENING SILENCE from all of these ‘experts’ about this taboo subject, whether one is talking about Fukushima, fish or animals suffering from what may very well be low dose radiation?

Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects? via A Green Road

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