Dictatorship Leading To Apartheid In Michigan?

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According to Rachel Maddow in the video above, “if you are an African-American and you live in Michigan, the chances are 1 in 2 you are allowed to vote for your own local officials. 

Half of you get to do that and the other half, Governor Rick Snyder gets to decide for you and overrules your vote. the choice in Michigan is supposed to be dictatorship over dysfunction. You’re supposed to believe that if you give up democracy, well, democracy’s nice, but you can’t fix problems with democracy. 
So if you give up democracy, then you can fix what democracy can’t fix. But with the exception of the one town that is marked on this graphic with a gold star, all of these places have been in and out of financial trouble for years now. 
They have been in and out of emergency management under different versions of the law. Weaker law, stronger law, it has not mattered. Only that one very small town with the star on it is the only one to ever emerge in good shape from losing its democracy, and then stay in good shape thereafter. 
Giving up voting rights as a way of saving cities turns out does not save the cities. And so, yes, Detroit has a problem, nobody says that Detroit doesn’t have a problem, but this emergency overseer thing that the republicans are doing in Michigan…. “
Dictatorship does not work, no matter where or how it is tried. In the US, slaves and American Indians rebelled against the dictatorship of the white ‘masters’. In Africa, the black majority rose up in a largely peaceful protest against the Apartheid dictatorship that was put in place by a white minority, extremely radical, business led and Conservative party. 
Now Michigan and many other states are facing a radical, largely Conservative led movement to take away voting rights, democracy and institute in it’s place a dictatorship that focuses largely on minority populations. 
On top of this movement to take away voting rights, Republicans have also managed to ‘win’ the election by gerrymandering all districts in Michigan, so that even though Democrats won by over 300,000 votes, Republicans actually got TWICE the representatives compared to Republicans. 
The underlying message we seem to be teaching our children is this; In politics, business and religion, anything is justified, as long as you win and get control by any means. Label a dictatorship with the words ‘freedom, democracy, emergency management, Constitution,’ but then do whatever you want.

Dictatorship Leading To Apartheid In Michigan? via A Green Road