Truth Telling And Nuclear Radiation Experts/Specialists

The Role of Specialists: Dr. Kodama vs Dr… by tokyobrowntabby

One expert is a scientist, the other medical expert is like a politician. One has truthful things to say, the other has things to un-say. 

The first speaker is Professor Tatsuhiko Kodama, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, in a TV appearance in the summer of 2011, who is known for his brilliant speech at the Diet (the video to be uploaded soon). 

The second speaker is Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, whom some Japanese have started to call Dr. Shunichi “Damashita” Yamashita – Yamashita, the one “who tricked” us, Vice President of Fukushima Medical University, in and after one of his lectures (date/place unknown). You can find the videos of some of his remarks in this channel. 

Translation by EX-SKF blog and captioning by tokyobrowntabby. 

What does this video teach us? First.. it is critical that all ‘experts’ tell the truth. However, as the second speaker teaches us, not everyone tells the whole truth for ‘political’ reasons, which may have to do with one or many hidden motivations, such as profit, power, or even unconscious motivations such as not wanting to look ‘bad’ or incompetent. An industry may desire to keep up false appearances, rather than tell the truth and ‘appear’ to look bad. 

Especially in an industry such as the nuclear industry, the foundation of which is built on secrecy and coverups, it is much harder to tell the truth about anything. Once a person  or an organization starts on the path of constant lying and secrecy, it is much harder to switching to start telling the WHOLE truth at any given future point. 

Because the nuclear industry started during the war, when secrecy was absolutely required, and lying about everything around it was considered advantageous, it is now considered normal and convenient to continue doing so. 

The nuclear industry is not alone, and there are other organizations where the truth is also hard to come by, where secrecy is the normal way of operating. 

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The difficulty with the nuclear industry, is that they have trained themselves to NOT tell the truth. The whole industry is built on a foundation of sand, because their basic assumptions and what they teach or say to the public about radiation is not true. 

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After you have read at least some of the above articles and watched the videos, do the following exercise. 

Pretend you are in a relationship or marriage. Now pretend the nuclear industry is the person you are dating or married to. You want to find out everything about them, and a friend is willing to tell you all about them, or you hire a private eye detective, who gives you the following report at a private lunch meeting. 

Nuclear Power; EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic; via A Green Road

You now realize that your whole relationship or marriage is based on nothing more than lies and secrecy. Of course, none of the lies and secrets are ‘good’.  

The nuclear industry claimed that they were cheap, clean, green, and that radiation was ‘safe’. So you married yourself and devoted your whole life and energy to them, literally. You trusted them with the financial and physical health of your family and community.  Now you realize that none of these things that they promised are true and that your whole relationship and history with this person was based on lies and secrecy. Your family is being hurt or killed by them. Your community is threatened with being destroyed, or has been in the case of many communities around the world. 

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel
How would you feel about that person? Would you want to spend any more time with them? Would you invest money with them? Would you vote for people who worked with this person and supported them in any way?

A healthy person with healthy boundaries is NOT willing to enable a dysfunctional relationship. They will leave a person like this, or get a divorce, because they know that it is not going to end well, if they continue on with a person who is so deeply in denial and who lives his or her whole life on unhealthy lies and deception.  

An unhealthy person who is in denial will stay with that person who is lying to them. An enabler will continue to allow that person to continue abusing them and covering up with secrets. The enabler will even defend the abuser passionately, possibly right up to death. 

What kind of person are you? Do you have healthy boundaries? Are you psychologically healthy? Can you leave an unhealthy ‘relationship’? Are you ready to go beyond denial?

So far, we have talked about the past. We have learned how just about everything and everyone involved at the top levels is involved with secrecy, lies and cover-ups in a very general way. Now let’s talk about the future. 

What is sustainable for seven or seventy future generations of YOUR children? Would you trust the future and many  generations of children to come to an industry that only cares about short term profits, and does not care about the health of community, your children or you specifically? What is the healthy alternative? Click on this link to find out more. 

Holistic Living, Green, Renewable Energy

Would you want an unhealthy lying, deceptive person or industry involved with your children in the future? Would you want your children to be married to them? Would you want seven future generations of your children to work for this industry? Would you buy their product or service? Would you give them taxpayer subsidies? Would you want them teaching your children about how to lie and deceive others? 

Draw your own conclusions based on watching the videos and reading the articles above… plus others in the A Green Road Library… The medical industry has tentacles in the same radioactive pie with the nuclear industry, and is based on many of the same belief systems and dogma. 

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Education

Click on pages in the upper left hand corner to become an expert on all things nuclear and to find out more about what works for seven future generations in different directions.  

Like a relationship or marriage, there are healthy choices and unhealthy choices. To find out more about what a healthy energy choice might look like, and what may work for seven future generations, click on the following link.

Holistic Living, Green, Renewable Energy

Denial is very strong, but truth is even stronger. Denial and lies may live for a time, but their foundation is built on sand, so they cannot last. The only thing that lasts and is worth being involved with is the truth, and what works for seven future generations. 

Truth tellers have always been attacked and killed. The messenger is not the problem. Those in denial and those who choose to hide the truth have plenty of motivations to accuse truth tellers of being the liars, and of starting conspiracy theories with no basis in reality. This process has always happened throughout history. 

Now that same process is happening with the energy of the sun, and how to use it. You get to decide which way the future will go, by supporting, using, voting for and teaching either renewable energy truths, or monopolistic nuclear industry news bites. Make your choice wisely and carefully, after investigating deeply in both directions.

Never give up. Never. Dalai Lama 

Truth Telling And Nuclear Radiation Experts/Specialists; via @AGreenRoad