Should Mandatory Gun Registration, Education And Insurance Be Required?

Right now, there is no central registry of gun owners in the USA. Gun stores check backgrounds on purchasers of guns, but once the check is done, the data is dumped two days later. The equivalent of cars would be you having a check to see if you are old enough to buy a car, and then dumping all your information and the car information and letting you do whatever you want with your car from there. 

Anyone can buy or sell guns on the private market with no registration due. A gun show dealer can sell or buy guns with no ID, no registration required from buyers. There is no way to track any buyer of guns, and no way to track guns or gun sales to specific gun owners.  

The gun lobby and gun manufacturers scream bloody murder if anyone talks about registering their guns, or dares to talks about yearly fees per year to own a gun. 

The Small Arms Survey, an independent research project based in Geneva, noted that of the 28 countries it surveyed for its 2011 report on civilian firearm possession, only two consider civilian ownership of a firearm a basic right: the U.S. and Yemen. But even Yemen has begun clamping down on civilian guns, Alpers said. 

To go hunting legally in California for example, gun owners have no problem registering and paying the state a yearly license fee (fees itemized below). Getting educated in gun safety is also no problem for hunters. A large majority of hunters favor gun safety courses, because studies have shown that it saves lives. 
After all, a gun is a killing machine, nothing else. It does not put on make up. It does not wash your hair. It does not clean house. Pretty much everyone agrees that it just does not make sense to allow just anyone ages 1-100 to pick up a loaded gun and then walk around with it, ready to kill someone, without ANY training, experience, or gun safety courses. But that is what gun manufacturers and the gun lobby wants.
Why is a fee associated with killing/hunting animals fine with everyone, including gun owners, but just buying or owning a gun, (including military style assault rifles and 50 caliber sniper rifles/ammo used only in war), all have to be ‘free’ of fees, registration and education requirements? The only other country that allows this globally is Yemen. 
Below is the Fish and Game Code that mandates yearly fees and the education requirements in order to go hunting. 
2012 – 2013 California Hunting Entitlements
Valid JULY 1, 2012 through JUNE 30, 2013
Fish and Game Code Section 70 defines “Resident” as any person who has resided continuously in the State of California for six months or more immediately prior to the date of their application for a license or permit, any person on active military duty with the Armed Forces of the United States or auxiliary branch thereof, or any person enrolled in the Job Corps established pursuant to Section 2883 of Title 29 of the United States Code.
Fish and Game Code Section 86 defines “Take” as hunt, pursue, catch, capture, or kill, or attempt to hunt, pursue, catch, capture or kill.
Fees for licenses that are available from license agents include 5% license agent handling fee.
Fees for licenses that are available from license agents and CDFW offices include 3% nonrefundable application fee $7.50 maximum per item.
Hunting Licenses Fee Description
Resident Hunting License $44.85 Required for any resident 16 years of age or older who takes birds or mammals
Nonresident Hunting License $155.52 Required for any nonresident 16 years of age or older who takes birds or mammals.
Junior Hunting License $11.62 Required for any resident or nonresident less than 16 years of age who takes birds or mammals. To qualify, hunter must be less than 16 years of age at the beginning of the license year (July 1).
One-Day Nonresident Hunting License $21.34 IMPORTANT! This license is only available for nonresidents taking resident and migratory game birds on Licensed Game Bird Clubs (Upland Game Bird Validation is also required) or Licensed Domesticated Migratory Game Bird Shooting Areas (Federal Duck Stamp and California Duck Validation are also required).
Two-Day Nonresident Hunting License $44.85 Allows a nonresident 16 years of age or older to take resident and migratory game birds, resident small game mammals, nongame mammals and furbearers for two consecutive days. Additional validations and tags may be required for certain species. IMPORTANT! This license is NOT valid for deer, bear, antelope, elk, bighorn sheep, bobcat, or pig.
Disabled Veteran Reduced Fee Hunting License $7.05 Available to any resident or nonresident honorably discharged disabled veteran with a 50 percent or greater service-connected disability who takes birds or mammals. Certification from the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs is required at the time of application or a copy of a previous year’s California Disabled Veteran’s Hunting License. The first license must be purchased from a CDFW License Sales Office. Subsequent licenses may be purchased from any license agent or online.
Duplicate Hunting License $9.98 Available at CDFW License Sales Offices and license agents.
Big Game Applications Fee Description
Resident First-Deer Tag Application $29.98 Residents and nonresident licensed hunters, 12 years of age or older at the time of application or who turn 12 before July 1, may purchase one first-deer tag application and one second-deer tag application. Tags are nontransferable. Enter up to three tag choices (See the Big Game Hunting Digest for proposed zones and hunts). Up to six hunters may apply as a party by using the party number assigned to the party leader.
Resident Second-Deer Tag Application $36.98
Nonresident First-Deer Tag Application $263.01
Nonresident Second-Deer Tag Application $263.01
Antelope, Elk and Bighorn Sheep Tag Drawing Applications $8.13 per application


Hunting licenses in California are valid July 1 through June 30 of the following year. Portions of this money are dedicated to specific wildlife programs, such as improving waterfowl nesting and rearing habitat or conducting annual big game population surveys.

The LRB conducts a variety of drawings throughout the year to award limited numbers of big game hunting tags and waterfowl hunting area reservations. For example, each year, more than 110,000 applications are submitted for big game tag drawings, including premium deer, elk, antelope, and bighorn sheep tags). 
Drawings are also conducted from September through January for reservations to hunt waterfowl on State-operated wildlife areas. Each waterfowl season, the LRB receives more than 700,000 applications, and awards more than 60,000 reservations.

California Hunter Education Program
In a continued effort to reduce firearm accidents, the State of California requires all first time resident hunters, regardless of age, to complete hunter education training or pass a comprehensive equivalency test before purchasing a hunting license.
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife conducts training throughout the state. Each year approximately 30,000 students complete the state’s ten-hour minimum hunter education course. Statistics show hunter education training is a success.
Hunting accidents of all types have declined substantially since the start of the program. The California Hunter Safety Program began on January 1, 1954 with the passage of the Davis-Abshire Hunter Safety Training Law. The initial law required all junior hunters to take a Hunter Safety Class prior to obtaining their first hunting license.

Again, we have an example and proof that education around dangerous things (like guns) before being allowed to use them works in real life. 
Education, licensing and insurance works around driving  vehicles, and it also works around gun ownership, where it is applied. Japan has these things in place and their annual death rate due to guns is about 4-10 people per year, while the US the death rate is 30,000 people per year. Does anyone need more proof than that?  
Why would the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers refuse to consider gun safety courses becoming mandatory for anyone purchasing and/or owning a gun? 
Everyone KNOWS statistically that gun safety, education, registration, licensing and insurance laws work, just around hunters. Those same gun education and safety laws would work around gun owners in general. This is not some wild eyed, hair brained scheme that someone came up with in a back alley. It does not take any freedom or rights away.  
Setting up a nationwide gun safety education program is not difficult or hard to do. The gun education format and places to do it are already in place and exist now, for hunters specifically. With minor modifications, these same gun safety courses and other requirements could be implemented for anyone wanting to own a gun, or anyone who owns a gun now. 
A required ten hour gun safety course does not seem onerous or very difficult, when it is compared to the cost of losing a life or injuring someone with a gun due to the lack of education, wouldn’t you agree? What is your child’s life worth? What is your family’s life worth? Is it worth a ten hour gun safety course?
In effect, by not being in favor of gun safety education for all gun owners, the gun lobby and gun manufacturers are saying that they value animals more than they value the lives of human beings. They are in effect saying that killing human beings should be free and easy to do, while hunting animals can require licensing, registration, education, etc. Does this make sense at all to you yet? 
Owning a car is something that many people choose to do, but no one is forcing anyone to own a vehicle of any kind. Much like a gun, a vehicle can kill people or injure them. 
Every civilized country has passed laws requiring anyone who purchases a vehicle to pass a license test, pay yearly fees, get insurance, and pass a driving test, which is based on an education course. These things have reduced the vehicle accident rate and cover some or most of the negative consequences caused by negligence of drivers. 
Why is it so difficult to understand that guns are like vehicles, only much more dangerous? Guns are not required to be owned, but once someone makes that decision, they also should be required to pass an education course, get licensed, pay a yearly fee for that, and get and keep insurance, in order to cover the potential negligence and/or risks of owning and handling guns. Guns kill and have no other purpose. Vehicles drive, and are not designed to kill people, but they do. 
A home ownership policy or a renters policy can easily add a gun ownership type of liability insurance, which everyone should have anyway. The cost is very low, compared to not having this insurance, owning a gun and then ending up killing someone accidentally or otherwise, with no insurance to cover anything.  
Again, the gun lobby and gun manufacturers do not care about your life or any human lives, because they have passed legislation making them immune from all injuries or lives lost due to gun ownership. 
The gun manufacturers could care less if you kill your whole family due to a defective gun that they produced. They could care less if a gun owner has insurance to cover accidentally shooting their neighbor or a friend, as Dick Cheney is one example of. 
Dick Cheney is another example of why gun education courses should be mandatory for not just hunters, but all gun owners. To find out more about the odd things that happened during this Cheney ‘accident’, click on the following interview and analysis link. 

According to the real world test above, Cheney shot his friend from about 15 feet away, not 90 feet away. Is it possible to shoot someone ‘accidentally’ with a shotgun at that close a range? Draw your own conclusion. 
The point made by Dick Cheney and others like him, is that even a trained lifelong gun owner can have an accident with a gun. If even a lifelong gun owner can make a mistake like this, what are the odds of someone with NO EXPERIENCE, NO EDUCATION, NO TRAINING having an accident with a rifle or handgun, which are much more deadly and devastating in their effect, when compared to a shotgun at 90 feet in range? 
Gun liability insurance should be required to cover something like what happened to Dick Cheney. Imagine what would have happened if no insurance was covering either party and one hunter shot another one, and he died. What happens to the family of the hunter that is killed? What happens to the friendship? What happens to the kids who are counting on Dad to provide the education costs? Dick Cheney got VERY close to killing his ‘friend’… He got lucky. 
In conclusion, we have covered why gun registration, education and insurance is a necessary requirement for all gun owners. 
Should Mandatory Gun Registration, Education And Insurance Be Required? via @AGreenRoad
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