Absolute Constitutional Gun Freedoms/Rights, Or Slavery To Gun Violence And Deaths?

When is enough enough? What does it take in terms of outrageous acts of violence, mass killings and mayhem in our local communities  to change the insane gun ‘freedom’ laws of this country? What does it take to get people to realize we only have one set of children, and each one of our children is precious? Children must be protected, not sent out into a world where a free fire law is in effect for all children. 

When people with a massive amount of hate can get their hands on guns easily, we get the mass killings in elementary, junior and high schools, over and over and over again, year after year. Security systems and security guards are no match for these legal, armed to the teeth, armored up serial killers who have legal access to their tools of the trade, thanks to the gun lobby and gun manufacturers. 

The military assault rifle toting killer at Sandy Hook Elementary shot through the security system at the school, which did not work to stop the violence. At Columbine, security guards were bypassed and outgunned. The Sandy Hook mass killer also shot and killed the principal and several teachers who ran out to see what was going on, so authority figures are meaningless in the world of absolute, rapid fire killing machines.  

Even police are no match for these weapons of mass destruction and death. The Sandy Hook and Columbine mass murderers had military style assualt rifles. The Sandy Hook mass child murderer had multiple 30 round magazines for his Bushmaster military style killing machine. He went into a classroom and shot all of the kindergarden kids in there multiple times, including the teacher. 

He then went on into another classroom and shot everyone there as well, multiple times in most cases. While he was reloading, six children ran out out of the room and saved themselves. This is a key and very important point to make note of… 

From the first shots fired, to the last shot fired by his military rifle,  took less than five minutes total. This mass murderer fired 152 bullets in total. He reloaded about five times in those five minutes. Then he took out a pistol and shot himself. How do we stop someone like this in any country, not just the USA? 

Many countries including  Switzerland, Israel, Japan and others have passed laws to make it harder for deranged killers like this one to kill so many people at a time, by passing gun violence prevention laws. There are many ways to reduce the death toll in OUR local schools, communities, theatres, and other public places. 

The problem is that the massive gun manufacturing, pro gun lobby  controls and directs the  mostly white, male political machine, through a  massive infusion of cash and political ‘favors’ system. 

Rachel Maddow; Gun Industry Using “Heat Shield” Defense; via A Green Road

Add on gerrymandering,  plus other very stealthy vote suppression techniques, and the majority of anti violence, peace loving Americans are left out of the discussion and cannot even debate the issues, much less get their supposed political representatives to listen to their point of view, in order to pass sensible violence reduction laws, much less other laws that may benefit ordinary Americans. Instead, laws are mostly passed that benefits the 1%, while the 99% suffers. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

There are many ways to reduce the MASSIVE 30,000 annual US body count of innocent children, women and teens, through sensible laws that foster democracy, peace and harmony in communities.  Let’s look at just a few ways…..

If the killer of kindergardners had only limited access to a three, five or ten round maximum bullet magazine in a HUNTING RIFLE,  he could not have done what he did, especially NOT IN FIVE MINUTES. He would have been there for a lot longer time. A limited 3 bullet magazine inside of a hunting rifle and a slow, manual one bullet at a time reloading process would have given police, students and teachers much more time to run away, respond or do other things. The death toll would have been much, MUCH lower. 

Imagine that military assault rifle mass killing machines and 30 round magazines of ANY kind are not available and cannot be sold legally in your community. Schools are already gun free zones. Communities can be military style assault rifle free zones. It only takes the will of people who want to make a difference for their kids and seven future generations. It is not hard to do when one considers the consequences.

Pro gun hunters have quite a few restrictions when it comes to hunting animals. There are severe limits and controls on the absolute ‘freedoms’ of gun lovers when they are hunting geese and ducks, but these hunters do not complain about 2nd Amendments, rant and rave or threaten violence prevention advocates about this.  

Duck hunters cannot just take a 50 caliber sniper rifle and hunt ducks with it. Duck hunters cannot take machine guns or military style assault rifles and spray the sky with a massive amount of bullets.  There are many restrictions on gun owners when it comes to hunting wild ANIMALS. Even if they can kill animals, they are limited as to the number, types and even locations where this legal killing can be done. 

Hunters going after ducks or geese are ‘restricted’ to using ONLY certain kinds of shotguns. Those restricted shotguns are allowed only a few shells at a time, and each hunter has to put a plug in the gun to limit the capacity of a magazine that may theoretically allow more shells. This means that hunters shooting ducks or geese have to reload MANUALLY, one shell at a time, after they shoot 3 shells.  

Animal hunting laws in just about every state recognize that animals need a fair, fighting chance. Animals need a chance to run or fly away from a death dealing killing machine. 

Guns are not ‘fair’ when it comes to flesh and bone. Hunting with a bow and arrow is more fair, and going up against a wild animal with no weapons is the most fair contest of all, but pro gun hunters will  not do that. 

Every hunter wants to stack the deck in his or her favor with superior firepower, and be able to shoot as many rounds as possible without reloading. Hunting laws balance this unlimited ‘freedom’ desire against the needs of the wildlife, habitat, hunter safety, nearby communities and long range planning processes, just to name a few of the many considerations and stakeholders involved in creating these laws.

Shotguns with massive 100 round magazines are not allowed to be used against ducks and geese. If allowed, it would mean the extinction of any species it was used against. 

Shotguns which fire 30, 50 or 100 rounds in one clip or magazine are against the law when it comes to animals. People go to jail for violating this law. But, the gun manufacturers want to sell these things globally and make massive profits from selling even more ammo, so they pass laws making these 100 round magazines legal for use against humans. It is open season on kids in schools as far as they are concerned. Come and get them. They are easy pickings. 

Somehow, in this insane fantasy world of pro gun advocates, when it comes to humans, we are supposed to allow and promote an open season on our kids by encouraging the sales of military rifles, ammo and large magazines that can shoot off 30, 50 or even 100 bullets or shotgun shells in a matter of seconds, with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever. Humans are not allowed to run away or have a fair chance; so say the gun manufacturers, the gun lobby and the NRA. 

No one is allowed to express their feelings about all of this to an ‘absolute freedom’ kind of gun apologist organization or individual either… “Let the record show that you can be a United States Senator for 21 years, you can be 79-years-old, you can be the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and one of the most recognizable and widely respected veteran public servants in your nation, but if you are female while all of other those things, men who you defeat in arguments will still respond to you by calling you hysterical and telling you to calm down,” from the video above. 

According to many pro gun advocates, having feelings about protecting children is not OK for anyone else, other than them, in the USA. And the pro gun lobby answer to protecting our children is to arm them all WITH MORE GUNS. 

The NRA wants to arm all of the teachers, all of the students and sell more guns to MORE people. They want to make larger magazines, and legally sell larger guns that fire faster, and with deadlier bullets, such as depleted uranium. Really? More guns are the ONLY answer?

If a woman has feelings about small children being killed in school with military style assault rifles with huge military style assault style magazines, she is labeled ‘hysterical’ and ‘illogical’ or anti Constitutional. According to the NRA and gun manufacturers, women and peace loving citizens cannot have feelings and then act on them. 

What do women think? Can women and those who love peace take a stand on child protection issues, such as gun violence prevention?

Here is an example of how women are getting involved on a local community level, in order to prevent the needless deaths of more children. Women can and do make a difference on a local, regional, state and federal level, but only if they get involved and take action. 

In the view of the gun lobby, only white men can go on on with angry rants about guns, violence and the right to commit mass killings with no restrictions on them whatsoever. They can accuse anyone opposed to them as Socialists, Communists, traitors or worse. 

Charleston Heston gave a very passionate, emotion filled speech about ‘freedom’, guns and the rights of just about anyone to buy and own guns with NO restrictions at the 2000 NRA Annual Meeting. He ended his speech with a specific threat against Micheal Moore and the words; “From my cold dead hands”.

Gun owning men generally express but ONE feeling when it comes to discussing guns and gun rights; ANGER and/or rage.  Being angry when discussing guns and ‘rights’ of gun owners is considered ‘normal’. But if a woman gets angry due to the deaths of entire classrooms full of children from insane pro gun laws, that is not ok, and she is labeled; illogical, kooky, and hysterical. In other words, her opinion does not matter. Her opinion should not count. 

What does the phrase; From my cold dead hands” mean? From the context, could he be threatening anyone who passes any law against guns with being shot, by him personally, or by one of the gun toting NRA crowd? 

Certainly, gun owners and gun rights advocates are the only people who shoot and kill peace loving, violence prevention advocates, throughout all of history. Kennedy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and thousands more are testimony to this basic fact that those with guns kill peace and violence prevention leaders. Yet, when this is brought up, the illogical logic is used that guns don’t kill people, people do. Huh? So the gun lobby, gun manufacturers, and the NRA have no blood on their hands at all, ever, for any reason? 

The gun industry even says it is OK to allow mentally ill people to own guns and shoot whoever they have a grudge or prejudice against. They are the ones pushing to keep laws the way they are. This means that any serial murderer or criminal can get a gun and go do another Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Now they can be famous too, thanks to the laws passed by the NRA and gun manufacturers, with a profit motive in mind. 

How To Get A Gun If You Are An Insane Serial Murderer Or Psychopath; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2013/01/how-to-get-gun-if-you-are-serial.html

Freedom has many meanings to many people. To the native and Aborigine majorities worldwide who are abused by gun toting police and a few rich white minority, guns have the opposite meaning that the NRA propogandizes, when it comes to ‘freedom’. 

To the Aborigines who for many thousands of years lived on many continents, guns were and still are seen as something that oppresses them and ‘takes them out’. Guns and their white owners commit genocide against native peoples globally. Guns kills anyone who opposes occupation of their native lands. Guns keep freedom and equal rights away from native or Aborigine majorities, and in the hands of a minority of usually white, male gun owners. Historically, guns were and still are used to take away property and rights from native land owners, such as the American Indians here in the good ol USA.  

If a black male had said “from my cold dead hands”, in the year 1968 or even in 2000 at a convention of gun toting black guys yelling and ranting about ‘freedom’, they would be arrested right on the spot as terrorists and thrown into jail for a very long time, as the Black Panther Party members and leaders were. 

Guns Do Not Stop Dictators, Informed People Voting Peacefully Do! via A Green Road

2nd Amendment Gun ‘Right” Was Used To Suppress Black Slaves In South; via A Green Road

Guns And Religion Historically Used To Commit Genocide And Enforce Apartheid; via A Green Road

Thanks to the NRA, anyone with money can buy and own any kind of military killing machines or weapons that they want, capable of murdering and mowing down whole classrooms of innocent children, with absolutely NO RESTRICTIONS, no registration, no insurance, no classes, no education, no yearly fees, no limits on number of bullets, any types of bullets (including cop killers). This happens ONLY IN THE USA. This is not possible in any other civilized country worldwide.  
In this fantasy world of ‘absolute gun freedom’, mostly a few white men want ABSOLUTE freedom and control in a fantasy world that is real only in their small little world,  with the horrific results for the larger community that follows on the heels of this mistaken belief system. 
The freedom to do and say whatever a US citizen wants to, has limits. We not only have freedoms and rights, but realistic limits on those freedoms and rights when it comes to protecting the ‘commons’ rights of everyone. We cannot threaten our neighbor verbally with death, or with a gun, or we go to jail. 

We cannot speed down the road, spraying bullets in all directions, or we go to jail. We cannot  shoot guns inside our own homes, or we go to jail. There are many common sense limits to ‘freedoms’, for the good of all people in a given community or nation. 
Balancing rights and responsibilities is what laws are for. Gun owners seem to think that they are exempt and immune to any type of responsibility, accountability, or consequences for their belief system of absolute freedom around gun ownership.
Diane Feinstein became mayor of San Francisco after PERSONALLY experiencing the results of a pro gun believer who killed Harvey Milk, a gay representative of the people of that city. She KNOWS the politics of gun violence from first hand experience. 
Guns are the FIRST weapons of choice for those who have a lot of hatred and prejudice, rather than the last choice. Harvey Milk was killed not by a kitchen knife, or a screwdriver, but with a gun. The seeds of hatred bloom and flourish with guns. Harvey Milk pointed at this FACT, and died to prove that this fact is true. 
Combining people who have a lot of hatred or fear with guns, is what causes the problems. Reducing the number of military weapons in civilians hands makes sense, doesn’t it? Does it not make sense to take reasonable, common sense steps to reduce the body count from the current horrific 30,000 per year that the US experiences? 
The US initiated foreign wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has cost 6,000 lives of US soldiers over ten years. Over 600 soldiers died per year overseas protecting our ‘freedom’. We try to reduce the number of these deaths, by all means possible. We spend BILLIONS to protect those troops from death and harm from guns and bombs. 
Yet, somehow it is OK to sacrifice multiple times that many of our family members on the alter of gun ‘freedom’ here at home, in our own communities, without even talking about how to reduce THAT number? Why is it ok to talk about protecting soldiers, but it is NOT ok to talk about protecting children in our community? 
Are we really ‘free’, when we live in fear in our own homes, and we are forced to lock doors, install security alarms and have security guards, because of easy access to military style guns and the culture of violence that they promote?

Absolute Constitutional Gun Freedoms/Rights, Or Slavery To Gun Violence And Deaths? via @AGreenRoad

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