Gun Myths About Switzerland And Israel

In Israel there are only 500,000 guns, and they have severe gun control laws. Without a permit and annual checks, no person is allowed to own a gun in Israel. 
In Switzerland, every male over the age of 18 is required to own a rifle. Switzerland has a focus on rifles which every male is required to own as a citizen’s militia. But these rifles are part of and go along with an extensive gun safety and gun handling educational program in the Swiss military. Every male over the age of 18 is required to serve in the Swiss military for a period of time, and then go back every couple of years for more training and exercises, much like the military reserve units here in the US.
Standing armies are a danger to democracy according to the founders of the Constitution, which is why they envisioned citizen volunteer corp. This has mutated into the Second Amendment and a standing army in the USA, which is NOT what the founders envisioned. 
Remember that these ‘founders’ fought a standing army which was controlled by the King of England. These early Americans hated and despised a standing army, which was controlled by a tiny rich business owning minority at the top, much like what we have now in the USA. 
Whether we call the commander of a standing army a King, General or President, the effect that a standing army has on a democracy is usually the same. A standing army usually turns a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people, into a fascist country ruled by a few, with a foreign empire that controls, takes over and dominates foreign lands for profit, much as the USA is doing now. 
The USA has in effect been turned into the very thing that the ‘settlers’ moved away from in order to establish something different, not controlled by by an army and imperial monarch, with whatever title. 
In many areas around Switzerland, guns are stored in gun depots rather than inside of homes because these communities recognize the great danger posed by having ANY gun in ANY home, for ANY reason, even it it is around the military. In Switzerland they also have had mass killings where people have killed many individuals, so they passed gun control laws. Males have killed women partners and domestic violence is high, due to every male owning a gun.
In Israel, gun laws are very restrictive. Israel allows only four reasons to own a gun. It gets very specific in terms of reasons. Permits are allowed only for a few reasons, and the permit is revoked if you move, and you have to get rid of the gun. To have ANY gun, you need a permit. You cannot just buy a gun anytime you want one.

Bottom line, the pro gun enthusiasts try to use these two very highly armed countries as examples of absolute  gun ownership and freedom, but quite the opposite is the case. The only conclusion that can be drawn from these two examples is that gun control and gun education works to lower deaths from gun violence.

Gun Myths About Switzerland And Israel; via @AGreenRoad

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