Operation Dominic; Johnston Island Atoll – High Altitude Nuclear Bomb Tests

JTF-8 Presents Operation Dominic: Johnston Island – 1962 – 19:23 – Black/White – The Johnston Island area segment of Operation Dominic I was divided into two parts, the Fishbowl high-altitude tests and open sea airdrop tests. 

Much of the film was devoted to the failures that occurred in the high-altitude program. In one test, a rocket was destroyed because it was believed to be off-course, but post flight data revealed that it was on the correct trajectory. 

Another rocket blew up on the launch pad because of a sticking fuel valve. This caused the high explosives in the weapon to detonate, resulting in the destruction and contamination of the launch pad and surrounding area. In another instance, a rocket had flight irregularities stemming from the wrong configuration of a flight plan. The nuclear device detonated directly over Johnston Island, instead of 26 miles away as planned.

It is also important to notice in all of these ‘sanitized’ videos put out by the Defense Atomic Support Agency or other producers of these films, that NOT ONE PERSON IS HURT, KILLED or INJURED by any of these highly radioactive accidents, experiments or programs. 

The sanitizing of movies, films, mass media news and press releases seem to NEVER document any harm from anything to do with nuclear energy. This pure and holy harmlessness and innocence is done on purpose. The end goal of making nuclear energy seem like it is safe, harmless and good for your health, when it is actually quite the opposite is done for a reason. 

Not only do these videos not show the immense amount of human suffering and death caused by these weapons of mass destruction testing programs, they also don’t talk about the secrecy and deception used up to this day. Victims who participated in these experiments were sworn to secrecy. The effect of this secrecy policy was and still is that the victims had to suffer in silence, and not complain or sue anyone for anything, even if they were dying of cancer, which is where most of them went. 

To improve obtaining test data, the Thor launch vehicles (rockets) also carried and deployed three scientific test pods. These reentry pods contained diagnostic equipment, and shortly after they were deployed, the nuclear weapon was detonated. The pods splashed into the sea and were retrieved by helicopters.

Christmas Island was also used as a nuclear bomb test base for high altitude and other nuclear bomb tests, by both the British and the US military industrial complex. 

The successful rocket-launched, weapons-effects, Operation Fishbowl high-altitude tests conducted in the Johnston Island area in 1962 were as follows:
STARFISH PRIME, July 9, 400-kilometer altitude, 1.4 megaton
CHECKMATE, October 20, tens of kilometers altitude, low (less than 20 kilotons)
BLUEGILL 3 PRIME, October 26, tens of kilometers altitude, submegaton (less than 1 Mt, but more than 200 kt)
KINGFISH, November 1, tens of kilometers altitude; submegaton (less than 1 Mt, but more than 200 kt)
TIGHTROPE, November 4, tens of kilometers altitude, low (less than 20 kilotons)
The five open sea airdrop, weapons-related tests in the Johnston Island area were as follows:
ANDROSCOGGIN, October 2, 75 kilotons (kt)
BUMPING, October 6, 11.3 kt
CHAMA, October 18, 1.59 megatons (Mt)
CALAMITY, October 27, 800 kt
HOUSATONIC, October 30, 8.3 Mt
-From DOE NNSA/NSO Historical Test Films http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/films/t…
According to Jason Stevens; “The tests on Johnston Island were given striking code names, but their failures were nothing short of spectacular, as described by Thomas:

Bluegill Prime, July 24, blew up on the pad, the 1.4 megaton warhead was destroyed by the safety officer to prevent a nuclear holocaust, but it spit plutonium over most of the western part of the Island including the first 300 feet of the runway, the launch area, the parking area, the swimming pool, cafeteria, and the latrine…for chrissake!

(For those interested, click on the links to find out how dangerous plutonium is… Of course, none of this will ever be mentioned by the military industrial complex or their propoganda movies, press releases and videos)
Alpha Radiation Dangers; Polonium, Radon, Radium, Plutonium, Uraniun; via A Green Road

How Dangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-dangerous-is-400-600-pounds-of.html

“Three Shark aircrews were trapped on the ground along with their 30 or so ground support. Within 25 years most of them would be dead including Captain Leonard, squadron leader, who passed away in 1990 from non-Hodgkins lymphoma – direct result of radiation exposure from Bluegill Prime.”

The Blue Sharks; “Blue Sharks who participated in those test in June and July of 1962 suffered an 85% casualty rate from various radiogenic diseases. Only three members of Crew One survived. Details on the disaster at Johnston Island were not declassified until 1995. I guess the Feds were hoping we’d all croak before having a chance to talk about it. Johnston Atoll was the beginning and end for a lot of Sharks. They didn’t know it at the time, but the nuclear disasters would be the death knell for many of them, including our Captain.” 

According to the Johnston Island National Wildlife Refuge several significant contaminant issues exist:
“Closure of the chemical weapons disposal plant; dioxin (Agent Orange), which contaminates at least four acres of land and has migrated to the marine environment; plutonium from two abortive missile launches during high-altitude nuclear and missile testing in the 1950s and 1960s; and a subsurface plume of PCB-contaminated petroleum product.
Contaminants tracking involves monitoring seabirds, fishes, and marine invertebrates. Refuge personnel also monitor fish populations and threatened green sea turtles, which use the waters of Johnston Atoll as an important foraging location. Also, soil and sediment samples are used to establish the degree and extent of contamination.”
The Johnston atoll was turned into a chemical and nuclear weapons dump in 1986, when the military planned and implemented the Johnston Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS).  As part of this plan, radioactive waste and chemical weapons such as Agent Orange (leftovers from the Vietnam War) were burned to dispose of them, and leftovers dumped into a 25 acre area on the atoll. 
Presumably, this 25 acre toxic waste and radiation dump is still there to this day. Present day standards for toxic waste dumps make sure that toxic waste is isolated from the surrounding area. It is highly unlikely that the military back then did anything more than dig a hole and bury this highly radioactive and toxic waste.

The chemical weapons were burned in open air, releasing toxins to the island and surrounding ocean.  It would not be surprising if this area was not marked, with no signs, no maps and no records of any kind. In any case, humans are not allowed to visit this refuge, for obvious reasons.

This island had been around for millions of years with no problems. Then the military came around and brought a few of their toys and experimented. Now the island is contaminated so badly, it cannot be used by humans for the next million years. How is that for progress?

Because of improper disposal, this toxic and radioactive waste is more than likely leaching into the surrounding ocean and emitting various nasty toxins into the air, as outlined above. In addition, there is the widespread contamination from the plutonium and other radioactive byproducts deposited in the whole area from the 10 or more nuclear bomb tests and accidents there that caused 85% of the pilots stationed there to die from cancer within 25 years. 
No wonder Johnston Island Atoll has been transformed into a ‘wildlife refuge’. It seems that whenever the military industrial complex messes up a large area so much that it cannot be cleaned up, it turns that area into a ‘wildlife refuge’. No human should visit or live there, because it is too toxic and dangerous to health. This same thing can be said of Hanford, US nuclear bomb test sites, and many other World War II era nuclear testing and chemical weapons production sites.

One of the more onerous gifts that was left from these high altitude nuclear bomb tests is the radiation left at high altitudes. How much of this ‘leftover’ radiation do modern jets fly through? Yes, there is more ‘natural’ radiation at higher altitudes, but how much radiation circling the globe is made up of left over radiation from these high altitude nuclear bomb tests?

Scientific tests and analysis have shown the oceans of the world were universally contaminated with radioactive materials, and that includes the upper atmosphere of the whole globe.

More recently, both Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear plant ‘accidents’ sent more radiation into the upper atmosphere, where it circles the world. Since Fukushima is not shut down yet, more radiation is going up into the upper atmosphere and into the ocean on a non stop basis.

Operation Dominic; Johnston Island Atoll – High Altitude Nuclear Bomb Tests; via @AGreenRoad

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