Robert Greenwald – The War on Whistleblowers

Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films joins Thom Hartmann. Whistleblowers have a long and storied history in America. For decades – they have been enlightening our society – on the corruption and injustices that take place in America each and every day. But – being a whistleblower isn’t easy. 

As Thomas Drake – a National Security Agency whistle blower who was charged under the Espionage Act put it – “It’s extremely dangerous in America right now to be right as a whistle blower when the government is so wrong.” It is those challenges and obstacles that whistle blowers face in America today that are the subject of a new film, “War on Whistle blowers: Free Press and the National Security State”. 
Obama is relying more and more on the CIA. He is personally making sure that those who leak secrets are convicted. President Obama has convicted more whistle blowers all by himself, than all former Presidents did combined. 
10,000 different locations are dedicated to national security in the USA. Everything is secret. No one can talk. No one can talk to whistleblowers, not even investigative journalists. If they do and if anyone talks about anything, they will be convicted under the Espionage Act, which is meant for foreign spies, saboteurs and terrorists. 
The military industrial complex is growing fast. It is gobbling up everything, everyone and controlling information flow inside and outside of itself. It does not not want anything talked about that has anything to do with corporations, the military budget, secrecy, how money is wasted inside of this system, etc. Bottom line, it is all about the money. If anyone gets in the way of this money flow, or threatens to interrupt it or reduce it, they will be eliminated, because they are a threat. 
Threats can be eliminated by ‘outing’ a whistle blower, (as President Bush did with Valerie Plame), making a person lose their job, putting a person in jail, making them disappear, intimidating them in a wide variety of ways, or convicting them of a crime (even if one has to be made up). 
Robert Greenwald – The War on Whistleblowers; via @AGreenRoad

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