3 People Killed By Terrorists? Go All Out, Problem Solved! 30,000 Murdered Per Year? Do NOTHING!

Despite the prediction in the video above, the vote for gun background checks failed in the Senate. 

Isn’t it odd and quite wonderful, how democracy and community can work very quickly when it comes down to finding and catching 2 terrorists who killed three people, in less than a week? 

But when it comes to preventing 30,000 needless deaths each year, by voting on something that over 90% of US citizens want, it cannot happen, and ‘do nothing’ is the order of the day. 

The price that is paid for democracy NOT WORKING and for democracy being dead on arrival in the Senate, is that 30,000 people a year die due to gun violence in the US every year, compared to 10 or so in Japan. Is this really OK? How can a law mandating background checks for those purchasing guns,  that is backed by 90% of US citizens NOT PASS among legislators? What does that say about democracy in America? 

Does this failure to pass this law illustrate how powerful huge corporations are in America, and how completely they dominate the many politicians that are supposed to be servants of the PEOPLE, not corporate interests, such as the gun manufacturers lobby?  

It is very likely that the guns purchased by these two terrorists were bought via straw purchasers, or without a background check at a gun show. At a gun show, even if a terrorist has no ID, or a mad as a hatter person shows fake Micky Mouse ID, that mass murderer can buy a gun right then and there, despite  being terminally depressed, terminally angry at the world and ready to kill everyone that they are mad at, and the terminally insane, as long as they show the gun dealer the money. 

Is it hard for you to believe that terrorists think the US has declared open season on human hunting? 
In the video clip above, Joe (Scarborough) features unbelievable Buzzfeed video of the most-wanted Al Qaeda terrorist, American-born Adam Gadahn, liking the NRA-supported gun show background check loophole. 

In the video above, a pro gun advocate claims that ‘terrorists’ do not buy guns, and thus, by extension, drug gangs and dealers also do not buy guns. We already know that the US has the most lax gun laws in the civilized world. In the REAL world that we live in, compared the ‘faux NRA reality’, drug dealers and terrorist cartels in Mexico and from other countries come across the border to buy guns inside the USA. Terrorists  can and do buy guns in the US, as the Al Quaeda advertising easy guns for sale in the US video shows. 

“Gov. Rick Perry expressed outrage Wednesday at the president’s plan to curb gun violence, saying he’s “disgusted” by the “political left” using the Connecticut school massacre to push for greater restrictions on guns and that the Second Amendment trumps Barack Obama or any other president.

Governor Rick Perry is disgusted with the left using the idea of keeping children safe from gunfire to promote gun laws… even though that would be incredibly effective. But laws won’t stop the demons…prayer will! Cenk Uygur tries to make sense of the governor’s stance. “
He compares the violence prevention laws passed in Japan and Australia to the USA. Japan has a third the population of the US, but only 10 gun related deaths a year, compared to 10,000 in the US for the same number of people. In Australia, with strict violence prevention laws, there has been ZERO mass murders in the past decade and beyond, compared to lots and lots in the USA. 
Yes, prayer may work and have some effect, but is it absolute? Soldiers who pray and use guns get killed and/or kill others. War is full of people praying to their God. People die in war anyway. In Nirvana or some possible future world, people may be able to live without laws, but in the world today, laws are required. For a governor to suggest abolishing all laws and live solely by going to church and praying is ludicrous. If we really go with this suggestion, a law would have to be passed to force people to do this today, because church attendance is going down, not up, possibly due to the excessive dogma and rules that churches force on their attendees. So even in church, ‘laws’ are the norm, not the exception. 
So why is it so ‘evil’ to pass a common sense law to prevent gun deaths? Could it be that common sense is not allowed when it affects profits? Could it be that insane logic makes sense when it comes to the gun lobby and gun manufacturers?   
We do have some people trying to make a difference. At a White House ceremony, Obama unveiled plans to press a reluctant Congress to pass universal background checks and bans on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines like the ones used during the mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., last month.” from AP via New York Daily News:http://www.nydailynews.com/news/polit…

Let us pray that common sense returns to Congress, the Senate, and that greed is trumped by love in the hearts of those running huge corporations, such as the gun manufacturers. 

3 People Killed By Terrorists? Go All Out, Problem Solved! 30,000 Murdered Per Year? Do NOTHING! via @AGreenRoad

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