Hawaii; Paradise, or Nuclear Radiation Contamination Zone?

Various sources are reporting that dangerous levels of radiation exist in Hawaii. They are originating from a variety of sources, including depleted weapons testing, and/or Fukushima contamination via rain, and more. 

Dutchsince posted the following video showing how radiation from Japan can and DOES go towards and over Hawaii. This should put to rest any troll comments that claim radiation from Japan can never get to Hawaii, because the air currents do not go there. Here we have a direct satellite feed showing that indeed, the air currents do go directly from Japan over Hawaii. So all of those Japanese people moving away from the radiation out of Japan and to Hawaii, are not really getting as much of the radiation free lifestyle that they were hoping for.

In the following video, he discusses the explosion of a depleted uranium plant in Japan after the tsunami, and how a cloud of that nano particle substance went up into the air, and then over to Hawaii and finally over the US mainland. 

The question this raises is; what is a depleted uranium factory or processing facility doing in Japan, which is not supposed to have any nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons grade materials, including depleted uranium, much less 300 drums full of this stuff? Assuming Japan is secretly making and/or storing weapons grade depleted uranium and plutonium by the TONS of this stuff, what is the purpose and goal of this?  Hmmmmmm? 

What effect did this cloud of radiation coming from Japan and sweeping over Hawaii, have on Hawaiins, the milk and the food supply there? Could this video explain why 50 times more uranium than normal was detected in the air over Hawaii? 


Recently, doctors have been finding uranium in the urine of patients coming in for treatment in Hawaii. Where did this come from? Hmmmmm? Must be natural and in the lava, right? Wrong.


It seems that besides the DU nano dust floating over from Japan, the US military also shot off a bunch of it in Hawaii, as part of a secret program that they are now disclosing. In Hawaii, “between 1960 and 1968, the military used the M101 spotting round in training. The M101 was a small (about 8 inches in length and 1-inch diameter) low speed projectile weighing about one pound and containing about 6.7 ounces of depleted uranium (DU) alloy. Unlike modern DU kinetic penetrators that are designed to defeat armor and may generate a cloud of DU dust upon impact, the M101 spotting round was used to identify the flight path of the Davy Crockett warhead. Use of the M101 would have deposited DU in large fragments…In August 2005, while conducting range clearance activities to modernize ranges at Schofield Barracks, an Army contractor discovered 15 tail assemblies from the M101 spotting round, a component of the Davy Crockett weapon system….By early 2006, a scoping survey confirmed the presence of DU fragments from the M101 on a portion of Schofield Barracks’ impact area. After confirming the presence of DU, the Army disclosed that information to the public.” http://www.garrison.hawaii.army.mil/du/
The military of course claims that DU can be eaten, breathed and swallowed with water and it causes no harm. But researchers, medical professionals and others are finding the opposite to be true. 
A press release from a local Hawaiian source confirms that there are problems related to depleted uranium in at least parts of Hawaii, but when they ask for the military to do testing to confirm what they are finding, they are getting stonewalled and denied. If there is nothing to worry about, why would the military refuse to participate in gathering more information? What are they hiding?

In the next video, the poster talks about how “there is another HUGE SPIKE in radiation reported from the Kauai radiation montioring station on June 22nd: a 3 minute surge of 209, 456, and 186 CPM (Counts per Minute) respectively, accompanied by a generally elevated level leading up to that. The Kauai station indicates it was raining at the time, so we believe the precipitation brought down Fukushima fallout from the atmosphere. This rain has caused my skin to burn and itch for days now…Hawaii is getting levels higher than ANYWHERE!


Again, these amateurs are trying to warn people of what may very well be happening, but the government and nuclear industry is either ignoring this issue, or denying it exists at all. When you have to fight the government, regulators and corporations to even find out what is going on, what chance do we have of finding out the truth? Do you need more evidence? 

In the video above, milk and produce was found to have higher levels of cesium 137 and 134 after the Fukushima accident. The mass media TV reports keep repeating that there is no effect on health. To say anything else would not be allowed on the corporate owned news networks, and it would be bad news for the nuclear industry, so that news is never heard, because corporations watch each other’s back, only their ‘protections’ cost millions of lives of ordinary people like you and I. 
In reality, since the Fukushima nuclear accident, Hawaiian milk and produce radiation amounts have been increasing steadily. This makes sense, because the radiation flow from the Fukushima plant has not stopped.
If the radiation levels are so low and nothing to worry about, why are milk producers adding boron to the feed of cows? No dairy farmer does that as a normal part of their daily routines. The ONLY reason to add boron to the diet of animals, is to reduce the radiation level in either the meat or the milk of that animal, by chelating the isotope out of the animal affected.  


In a test of a brand of coffee produced in Florida, but labeled Hawaii Kona coffee, it was found to have a raised radiation level. The test results cannot be argued with. Where the coffee came from can be debated. Maybe it came from Kona, and maybe it all came from China. Only the food manufacturer can say where this particular batch of coffee came from, since it was a blend. 

Any food (including coffee) raised at a higher elevation would normally be getting more radiation than those grown at ground level, just because it would receive more contaminated rainfall from a nuclear accident upwind. 


CNN reports that Japan debris is already hitting Hawaii. In the video they talk about how 80-90% of all sea birds studied had their stomachs full of garbage, mainly plastic items. 50% of fish that tuna feed on had plastic garbage items in their stomachs. What effect is this 1.5 million ton patch of garbage resulting from the Japanese tsunami going to have on Hawaii? The results are showing up already, and it is not pretty. Add a little leftover radiation to this mix and it may be getting quite horrible and overwhelming. It is hard to believe, that beach cleaners are not using Geiger Counters to check this stuff they are picking up. 

If the ocean water is as radioactive as they say it is, Hawaii could be in for quite a long ride of radioactive contamination from sea, air and via all kinds of food and drink items. 
In June of 2012, the radiation plume in the ocean had already gone as far as north of Hawaii. “The easternmost detection of 134Cs within the North Pacific in June 2012 was north of the Hawaiian Islands at longitude 162 W and latitude 40 N” and consisted of radiation that was 50% of the maximum allowed in drinking water. What is that measurement? Could it be 1000 Bq per liter? If yes, then the ocean water as testing at 500 Bq per liter. Any animal living or swimmming in this radiation would accumulate it and pass it up the food chain to humans. 

Hawaii As Paradise or Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Contamination Zone? via @AGreenRoad

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