Hijackers Took Oak Ridge Nuclear Reactor Hostage; We Are All Hostages To Nuclear Power And Military Industry

Recently, a couple of terrorists used crude pressure cooker bombs in Boston. Everyone heard about this event, and it was covered 24/7 for a week solid. A massive effort is launched to find them, and President Obama declared that we will not tolerate terrorism or being held hostage in our homes by terrorists. Yet, have you ever heard of a single event around a nuclear facility and terrorists, ever? Isn’t that odd, seeing that numerous nuclear facilities have been attacked or threatened by terrorists? 

There are a number of ways that people and also nuclear power workers are being terrorized and have been held hostage around nuclear power and weapons production facilities. To understand the full scope and breadth of this hostage taking and terror that many people feel, one has to become an expert on all things nuclear, by following the links at the end of this article and reading the material offered. 


Centralized power generation facilities are very dangerous, and highly subject to terrorist attacks. A decentralized system of solar collectors, wind power plants, and small scale hydropower plants don’t have this same risk. A terrorist cannot threaten to blow up a home with a solar panel on it, and be taken seriously. However, a terrorist can and has threatened to blow up a nuclear power plant. Here is just one example of many… 

“On the morning of Nov. 11, 1972, Oak Ridge stood still — or nearly so — while a hijacked Southern Airways jetliner circled above….It was a very, very scary situation,” Jim Alexander, a retired public affairs officer at the Department of Energy, recalled in a 2001 interview…..The hijackers threatened to crash the airplane into the Oak Ridge nuclear facilities if their demands, including $10 million in cash, were not met. […] ….The threat was real, according to a 1977 book, “The Odyssey of Terror.” 

The author, Ed Blair, wrote that the hijackers went berserk after placing a call to the White House and being shunned by John Ehrlichman, an aide to President Nixon, who apparently was unaware of the crisis. Blair reported that the hijackers held a grenade to the pilot’s head and ordered him to dive the plane toward the Oak Ridge reactor. The plane was actually in a nosedive when a report came over the radio that the money demands were being met […]” 


Here we have proof that terrorists threatened to attack a nuclear power plant already inside of the USA. It is amazing that this is not done on a yearly basis, considering how vulnerable the USA is in this way. Yet, this terror attack was not the first one, and it will not be the last. Every single nuclear facility is highly vulnerable to terror attacks. 

In another incident, someone shot at a security officer and then fled in a boat. 

In another terrorist attack, a nuclear plant was completely taken over by the intruders. 

Atucha Nuclear Reactor Taken Over By Terrorists; via @AGreenRoad 

Sadly, nuclear plants are so completely wide open to terrorist attack, that they cannot stop anyone from attacking them. Even Greenpeace has been able to penetrate multiple nuclear plant security features, with no problem. Whether by air or by ground, Greenpeace has shown over and over again, that nuclear plants are highly vulnerable to attack by terrorists. 

In the link that follows, Greenpeace flew some pigs over a nuclear plant, thus proving that pigs can fly. The conclusion is  that if pigs can fly, nuclear power must be ‘safe’.  


In Japan, it is widely known that the labor provided to nuclear plants is at least partially controlled by the Japanese Mafia. What happens when you put criminals in charge of supplying labor for nuclear plants? Certainly, not something good or pleasant… Are you experiencing terror yet? If not, keep reading, you will be soon…

Documentary Movie; “Nuclear Ginza” – Japanese Nuclear Industry Horrors via @AGreenRoad 

It is odd enough that nuclear power plants are highly subject to terrorist plane attack. It would make sense knowing that this is the case, that nuclear power plants would be located far away from any known flight paths and that no one be allowed within five miles of any nuclear installation, just in case of an accidental plane crashing into such a complex. But that would be too logical, safe and conservative.

The Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant that is located on the Susquehanna River, located on the East Coast, is right under the flight path into the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania airport.  Any plane coming into this airport is only 2,000 feet in elevation above the nuclear plant as that airplane pilot comes in for a landing.

One tiny slip by any pilot, whether on purpose or if they have a heart attack for example, could mean millions of people dead, due to a full melt down of this plant, rather than  the partial one that already happened and got covered up.

It is not necessary to crash a huge jet through the containment dome to take out a nuclear plant, and there are a number of highly vulnerable spots in any nuclear facility, which if they were taken out by even a small plane, would doom that plant to a full melt down and melt through, with the release of massive amounts of radiation in a doomsday type of scenario. 

This highly dangerous and precarious situation present at all nuclear plants is further proof that both the FAA and NRC are toothless, decrepit brain dead watchdogs, because they allow this situation to continue, even after one known US terror attack on a nuclear plant plus a nuclear accident at TMI.  Just one aircraft “accident” would mean the bankruptcy of the United States, assuming a full meltdown and melt through happened as a result of this.

The US is lucky that most terrorists are only after the money. So far the US has been lucky. Terrorists in almost all cases have been stupid enough to go after hijacking a plane and hold it ransom all by itself.  Dumb terrorists have tried to blow up a jet with a bomb in their underwear. If we ever get smart terrorists, the USA will be in very deep trouble, very quickly. 

The intelligence assets of the US have been focused on large scale attacks like this exclusively, because they know the consequences of just ONE success. The US can handle thousands or even tens of thousands of pressure cooker, shoe and underwear bombers. They are NOTHING in comparison to a nuclear plant melt through. 


[…] Mike Johnson, president of the [EnergySolutions]‘s Commercial Facilities Group […] said the Oak Ridge [Tennessee] facility has probably recycled about 1.5 million tons of radioactive metals since 1996 from foreign sources including Germany, Belgium and Canada. Rep. Bart Gordon, chairman of the U.S. House Science and Technology Committee […] has called it a “terrible idea,” saying the United States has enough problems disposing its own nuclear waste. […] It sets a very bad precedent which could result in a flood of nuclear waste being dumped in the U.S.,” said Tom Clements, a spokesman for Friends of the Earth in Columbia, S.C. […]

Where are all of these metals being recycled to? Where do they go? Do they end up going back into consumer products like cars, metal furniture, clocks, radios and computers? Who is in charge of making sure that this does not happen?

The citizens of the US are being held hostage and are being terrorized, through a lack of information and clarity, by the whole nuclear industry from start to finish. The nuclear industry has a special language that ordinary people do not understand. The risks and poisons are invisible, so they can easily be hidden and denied using a variety of ‘experts’ hired specially for that purpose. We are all being held hostage by these ‘experts’. No nuclear plant has any guages that work in case of an accident. Why not?

Why can’t the local communities around any nuclear plant monitor radiation guages online in every home, so everyone knows what is going on at the nuclear plant exhaust stack, and all around the plant in a 360 degree circle? This EXTREME secrecy and lack of transparency is a HUGE part of the hostage taking and terrorizing of the citizenry.

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

Radioactive metals and nuclear plant waste products such as depleted uranium are all poisonous and toxic to human health, but not in an obvious way, so they can be recycled into every day products and military hardware, ordinance, bombs and bullets, and no one knows the difference, until much later, when it is often too late to connect the dots. This poisonous depleted uranium for example, goes out and is used in civilian cities, tested all over the USA and will poison countless future generations because it is being used in every conflict and war that the US and many other nations get involved in.

We are all being held hostage by this for profit, greedy, mindless, soulless, heartless military industrial complex that allows, promotes, sells and profits from this poison from beginning to end.

It is good to know that we are ‘safe’ in the hands of the nuclear industry and the military industrial complex. Just trust them, and do not ask any questions. We cannot bring bottles of hand lotion, shampoo or water on the plane, and certainly we need to take off our shoes in a holy gesture of surrender to the Gods of Homeland Defense, who keep us safe from shoe bombers, (but not the underwear bombers.) How many people would continue to fly if this Dept of Homeland Defense made us strip naked, so they could check our underwear for bombs?

The hijackers above seem to have figured out that the money is easy and retirement is waiting if they threaten any nuclear power plant. No government in their right mind would refuse to pay that ransom demand, because the idea of a plane crashing into a nuclear power plant cannot even be contemplated, it is so awful in the full horror of what would happen.

The nuclear industry has hijacked the public and taken all of us hostage for one million years. One million years is the life of the toxic, radioactive fuel that countless future generations will have to guard, long after the 30 years worth of electricity that this toxic, deadly fuel produced,  is long gone and forgotten.

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music

Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste

When an accident happens in the nuclear industry, as it does on a an almost yearly basis, the public is taken hostage again financially, because they must shoulder the burden of cleaning up after the industry. The cost is in the TRILLIONS of Dollars. Which nation can afford that? 

None…  The industry itself is never to blame and never has to clean up after itself. Even the Super fund clean up costs have mostly been transferred to the public. Again, the public, meaning you and I, are being held hostage, legally, financially, and with radioactive substances that threaten our communities, our children and countless future generations.

How does it feel to be held hostage, with a nuclear gun to your head, and a nuclear bullet pointed at your kids heads, for the next million years?

Hijackers Took Oak Ridge Nuclear Reactor Hostage; We Are All Hostages To Nuclear Power And Military Industry; via @AGreenRoad

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