James Holmes; How Mentally Deranged Aurora Colorado Mass Murderer Bought SWAT Gear, Ammo, And Military Assault Weapons

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On May 22, 2012, Holmes bought a Glock pistol at a Gander Mountain shop in Aurora, Colorado. A week later he purchased  a Remington Model 870 shotgun at a Bass Pro Shop in Denver, Colorado. In June, he bought a Smith And Wesson MP15 semi automatic rifle. Then he bought another Glock pistol in July. He then bought over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, high capacity magazines, SWAT style body armor, and knives, all through the Internet. No one stopped him. No one even questioned him, about why he needed this much SWAT style gear. 

Holmes outfitted himself as a SWAT officer would be, in a special tactical unit of local police forces. He actually had MORE ammo and bigger ammunition magazines than SWAT officers do with their weapons. 
James Holmes obviously had mental problems, because he was being treated by a mental health professional, who warned the university about his homicidal tendencies and thoughts five weeks before he committed the mass murder. Again, no one stopped him. No one even questioned him.

Nothing stopped Holmes from planning and carrying out a mass murder, using exotic, military style weapons and gear that is normally only used by SWAT type of officers. 

No one asked him any questions when he bought this stuff. No one checked his mental health. Not one gun dealer or online weapons supplier even hesitated to sell this mentally deranged person whatever he wanted. 
Doesn’t this policy of allowing crazy people to buy and own massive amounts of military style gear, weapons and ammo seem even more crazy than the mentally disturbed person  owning them? What kind of parent allows a kid to play with a loaded gun, with a hair trigger? 
Weapons and ammo are so easy to get in the USA, that a dictator planning to take over the US could easily and legally buy weapons for an entire army, and supply them with ammo, bullet proof armor and more, all without anyone ever knowing or caring.. 
Our ‘gun freedom’ sacred cow religion is so extremely taboo for anyone to discuss, debate or create laws around, that this countries laws are the most lax of any civilized country in the world around guns, and military style equipment. Terrorists make videos about how easy it is to get weapons inside the USA and invite terrorists to move here and buy weapons, in order to commit terrorist acts. 
We have terrorists here in the USA. We give them permission to arm themselves. We happily open the doors to  gun shows and invite them to purchase military assault kinds of weapons, ammunition, special high capacity round magazines, bullet proof armor and more, all via mass media and online advertising/sales. 
In the US, we get our home grown USA terrorists ready, programmed and primed to kill with violent movies, violent video games,  plus a violent cultural history, based on a genocidal and slavery based branding both in school, movies and TV shows. The Wild West shows teach kids that EVERYTHING can be solved with weapons, although those shows are 99% fantasy, not based on reality. 
We do not provide mental health professionals or help for those individuals who ask, even if they are threatening to kill people, as was the case with James Holmes. The community  and law enforcement cannot intercede until AFTER the mentally disturbed person commits an act of mass murder. For proof of this, see the following linked article… 
Once the terror inspiring mass murderers are programmed via the military, movies, video games and/or TV shows, while not getting help for mental or emotional problems, we set them loose on the public with easy access to buy whatever they want to buy, to make their insane and violent fantasies, delusions or drug induced psychosis come true. 
Once these insane, radicalized people do commit their mass murders, the mass media covers them and their deed for weeks on end, inspiring copy cats after that, while raising them to cult hero status. Whatever we focus on grows… as we focus on killings, murders and mass murders, they expand and grow. 
If local communities really want to prevent mass murder in the USA, then there is an easy opportunity to do what Japan and Australia did. These countries both have ZERO mass murders using military assault rifles. Japan and Australia have ZERO assaults on elementary classrooms resulting in dozens of innocent small children killed using military style weapons. 
In Japan and Australia, they do not have to even think about firing teachers to be able to afford to hire millions of security guards, arm teachers or put bars and metal detectors on the school grounds. They would not even imagine a principal carrying a gun in her purse, much less a teacher. What kind of danger would that put the children in? Imagine a purse with a loaded gun inside of it lying around, with inquisitive kids or angry teens, possibly even knowing it is there.  
In Japan and Australia, their children are much safer than in the USA, because these two countries focus on PREVENTING the violence through violence reduction laws. They have passed common sense laws, which do not get rid of 2nd Amendment rights or gun ownership freedoms. 
The answers are all out there. The answers are simple. The root causes are all there for everyone to see. We have models of countries who have effective gun violence prevention methods in place. We just need to copy them, not come up with anything new. 
Is there a will to prevent these needless deaths? Are our children worth it? Is the safety of our families worth it? Or is the  present and past ‘do nothing’ but arm the teachers mentality the best we can hope for? Arming teachers was the same idea that the gun lobby came up with many years ago, and it is still the same idea today. Nothing has changed except the names of the people hired to speak the same propoganda put out by the gun manufacturers.

Doing nothing ensures that the USA continues to experience 30,000 gun deaths a year. Doing nothing ensures we continue to experience mass murderers going into movie theaters, shopping malls, schools, universities, or where ever the public gathers. No one is ‘safe’.

Just because the police caught two radicalized terrorists carrying easy to get guns and ammo plus bombs, everyone celebrated, because they thought they were ‘safe’ once again. The sad reality is that the US is the most violent country in the civilized world, exporting and manufacturing and selling more weapons of individual and mass destruction, bar none. 
The US is the most ‘unsafe’ country going, possibly excluding Somalia, which is in total anarchy. Until this culture of violence and death changes through PREVENTION, the killing and arming of homegrown US terrorist mass murderers will continue.

James Holmes; How Mentally Deranged Aurora Colorado Mass Murderer Bought SWAT Gear, Ammo, Military Assault Weapons; via @AGreenRoad
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