What The Writers Of The Constitution Meant When They Enshrined Gun Rights Into The Constitution

A single-shot firearm that takes a bit of work to reload. A single shot black powder rifle would make it impossible for someone to walk into a school and kill twenty children, much less mow down fifty people in a movie theatre. 

The writers of the Constitution wrote the gun rights amendment to apply ONLY to militia members (army or national guard). They were thinking only of single shot muzzle loading rifles that took between 1 to 5 minutes to reload. For the NRA to twist the Constitution into a pretzel like all out free for all that allows any civilian to pretty much purchase whatever weapons they want is ridiculous, and insane.  

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The writers of the Constitution would be rolling over in their graves, if they saw what modern day, military style rifles are doing to the fellow countrymen, women and children. 
The Constitutional gun ‘right’ amendment was NEVER meant to apply to any mentally disturbed 18 year old that wants to go out and kill a bunch of people with a military style assault rifle. A “well regulated militia”, not only implies but REQUIRES extensive training, education and safety lessons, PLUS limits and controls on those weapons. Yes, anyone can join the militia and ‘get a gun’, but then there is a responsibility and accountability as well. 
No army in the world just hands military rifles to raw recruits fresh off the bus, with no training, no experience and no knowledge about rifles, much less guns in general.  Why would any parent put their kid in a car with no education, no training, and no practice in a drivers ed school? It would be insane for a parent to put a kid who has never driven anything into a car and wish them well, while watching them drive off down the road in a high performance sports car than can go 300 miles per hour in 3 seconds flat. 
None of the US military branches hand their recruits a rifle with 50-200 round clips, able to shoot either full auto or as fast as they can pull the trigger. Even the military KNOWS that this is foolish, stupid and extremely dangerous.

Yet, the NRA thinks that this not only a good idea, they believe and teach that every kid, teacher and principal should be armed to the teeth, with loaded weapons, ready to fire at a moments notice. Can you imagine what a bunch of hormone loaded teens will do if they are all armed?  Got a beef with the principal or a teacher? Pull out the gun and settle the score with a couple of rounds. Want to impress the girls? Fire off a couple rounds in any direction. Mad at a bully? Let him have it with a Glock 9 MM. 

The military requires that fresh raw and young recruits go through extensive training, drills and practice with DUMMY rifles first. The military does lots of gun handling drills and safety classes before anyone can handle a live fire weapon. Then all of these same military branches do live firing exercises at gun ranges, where they give these recruits ONE ROUND at a time to load and fire at a target. 
Extensive safety training, practice and education is done before any soldiers are allowed to carry around a loaded weapon on their own, outside of an extremely well controlled gun range. The only people on military bases allowed to carry loaded weapons are the military police. Unless they are in an active war zone, soldiers are not allowed to carry around loaded weapons or keep them in their homes. This is a ‘well regulated militia’ that is allowed to have guns, as explained in the Constitution. 
The military requires this extensive training, controls and limits on guns and rifles with soldiers preparing to go to war.  Why is none of this required of civilians who can own military style assault rifles? NRA insanity does as NRA insanity is.

What The Writers Of The Constitution Meant When They Enshrined Gun Rights Into The Constitution; via @AGreenRoad

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