New York Passes Tough Gun Law Banning Military Style Assault Rifles and Huge Ammo Clips

There is hope in America. New York State politicians are acted to put into place common sense gun violence reduction measures, such as banning military style assault rifles and huge ammo clips.

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This new New York law;
1. bans military style assault rifles
2. Limits ammunition clips to a maximum of 7 rounds
3. Requires mental health professionals to report those who are talking about committing violent acts
These common sense measures protect the right to keep and bear arms for self protection, but act to reduce the threat of mass murderers, criminals and terrorists who threaten public safety and right of assembly. People should not have to fear going to school, theatre or shopping because some whacko nut job went to a gun show and bought a military weapon, body armor, thousands of rounds of ammo, plus huge ammo clips holding 50-100 rounds, just so he can go out and kill dozens of people in a blaze of mass media glory, fame and news coverage on all channels.
Federal politicians (so far) have not acted in any way, because of fear of the gun lobby. Isn’t it rather odd, that Senate and Congressional politicians in Washington listen to a small number of gun manufacturing lobbyists, rather than the 90% of voters who put them into office? 
90% of citizens in the US, and 80% of Republicans want to see background checks put into place universally. So why is this not happening? Where did democracy disappear to? It will be interesting to see what voters do the next election cycle. 
Will voters remember those politicians who voted with the 1% and gun manufacturers? Will citizens vote those politicians who voted against universal background checks out of office? Time will tell. 
Meanwhile, there is good news in In New York, as state politicians acted and passed a law that put in place a number of common sense gun violence reduction methods.

On another front, WalMart said it has stopped selling weapons. If more retailers would act in this way, that would also help. Gun dealers and online retailers could stop selling  large capacity ammo clips and body armor to average shmoes waiting for just the right moment to shoot up innocent children in public schools. 
Investors could help too, by acting to prevent investment in gun manufacturing and weapons stocks. Individual investors can do the same thing. Review your portfolio and sell stock in those companies that support or encourage the sales of military style assault rifles, and huge gun clips. 
Every step helps. What can you do?

New York Passes Tough Gun Law Banning Military Style Assault Rifles and Huge Ammo Clips; via @AGreenRoad