Supreme Court UnDecision On Gay Marriage Analyzed By Jon Stewart

What is wrong with gays marrying one another and raising a family? Nothing, according to a study published in the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What is wrong with gays marrying one another and avoiding the double taxation of the death tax? Nothing. 

What is wrong with gays marrying each other and living together in peace and harmony? Nothing. The world will not end. People can still go to church. God will not punish anyone, but just to be clear, the global warming plus Earth changes are not the gay’s fault. 

If God were punishing evil doers, then Texas must lead the nation in the number of sinners and evil doers, because it is getting hit worse than any state in the nation with droughts, storms, etc. Seeing as how Texas also has probably the LEAST number of gays per capita, what does that say about God and Texans? 
In oral arguments Tuesday and Wednesday on two cases involving gay couples’ rights, the justices left open multiple options for rulings that are expected in June. But they signaled there was no prospect of imposing a 50-state solution at this stage. With nine states now allowing same-sex marriages and other states banning them via statutes or constitutional amendments, that means a longer spell with a patchwork marriage-rights map – and no early end to bruising state-by-state battles in the courts, in the legislatures and at the ballot box.

As the consciousness of the public evolves, so will the laws. As the love grows and fear subsides, the laws will change. As the judgement disappears, so will the hate. As the number of gays as a percentage of the population grows, so will the acceptance of them. There are many reasons for this increase, but that trend will more than likely continue, no matter how much praying is done in churches. 
Currently the gays make up approximately 10% of the average population. Should they be treated like lepers and be cast out of society, (shunned) much like women were who had sex outside of marriage back in the early Colonial American days? Or should gays enjoy the same benefits under the law as the other 90%?

What works for seven future generations of both gay and opposite sex couples’ kids? If you were a child raised by a same sex couple, would you want your parents married, or forced to stay ‘single’ and live together with no rights?

That is the very simple question.

Supreme Court UnDecision On Gay Marriage Analyzed By Jon Stewart; via @AGreenRoad