Dangerously Radioactive Wild Boars Roaming Around Italy



“VERCELLI – This northern Italian city is more than 2,000 kilometers away from Chernobyl, so it’s almost impossible to imagine how the very same radioactive particles ended up here — or in the innards of 27 wild boars.

Caesium-137 is a radioactive isotope, formed by nuclear fission on nuclear sites. The particle was infamously released into the environment during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.
The Milan daily Corriere della Sera reports that 27 samples of wild boar tongues and diaphragms from the 2012-2013 hunting season had been analyzed, which led to the discovery of the elevated levels of the caesium-137, levels that are consistent with a nuclear accident. 
27 samples of the level of cesium 137 was higher than the threshold specified by the Regulation 733 of 2008 as the tolerable limit in the event of a nuclear accident. http://www.corriere.it/cronache/13_marzo_07/cinghiali-radioattivi-intervengono-nas_f9ba913e-874c-11e2-82ae-71d5d7252090.shtml

COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 733/2008 of 15 July 2008
…”on the conditions governing imports of agricultural products originating in third countries following the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station the Community should ensure, with regard to the specific effects of the accident at Chernobyl, that agricultural products and processed agricultural products intended for human consumption and likely to be contaminated are introduced into the Community only according to common arrangements.
(4) Those common arrangements should safeguard the health of consumers, maintain, without having unduly adverse effects on trade between the Community and third countries, the unified nature of the market and prevent deflections of trade.
(5) Compliance with the maximum permitted levels should be the subject of appropriate checks, which may lead to prohibiting imports in cases of non-compliance.”
The issues that come up around trade and importing of products make the enforcement part of the above agreement very hard to implement. On the one hand, the regulation calls for ‘protecting the community’, but on the other, it calls for not affecting trade between nations at all. So whether the contaminated product is coming from around Chernobyl in Russia, or from around Fukushima in Japan, the odds of finding and blocking radiation contaminated food or drink items are remote, due to pressures imposed by the corporations and their ‘bought’ politicians 

Italy is not alone in finding contaminated meat in animals. The above video shows a typical radiation detection machine for finding and measuring radiation in food. It is actually very easy to understand how radiation is being found thousands of miles away from Chernobyl, in food items  located far away in both distance and time.

Radiation is STILL being found today, 30 plus years after Chernobyl, in wild critters in Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, British Islands, Scotland, Ireland and more. Even Alaskan and Siberian animals have been contaminated with radiation. But this information is suppressed, denied and ignored by the corporate owned mass media. How and why that happens is a very interesting story. 

Politicians are bribed by the nuclear industry to only pass laws favorable to them, and never to mention any dangers. The corporate owned mass media has huge ad accounts with the nuclear industry, so these mass media outlets as a rule do not ‘rock the boat’, because that would threaten their ad revenues and their bottom line profits.  

The medical industry depends on radiation for a huge portion of their profits, so they will not call attention to this issue either, plus doctors and nurses receive no training in medical school for low dose radiation symptoms or issues. 

Typically, victims suffering low dose radiation poisoning and trying to get help from medical professionals end up being diagnosed with psychological problems and are ordered to smile more, or take drugs to treat their mental issues. 

The nuclear research scientists and scholars who work at universities and colleges almost always get funding from the nuclear industry, so these institutions also stay quiet about the harm that low dose radiation causes, or their funding sources would be cut. 

And finally the nuclear regulators are nothing more than revolving doors into and out of the nuclear industry. A majority of the regulators at the NRC are actually pro industry hacks and nothing more. Bottom line, there is no protection, no information and no one caring for the average person’s health, or safety when it comes to radiation coming out of nuclear facilities. 

Good luck with finding any concrete information that can help protect your family after an accident happens near you. Typically all you will hear is “no levels that would cause  harm”, and thus there is no reason to worry, no reason to move, no matter what is going on, or how much radiation is being released from a plant that is melting down. 

Often what happens after a nuclear accident where massive amounts of radiation are released is that the workers at the plant get their own families out and away, but everyone else is left to suffer and/or die. The workers and scientists know… but they cannot speak either, because they are sworn to secrecy and sign non disclosure agreements. The whole industry from top to bottom is one big, gigantic secret and is based on lies. 

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