Evangelical Fundamentalists Taking Over US Military Forces

Would you believe that US soldiers are being beaten and/or are being punished for not accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior? Is this possible in a country that decided to separate religion from government in the founding documents? 

If the entire US military and all officers are forced to ‘convert’ to just one brand of extreme fundamentalist belief system, what could happen?  What if this ‘sect’ happens to believe that they need to hurry up and get Armageddon started, by pushing the buttons for nuclear war? They believe that they will be saved as the ‘chosen few’ 250,000. Everyone else is going to Hell, including all other Christians, who do not believe as they do…

Sadly, this is one those hidden controversies that is not featured on the mass media corporate owned news, because it would be bad for recruitment, and reduce profits for the military industrial complex…

Shocking results of research done around fundamentalist religion and it’s influence inside the US military forces (all branches) are presented below…

For God and Country, by James E. Parco, PhD., Key Findings

• Institutional support for fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity in the military has spread and entrenched since September 11, 2001, beginning in haste during the Bush administration and remaining unchallenged by the Obama administration.

• Religious proselytizing and evangelizing have become most prevalent in three areas: Military training and education programs; While deployed overseas; Among leadership echelons, specifically the officer corps.

• Many of the military’s civilian overseers, along with many in the military’s commissioned leadership—to include flag officers, speaking on duty and in uniform—have repeatedly couched the American military’s civic and global role, and American military operations themselves, in the language of Christian religious crusades.

• Air Force training programs for Nuclear Missile Launch Officers featured Christian ethical justifications for the use of nuclear weapons and quotes from historical figures lauding morality guided specifically by the Bible.
Evangelical Fundamentalists Taking Over US Military Forces; via @AGreenRoad

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