The Top 8 Ways To Be ‘Traditionally Married’ According To The Bible

According to the Old Testament, which defines all of the ‘rules’ of traditional marriage, the above examples are all of the ways that couples can be married in a ‘traditional’ way. Don’t believe the above? Get a copy of the Bible and look it up. There is a LOT of really kinky as well as genocidal stuff going on in the Old Testament. But decide for yourself, without someone ‘interpreting’ the Bible for you.

If you read the above and find out it is really all there, what happens to the dogmatic theory that gays cannot be married and have families, because it would ‘threaten’ the traditional marriage meaning according to the Bible? 

According to the Bible and this ‘traditional’ marriage meaning, getting divorced and remarrying is not allowed. Having sex, kids and/or living as a single person is also not allowed. These non traditional  ‘exceptions’ should all be stoned to death. If we go with this ‘traditional’ marriage definition, no one would be left alive in the good ol USA. 

The above explains why the New Testament exists. It also explains why JC, Buddha and other saints, sages and great spiritual masters teach what they do.. 

The great saints and sages teach their followers to not judge others,  forgive everyone, and to love everyone. They all teach that everyone should love God and a neighbor, (even if they are gay or a Muslim), no exceptions. 

The belief in a traditional marriage is about the same as a girl believing that a prince riding a white horse will come to a castle and sweep her away, so that she can live happily ever after with a prince. How often does that happen? Almost never. Even in the extremely public case of Princess Diana, the perfect ideal of her getting swept away by the prince turned into a horror story.. So even inside a fairy tale, bad things happen more often than not. 

If you see a ‘perfect’ couple, maybe they are just doing that for appearance sake. If you get to know them better, maybe you will find out that the ‘perfect’ couple that is adhering to some ‘rulebook’ are actually inside a miserable, unhappy marriage, but maybe not. If a gay couple is happy together, who are we to tell them that they cannot be married, pursue their version of happiness and raise kids together? 

Wouldn’t you agree that it may be better to not worry about or judge what other people are doing or not doing in their bedrooms, or in their castles? Maybe we can agree that it is best to focus on finding own happiness, peace and joy inside?

The Top 8 Ways To Be ‘Traditionally Married’ According To The Bible; via @AGreenRoad
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