The Samson Principle; Holding The World Hostage With Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction

If a terrorist came into your town with a weapon of mass destruction, everyone would be up in arms about it and demand immediate action with SWAT teams, riot police, the National Guard plus if necessary, an armed civilian militia. Picture a hornet’s nest that is disturbed and you will get the idea of what would happen if a terrorist came to YOUR town and threatened the citizens there. 

What is really strange however, is that there is a certain brand of terrorists who are threatening all towns globally and no one seems to even pay any attention to them, because they use an invisible poison, not detectable to any average person.  There is NO outrage. There is NO call for action. 
There is only a passive, meek acceptance and perhaps resignation, possibly even a belief in fate or Armageddon, when these poisons are briefly revealed and talked about on the corporate owned mass media, and then put back to bed, not to be discussed or revealed.
What is even more unbelievable is that some people  welcome the terrorists who poison their town and children plus hold them hostage. They may even support, pay and house the terrorists and their poisons, plus give them all kinds of positive advertising, because they believe that if the end comes soon, that their chosen Saviour will come for them and take them to Heaven, in much the same way that the terrorists believe that they will go to Heaven for committing an act of violence that will kill millions of infidels. 
In many religions such as (Muslim and Christian) there are those who want the ultimate violence, who are actually urging the all out use of these weapons of mass destruction in a World War III.  They might be considered to be like Sampson, blind to the consequences of their actions. They follow their ‘eyes’ and senses, usually for power, money or the promise of Heaven, and conspire together to destroy a town, nation or even the world. 
The immediate consequence of supporting terrorists of any kind, who deliberately destroy humanity with any weapon of mass destruction, is that one becomes blind, unable to see the truth, and unable to see a way through anything other than with violence. 

The Blinded Samson, by Franz Heinrich Louis Corinth,1912

This is why holding a town, state, nation or world hostage with any weapon of mass destruction is called the “Sampson Principle“. This phrase came from the story about Sampson in the Bible, where Sampson destroys the temple and much of the population attached to it as revenge. 
The story of Sampson is basically another Armageddon story about revenge, where an eye for an eye, and death for everyone involved on both sides is considered to be a positive end of a story. The Sampson saga is also a story that makes women look like they are untrustworthy, incapable of any positive action, morals or principles whatsoever. 
Women in this story are seen as weak, useless, and driven by greed, lust, or other immoral principles that result in nothing more than the destruction of the man they are with… in this case.. Sampson. 
Bottom line, according to the Old Testament, women are inferior beings that cannot be trusted to be leaders or have power, and that is why only men should be in those positions. Of course, women know that this myth and fable is also part of the problem, not the solution. 
Sampson could be seen as nuclear, biological, chemical or financial power or principle. People in pursuit of power, extremist religious beliefs or financial gain are blinded by greed, lust, or ego based motivations. They cannot see seven generations into the future, much less do something positive for future generations, such as getting rid of weapons of mass destruction.  


“According to the biblical narrative, Samson died when he grasped two pillars of the Temple of Dagon, and “bowed himself with all his might” (Judges 16:30, KJV). This has been variously interpreted as Samson pushing the pillars apart (top) or pulling them together (bottom).”
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Today, we still have the same situation. We still have terrorists holding the whole world hostage with weapons of mass destruction. The video above focuses on the Israelis having illegal, non disclosed weapons of mass destruction.  The world, led by the USA,  is punishing Iran for doing much less. Many other nations hold these same weapons, often illegally, while threatening to use them. The US gave those weapons of mass destruction to Israel and other nations in many cases. 
The US is the PRIME and first architect of the Sampson Principle. The USA is the one using it by example, through 20,000 nuclear weapons, depleted uranium weapons use, land mine use, phosphorus bomb use, chemical and biological weapons, space weapons, and much more. The US is the largest exporter and manufacturer of weapons of war and the biggest promoter of violence as the solution for all problems. 
All around the world, weapons of mass destruction are being used, which results in destruction of the ‘temple’ of civilization. For example, depleted uranium comes from the nuclear industrial complex, which manufactures weapons of mass destruction, as the main goal and aim of this industry. Creating electricity is just one small justification for harnessing the power of the sun. 

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Let’s take a quick look at how this works. Samson and the nuclear industry develop super human abilities such as harnessing the power of the atom. Because unlimited power corrupts absolutely, (indicated by the blinding of Sampson) a fatal flaw grows both inside the technology itself, and within the people who promote, support, sell and use it, including the military, the mass media, and the politicians supported financially by this monopolistic industry. 
This fatal flaw (combined with denial) eventually causes the destruction of the ‘temple’ and the people who use it. The ultimate destruction of civilization is not performed by any enemy terrorist outside of the USA, but rather by their own hand. In other words, the terrorist holding towns hostage and destroying civilization is the nuclear industry itself.

“Academics have interpreted Samson as a demi-god (such as Hercules or Enkidu) enfolded into Jewish religious lore, or as an archetypical folklore hero, among others. These views sometimes interpreted him as a solar deity, popularized by “solar hero” theorists and Biblical scholars alike.[30][31][32] The name Delilah may also involve a wordplay with the Hebrew word for night, ‘layla’, which “consumes” the day.[33] 
Samson bears many similar traits to the Greek Herakles (and the Roman Hercules adaptation), inspired himself partially from the mesopotamian Enkidu tale: Herakles and Samson both battled a Lion bare handed (Lion of Nemea feat), Herakles and Samson both had a favorite primitive blunt weapon (a club for the first, an ass’s jaw for the latter), they were both betrayed by a woman which led them to their ultimate fate (Herakles by Dejanira, while Samson by Delilah). Both heroes, having the appearance of being champion of their respective people, die by their own hand.”
The nuclear industry is filled with those who are willing to betray, destroy and/or hold hostage all of humanity for the empty promise of quick riches and power, much like Sampson and Delilah. Do you need proof of this? 
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Bottom line, we must choose to get rid of nuclear power and nuclear weapons. We can choose to learn to live in peace with each other. Or, we destroy ourselves and all life on the planet due to the forces unleashed by the misuse of the power of the sun, combined with a belief in Armageddon and the Sampson Principle.

The Samson Principle; Holding The World Hostage With Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction; via @AGreenRoad