J-PARC Hadron Accelerator Released 100 Billion Becquerels Radiation Through Vent Fans

Could it be, that scientists at the various particle accelerator research facilities around the world are getting a free pass, while releasing deadly radiation and doing experiments on human beings, without their permission or informed consent?  What is going on at the J-Parc facility? 

According to BBC News; “The experiment has involved directing a beam of neutrinos 185 miles through the earth’s crust from the J-PARC accelerator at Tokai on one side of Japan, to the giant Super-KamioKande underground detector on the other – a massive (40 metre by 40 metre) canister filled with 50,000 tons of ultra-pure water surrounded by photosensitive rods and buried in the ground.

The experiment ran from January 2010 to March this year – when operations were interrupted by the Fukushima quake. During that time, however, the researchers observed 121 oscillations including 6 muon-electron neutrino oscillations.”

Is it possible that the 9.0 Fukushima earthquake was triggered or caused by producing anti-matter and beaming it through the Earth?  The earthquake happened DURING AN ANTI-MATTER EXPERIMENT at the Hadron particle accelerator facility, as they beamed dark matter through the Earth

The video above shows how beamed anti matter may have triggered the 9.0 earthquake.. When it goes on to blame the Pope, well, he may have some power, but not that much. He is not responsible for placing nuclear power plants in certain locations. As far as beta radiation, it would be interesting to have independent community activists such as Greenpeace be allowed to research what comes out of the stacks of nuclear plants and nuclear material recycling facilities. (They are not even allowed to get within 30 miles.) 

How about putting up solar powered Geiger Counters on top of these ‘vent stacks’ and beaming the radiation count to all nearby towns via the web via live streaming radiation counts and a graph showing the history of all radiation releases? We bet that will never happen, because the nuclear industry does not want anyone to know what comes out of those stacks, especially when accidents happen.

Part of the problem with the nuclear industry is that is is based on a history of lies, secrets and deceptions. 

In the Hadron facility scientists collide particles together, which then can creates massive amounts of radiation, as we see in this one incident that became public for whatever reason. This radiation is then released from this facility into the air, via giant ventilation fans. At nuclear plants, the radiation goes up the huge stacks and way up high into the air, so no one knows what is coming out of them. 

In the PR video above, no mention is made of dangerous radiation.. . No mention is made of possible links to an earthquake. It all sounds so harmless and safe.. Just hit a bunch of proton beams against metal and hope for the best when it produces neutrino beams.. In another experiment, they beam some dark anti-matter through the earth and hope for the best. They of course, expect no consequences, just like the nuclear industry says radiation is good for you, unless it kills you, and then all bets are off. 

What do we know about neutron beams? In the nuclear power industry, neutron beams are VERY DANGEROUS. They kill at long ranges. When someone sees a blue neutron beam flash through the skies near a nuclear accident, it means that active fission is going on, and those beams can kill anyone they hit in an instant. 

Is this the same neutron beam that the Hadron researchers are studying and trying to harness?

If any civilian group of ordinary people released 100 Billion Becquerels of radiation inside of a city without telling anyone, they would be arrested as terrorists, and probably executed via the 3 judge military panel set up for terrorists. 

But when scientists release radiation from facilities like this, or from nuclear power plants, or from recycling facilities, or from depleted uranium testing ranges, as part of the ordinary way of doing ‘research’, no one cares, and no one is notified, (until much later, when it is too late.) If you are I were to say that we were going to beam ANTI MATTER or a blue neutron beam through the Earth, we would also be arrested as terrorists plotting some kind of destructive event. 

Covering up the release of massive amounts of dangerous radiation and potentially causing huge earthquakes or creating black holes inside of the planet Earth may be part of the standard operating procedure for the nuclear research industry.

How often does this kind of radiation release happen? The operating manual directs the staff to release all radiation in case it builds up inside of the building, through the building’s massive ventilation fans. These ventilation fans are unfiltered. 

No one knows how much radiation is released from these  particle accelerator facilities worldwide. There is no one regulating these installations. No one knows the effect of beaming anti matter through the Earth. There is no study of how this research might cause harm, such as initiating earthquakes, causing harm to humans or having a negative impact on climate change. The scientists themselves say that what they are doing is ‘safe’ and harmless. 

No news organization is even reporting about the possible connection between sending neutron beams through the Earth and earthquakes or other harmful effects on the planet or human beings. No one seems to care. The mass media does not want to endanger their massive advertising budgets from the nuclear industry, so they stay quiet. For the most part, this subject is covered only in news outlets such as this.

What we do know for absolutely certain though, is that these particle accelerators release radiation, because radiation releases are covered as part of standard operating procedure in the operation manual for the facility. In just one incident, the scientists at the Japanese J-PARC facility released an estimated 100 BILLION Becquerels of;
Hg (mercury) 197: half life 2.706 days
K (potassium) 43: half life 0.9294 day
Au (gold) 198: half life 2.695174 days
Hg (mercury) 195: half life 10.5306 hours
Na (sodium) 24: half life 14.9589 hours

Many people inside the facility were exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation, but it looks like the scientists ignored warning signals of high radiation levels and kept the ‘experiment’ running. The only action taken was to run the  unfiltered vent fans, in order to reduce the radiation levels inside of the building. Was the wind blowing over the facility and towards the town that day?

Japan Times: Officials from the Ibaraki Prefectural Government raided the complex Saturday afternoon to investigate the delay in reporting the incident. […] The level of radioactive contamination at the facility stands at as much as 40 becquerels per square centimeter, it said. (How much radiation is that if you inhale it, we wonder?)


Here is another example of how the nuclear industry is run through sheer incompetence and endangering human health both within the facility and outside in the wider community.  Is the experimenting on human beings and the planet itself (but without getting informed consent) now starting to present a danger to the survival of the human race? This facility is located in a town, with many people living in it. No one in the town was notified or warned as this radiation was released, which is also standard operating procedure for all nuclear accidents. 

The nuclear industry believes that these types of experiments that generating regular massive radiation releases are ‘normal’. Nuclear facilities regularly release radiation in HUGE amounts, as part of their normal operations. They may well be causing earthquakes as well, but that subject will not come up in their ‘closed’ circle of pro nuclear apologists. 

This massive radiation release is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how much radiation nuclear plants, mines, recycling facilities and depleted uranium testing ranges release on an annual basis. Humans are being experimented on without informed consent or even knowledge that this is going on, much like the Nazi death camps, where doctors such as Joseph Mengale operated and experimented on humans. The nuclear industry makes Mengele look like an angel. 

“Former Auschwitz prisoner Alex Dekel has said:

I have never accepted the fact that Mengele himself believed he was doing serious work – not from the slipshod way he went about it. He was only exercising his power. Mengele ran a butcher shop – major surgeries were performed without anaesthesia. Once, I witnessed a stomach operation – Mengele was removing pieces from the stomach, but without any anaesthetic. Another time, it was a heart that was removed, again without anaesthesia. It was horrifying. Mengele was a doctor who became mad because of the power he was given. Nobody ever questioned him – why did this one die? Why did that one perish? The patients did not count. He professed to do what he did in the name of science, but it was a madness on his part.[21]
….In 1960, Hans Sedlmeier returned from Asuncion, Paraguay, with a statement from Mengele that said, “I personally have not killed, injured or caused bodily harm to anyone.” Mengele repeatedly insisted that he had not committed any crime, and that instead he had become a victim of a great injustice.[24][25]

The people in the death camps knew that they were being experimented on, and this ‘doctor scientist’ performed his research on these unfortunates by force, but only after giving them candy. Nowadays, the nuclear industry is experimenting on all humankind, but not telling anyone what the negative effects are of the radiation, heavy metals and chemicals being experimented with, while handing out taxpayer subsidies, and promising ‘jobs’. 

Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

Just as Dr. Mengele claimed innocence; in that he never killed anyone, the nuclear industry claims the same thing. They focus on the supposed ‘benefits’ provided by radiation, just as Dr. Mengele points at the ‘benefits’ coming out of his research.  

There have been many documented incidents of radiation experiments done on human beings who were never informed or nor given the opportunity to consent to performing radiation experiments on them, as noted in the linked article below….

Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge; via @AGreenRoad

Time will tell where humanity goes from here, as the nuclear radiation problems get worse, as diseases and deaths due to invisible radiation pile up. Most of the horrors are hidden away by the same ‘experts’ that invented this Pandora’s Box of horrors, because if the human race truly knew what was going on, at least a few ‘researchers or nuclear power plant operators’ would more than likely be hauled off to a courtroom and be convicted of genocide. 

Breaking up an atom is what the whole nuclear and military industrial complex is all about. They are getting money because this research might develop into a more powerful weapon that can kill many more people. These scientists started with small nuclear bombs. That was not ‘big’ enough., so they built and exploded bigger and bigger ones, 2,400 of them to be exact. Then they developed hydrogen bombs.. That was not big enough either. 

Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear War

By going deeper into this breaking up atoms, the Hadron scientists hope to harness greater and greater powers, maybe even more power than the sun, through the exploration of anti matter. 

We have already harnessed the power of the sun. We found out that there are many horrible side effects to this that go on for a million years.

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes

What happens when these scientists harness ANTI MATTER? Isn’t anti matter what makes up black holes in space?

Black holes eat up everything around them; planets, suns, whole galaxies. 

If and when these scientists create a black hole; yes they will be successful, but then the price to be paid may be that the earth and all living things on it will be swallowed up by the black hole that is created.
Mad scientists do not care about consequences. They just want the money and/or power to pursue their ‘research’.. Consequences? Ethics? Morals? Destruction of all life on the planet? Who cares?

Why not research LIFE ENERGY, instead of death energy? Why not research what extends human life through low cost or free methods that are in harmony with Nature and life, instead of death focused research on destructive subjects?

Why not focus some research money on what works for seven future generations, without harming them or the present generation? 

J-PARC Hadron Accelerator Released 100 Billion Becquerels Radiation Through Vent Fans via @AGreenRoad