As Little As 10-30 Bq/kg of Cesium Radiation In Kids Causes Health Problems

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Cesium has a half life of 30 years, but it will take over 300 years to disappear. Cesium in the form of gas will be and is most definitely released from any nuclear accident where any reactor’s nuclear or spent fuel melts down.   Radioactive Xenon gas will also be released in large quantities, and as it decays, it also trasmutes down into solid Cesium. 

The cesium isotope did not appear in our environment, food or water until nuclear scientists harnessed the power of the sun. To say that cesium is at all comparable to a ‘natural’ background radiation is totally nonsensical. 

Cesium, tritium, plutonium and other exotic man made isotopes did not appear in the environment until radioactive substances were invented and nuclear accidents happened, and/or nuclear bombs were set off. After these events, cancer rates increased through the roof exponentially, much more so in areas closer to the radiation release, such as Belarus, which is located near the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Where cancer used to be very rare as a cause of death, now cancers are pretty much the only way people die. 

1 curie equals 33 BILLION Bequerels of radiation. We already know that a child having eaten, breathed or drunk very low radiation of 10-30 Bq/kg of cesium content contained in dust, food or water can suffer negative health effects. 

So why is the government saying that 100-1000 Bq/kg is ‘safe’ for everyone, no matter what? They even go so far as to claim that smiling will protect you from the harmful effects of radiation. Try smiling when exposed to the radiation of the sun while sunbathing on the beach. See how much smiling will protect you from a simple sunburn, much less toxic heavy metals with a radioactive punch behind them like plutonium, uranium and cesium. 

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As little as 2 grams of cesium (which is about the size of a dime), if distributed in the form of a gas, (this is what escapes from a reactor or spent fuel pool during a nuclear accident), can make 2 square miles of land totally uninhabitable and deadly to all life. 

All nuclear power plants contain TONS of highly toxic and deadly dangerously radioactive cesium in their spent fuel pools. This is why just one nuclear plant accident can contaminate and make devoid of all meaningful life 4 -15,000 thousand square miles or more of fertile land, rivers and/or ocean. This is why just one nuclear accident can bankrupt a whole nation, as happened with Chernobyl to what is now called Russia. You cannot take 4,000 to 15,000 square miles of fertile land, rivers and forest out of production and close all towns plus relocate everyone there, without HUGE financial repercussions that end up bankrupting that nation.

Just using depleted uranium, which is the ‘garbage’ of the nuclear industry being recycled into the war machine, is deadly to all life that breathes in the dust created by exploding one of these shells, for one million years. Can humanity afford nuclear weapons of any kind, with that kind of price to pay for one small conflict?

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The same thing that happened to residents living around Chernobyl will happen to Japanese citizens, despite the fact that 80% of the Fukushima radiation went out over the ocean. 

The authorities in Japan just like at Chernobyl and TMI refused to admit that a melt down had happened, until way after millions of people were exposed to radioactive contamination as far away as Tokyo, with it’s 35 MILLION people. Radioactive Iodine levels went above safe drinking water levels in the town water supply, but  this Iodine was a GAS, that was inhaled by everyone all across the nation of Japan.. 

This is the playbook that nucleocrats use. The playbook says to never admit anything until there is no way to avoid it, and then minimize it as much as possible. Never admit what really happened, ever, if you can avoid it. Use meaningless phrases such as ‘no immediate harm’, as much as possible, but NEVER disclose actual radiation meter readings on the stacks of any nuclear power plant, EVER. 

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Cesium easily bioaccumulates faster than it is ingested. It also biomagnifies as it moves up the food chain, sometimes MILLIONS of times from the levels found in the environment.

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At Steven Starr’s presentation @ the Symposium on the “Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident” he said the following;

* Cesium can’t be dumped out of the body faster than it’s taken in.

* Eating 10 Becquerels of Cesium-137 a day, will result in 1,400 Becquerels in the body after about 1 and1/2 years.

* Eating Cesium-137 daily will make Cesium bioaccumulate, and it is especially harmful in children and pregnant women.

* Cesium-137 easily dissolves in water. Cesium mimics potassium, and ends up in the water and food as well as humans.  Cesium is known to cause cancer, leukemia, genetic mutations, birth defects as well as malformations of fetuses in pregnant women.

* Cesium-137 taken in by infants is particularly hazardous.  – it can easily cause irreversible damage to tissues in heart and other organs at levels as low as 10-50 Bq/kg. 

* Cesium bio-accumulates particularly well in the endocrine system, heart, pancreas, kidneys, and intestines as well as the thyroid gland.

Mushrooms, berries, milk and meat tend to have much higher levels of radiation than the levels found in the environment. All of the food and liquids tend to be contaminated in a fallout zone after a nuclear accident, around a normally operating plant or after a nuclear bomb attack. 

Daily ingestion of ONLY TEN Bequerels of cesium from ANY sourse tends to cause cesium bio-accumulation in the body. This accumulation can be measured and monitored using a whole body INTERNAL radiation counter, which is NOT being used in Japan, on purpose. External radiation counters do little or nothing to monitor INTERNAL radiation accumulation and damage.  

The nuclear industry does not think radiation is anything to worry about. Their experts claim that all cesium is safely excreted, faster than it is coming in, no matter what. The evidence points to the opposite. 

According to medical researchers, as little as 15 Bq/kg can and does cause an irregular heart beat, indicating heart damage. Cesium concentrates in various body organs, rather then being uniformly distributed in the body. High levels of cesium were found by researchers in the pancreas, thyroid, intestinal walls, heart and testes, at more than ten times the levels compared to other parts of the body. 

A Russian researcher found that in Belarus, it was difficult to find any children with zero radiation contamination. Over 100,000 whole body internal radiation counts were done on children of Belarus, and only those that had less than 10 Bq/kg whole body counts had normal EKG’s. These children were hard to find. It was rare to find any child that had less than 10 Bq/kg of cesium contamination as measured by a whole body radiation counter. 

In children with 11-37 bq/kg, only 37% had normal EKG’s. Only 20% of children had normal EKG’s with 38 to 74 Bq/kg whole body counts. Only 11% of children with 74-100 Bq/kg of cesium had normal EKG’s. Those with over 50 Bq/kg of cesium always had lesions on various organs or glands, including the heart. These lesions caused irreversible damage and threatened the lives of these children affected in this manner. 

In autopsies, cesium was found to concentrate in the thyroid of children living in Belarus, and it is implicated in thyroid cancer. Pro nuclear apologists say that cesium does not concentrate in ANY organs or glands. 

Millions of people in Belarus live in contaminated areas and have had their health compromised from low level cesium contamination of food, air, water and other goods.. Millions of Japanese people also now live in contaminated areas, and are eating contaminated foods. The same results can be expected in Japan, as in Belarus. 

The Japanese government claims that all food and drink is safe if it contains less than 100 Bq/kg. They also claim and pronounce loudly that anyone with a whole body internal radiation count under 300 Bq/kg is ‘healthy’.  

Fishermen that used to catch fish to sell are now reduced to getting government handouts and working for TEPCO as radiation monitors in seafood. They can no longer legally sell any seafood, because much of it remains contaminated with ‘illegal’ levels of radiation. 

Japanese fishermen, in a Japan Today article “say fish that live near the sea-floor, such as cod, halibut or sole, often test positive for ‘excessive’ levels of radiation. A large crab caught by Yaoita before the disaster could fetch as much as 3,000 yen on the Hisanohama market. A kilogram of flatfish could sell for about the same. Once he could catch dozens of both and many other fish on a single morning outing.

“The nuclear disaster destroyed our livelihoods and now we are like beggars,” said Yaoita…“Previously I never went to see the doctor. Now it feels like I down more drugs and medicine than actual food.”

Nuclear ‘experts’ predicted the ocean would dilute the radiation from Fukushima. They claimed that fishermen could go back to work quickly and all radiation levels would go back down to ‘normal’ levels. However, the cesium radiation levels are not dropping as predicted, and the bottom of the ocean remains highly contaminated along with the many creatures that live there. 

Scientists are trying to figure out why their predictions are not coming true, and are scratching their heads, while millions of people suffer from radiation contaminated foods and water. Millions of people now suffer from the lack of ability to make a living from the land or the ocean, which had been a rich and prosperous heritage going back tens of thousands of years. What is the financial impact going to be? 

No one is counting the TOTAL negative costs of nuclear power yet, but the impact of a major nuclear disaster happening every 20 years will be felt for countless generations to come. 

As Little As 10-30 Bq/kg of Cesium Radiation In Kids Causes Health Problems; via @AGreenRoad 

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