Fukushima Black Dust or Black Fungus Tested – Over 5,000,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium Found

In the video above, a citizen does radiation testing of city soils and leaves. What he finds may surprise you… The levels found should mean that this town should be evacuated, but in the background, you can hear a normal city. 

But this average soil and leaves showing high radiation contamination in Japan are not the worst of what is being covered up and denied by TEPCO, the nuclear industry, regulators and the Japanese government. 

What follows is according to vital1 at enenews.com

“I was sent this resin encapsulated sample of black fungus like material. It has reportedly come from somewhere in the Minamisoma area Japan. A contact in Japan sent a friend this sample. This is my test chart of it. For those of you who have not looked at a chart like this before. The position of the peaks in a the chart indicate what isotopes are present. This fungus started growing on the concrete, and rock surfaces in Japan after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears to be bio-accumulating Cesium.

Scintillators are less sensitive as you go to higher energy keV. The Theremino MCA software allows you to increase the magnification of the higher energy peaks. The peaks in this Theremino MCA V4.5 software chart have been energy compensated, to bring out the smaller details at higher energies. The sample very small, grams or less.

A professional lab reported test results 117 Bg Cs-137 and 58 Bq Cs-134. This black fungus material sample from Japan, contaminated with Cesium Cs-137 and Cs-134, is encapsulated in resin for safety reasons. So we don’t know how much it weighs. We are trying to find out. It may not have been weighed when it was collected. Visually, looking at the encased sample, it would be a few grams if that.


Here is a pen tip placed next to the sample, to give you and idea how small the sample is. The black center is the sample. Also, the sample does not fill up the small sample container, that is in the center of the resin encasement. The sample container is only around two thirds full.
Update on the possible weight of the Black Fungus sample from Japan. This comment was posted on a forum discussing this test.
“I’m an expert on weighing objects (sell scales, use different ones daily, some precise to .01g). Fungus in that form does not appear to hold too much water weight and would likely weigh less than a gram given the scale. If it jis thin and flakey type fungus, it may be under .25-.5g. Is it thick like a mushroom cap or more like lichen? I’ve only observed extremely thin fungi growing on concrete, and I would err on the very low side. My best guess is .3g.”

Vital1 reply;

That means the black fungus sample from Japan is very, very, hot.

Test results 117 Bg Cs-137 and 58 Bq Cs-134

117 + 58 = 175 Bq x (1000 grams/0.3 grams) = 583,333 Bq/Kg of Cesium


This kind of testing should be done by the government or TEPCO, all across Japan. Alternatively, nuclear experts from all over the world SHOULD be doing this testing, wouldn’t you agree?  Instead, NO ONE in the nuclear industry is even  remotely interested. NO ONE is officially measuring it or studying it within the industry itself. What are they so afraid of?

Instead, the testing of this substance is being done by private citizens. Japanese citizens are collecting this dust. Then other citizens not even living in Japan that are doing the few tests on this substance that are being done. 

Here is another test done by a private citizen with TWO Geiger Counters; These counters are screaming, because the sample is so ‘hot’. 


In this next video, a group of Japanese citizens is filmed while asking for help from the government. They want the city government to take action and protect it’s citizens. Nothing happened, as far as we know. No response, just dead silence. 

This should be enough for the average person with common sense to come to the conclusion that there is enough PROOF of a huge coverup. The denial of the scope and scale of this 311 nuclear disaster by both the nuclear regulators, the labs and the government of Japan is incredible. There is an active conspiracy of silence, denial and refusal to even acknowledge the awful reality of radiation contamination across a broad section of Japan. 

Believe it or not, the above test and result is not the worst result at all… Another test revealed levels of radiation reaching 5 MILLION Bq/kg of material collected. Consider the implication, when as low as 10 Bq/kg is deadly to children if ingested. 

When as little as 10-30 Bq/kg in food or drink can make someone sick or even cause death through bio concentration and bio accumulation, what will this level of radioactive contamination do to someone? 

Stir up the dry dust of this material, breathe it in, and it is potentially sayonara, adios, goodbye to all. A kid can fall and get it on their hand, which then goes to the mouth and it gets into their body. Kids are 2,000 times more sensitive to radiation than adults. Females are much more sensitive to radiation than males. 

Japan kids ingesting pieces of Fukushima fuel rods? Expert: Mystery black substance “very likely contains concentrated unburned nuclear fuel” (VIDEO)


In the interview above, the expert says that most kids ingest a certain amount of dirt every day, (100-200 mg.) just as a normal part of being a kid. There is no way to avoid this, other than living in a bubble and being a ‘bubble kid’. But then the dust is blown around, gets on food, in the water, on the clothing, into the house, etc. The expert above says that this substance is NOT dirt, or bacteria, but a homogenous dust that is made up of uranium decay daughters, such as Radium 226.  How dangerious is Radium? Click on this link to find out..

Radium Girls & Radium Dials; Ottowa Illinois, Death City

Arnie Gunderson then takes this fact and says that this substance is evidence of fission happening OUTSIDE of the Fukushima reactors. Once we go there, we can also go to the fact that at least 3 reactors melted through, and that some are saying that there are 3 coriums (underground out of control nuclear fireballs) present under Fukushima. These have been documented to create sputtering and release of black nano particles, in the form of ‘smoke’. When this smoke settles, it is concentrated into black dust that is HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE. 

At Fukushima Daichi, 3 Coriums Left Containment Compared To 1 At Chernobyl; via A Green Road

Dust such as this can be blown great distances by the wind. Here is dust being carried by wind from the Sahara desert. This dust goes all the way over the ocean and ends up in the USA. In the same manner, dust from China or Japan can and does end up in the USA as well. 

Could this be the reason for the non-interest by the nuclear industry? Could it be that they KNOW all of this, and they KNOW that there are 3 underground coriums, totally out of control, constantly throwing this black death dust substance into the air, DAILY? 

Fukushima Spewing Equivalent of 112 Hiroshima Nuclear Bombs Worth of Radiation Every Hour; via A Green Road

For more information and the links to actual videos of this smoke rising from the ground, out of fissures located inside the Fukushima plant, go to the link above, or click on the next one..

Radioactive Smoke/Steam Coming Out Of Ground At Fukushima  via @AGreenRoad

Most of this toxic highly radioactive substance is being found on sidewalks, the sides of roads and inside major cities like Tokyo, with a population made up of 37 million people. Where is it coming from? No one knows. No one seems to even CARE… and that is the really sad part. 

This black dust could be from the Fukushima disaster, and there are ways of testing it to determine this. This test is fairly easy to do, and does not cost much, but it has not been done. 

This black dust could be coming from burning of nuclear waste, which is another issue entirely. Again, it is easy to determine if this is the case and then address this hazard, but no one cares, at least so far. 

The black dust could be coming from the out of control underground nuclear fires. Corium (a very high temperature nuclear fire from a melted through nuclear reactors) spontaneously sputters nano dust as it burns underground. This dust could be burping up to the surface and emerging. Videos have been taken of smoke and/or steam coming out of fissures and up inside the buildings through cracks in the floor. No one has bothered to sample these and figure out what is in them. 

To date, NO effort is being made by any country internationally to figure out where this highly radioactive DEVIL dust is coming from. No effort is being made to find, mark, test and then clean this black dust and/or fungus up in a concerted fashion. 

None of those responsible for this mess; TEPCO, the government, or any radiation regulatory body seems to want to touch this with a 1 mile long pole… It seems kind of strange that someone with a job of protecting public health is ignoring this kind of a public health hazard, which if allowed to continue and keep on happening, could be spread around internationally and affect millions of people, wouldn’t you agree?

By or-well

When will “they” get it?
No kids equals no Future.
There are wounds that result
for which there is no suture.
How many delivered
to never take breath?
How many will live
needing care until death?
How many to grow
never able to thrive?
How many will wish
they were never alive?
How many parents
must endure grief?
How many will greet
death as mercy, released?
What can bring Justice
or just satisfaction
to all of those
most needing compassion?
How many lives
erased from Lifes’ Book?
When the accounting
of lives Nuclear took?
When condemnation
of Lifes’ degradation?
Will it come before our
species Annihilation?

Instead of dealing with the reality of the situation, the entire government and the nuclear industry, plus all of the regulatory bodies, seem to be making a HUGE effort to cover up the whole Fukushima disaster, sweep it all under the rug and pretend that it NEVER HAPPENED. 

Why are these supposed ‘experts’ claiming that no one died, and that Fukushima is only 10% of Chernobyl, when even a child can understand that this is not possible? Could it be that the truth is so horrible, so criminal, that many people would end up in jail, if the truth were known? 

Could it be that a Fukushima Nurenberg criminal genocide trial would commence if the truth were really known? Time will tell, because truth has a way of coming out long term. 

Fukushima Black Dust or Black Fungus Tested – Over 5,000,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium Found; via @AGreenRoad