How To Solve Financial Collapses, Fracking, Fear, GMO Foods And Chaos

In this edition of the show Max interviews Mike Ruppert from He talks about the decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil. Mike Ruppert is an American author, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, investigative journalist and peak oil expert.

According to this Mike Ruppert, The planet has gone over the peak of oil production. What is left is dirty, very hard to get at and expensive. Both fracking and biofuel consumes more BTU’s of energy that also generate carbon emissions, than they produce for consumption in vehicles, homes, etc. Fracking causes earthquakes and pollutes underground water, which is a most precious commodity.  

The oil sands and gas fracking extraction methods are much like a junkie with collapsing veins injecting heroin with a dirty needle into his/her toes, because all of the other veins have collapsed and are not accessible anymore. It is the final step before total system collapse. The answer? Switch to renewable zero carbon fuels for the items that you use. Elect Green Party reps that push for renewable fuels and local labor to build up a sustainable LOCAL industry and trained workforce. 

Debt is accumulating on the balance sheets of communities, states, nations and large corporations, as well as the shadow banking system that contains 50-100 TRILLION Dollars in debt such as toxic derivatives, ETFs, worthless bonds, fiat currencies, and other debts based on nothing more than the equivalent of toilet paper. 

Many of these systems are 1% manmade debts created to produce profits with no work. These are systems that no one knows about, no one is accountable for, and yet it has caused the collapse of the entire financial system once already, with more to come. The answer? Vote for Green Party representatives that will push for real money, real community values, plus gold standards and local money. 

Even today, the US is exporting millions of jobs overseas, with a goal of making more short term profits.  On the other hand, the US is IMPORTING multiple types of visa program workers even today, at very low cost per hour, while laying off US workers. For a nation, this is a financial way to commit suicide. As workers lose jobs, the economy slides downhill, so that those same workers cannot spend money on products that are now made overseas and imported for them to buy. The answer? Vote for Green Party representatives that push for fair trade, eliminate free trade with no worker rights, environmental protections and no way for consumers to tell what is made under this 1% free slaves forever model. The US needs more sustainable jobs that create sustainable communities, not less. Part time work for less than minimum wage with no benefits is good for huge corporations, but not for communities and families.  

On another front, GMO foods are replacing normal food, with toxic results on all levels. Competition is squelched, native seeds and heirloom seeds are eliminated and the organized racket that is the GMO seed manufacturers puts farmers that try to resist this process of monopolization out of business with lawsuits. The answer? Eat organic, plant heirloom seeds and elect only Green Party representatives that push for food GMO labels. GMO foods are banned in many countries. Why not in the USA? Why are the banning these foods? Why are they not even LABELED in the USA?

The war on drugs is an imperial failing misadventure, which does nothing but take away Constitutional rights and freedom, while also protecting the huge Pharma and medical monopoly. At the same time the huge banks launder the drug dealers money to the tune of BILLIONS, while no one goes to jail for being part of the drug dealing network on the financial side. The whole financial criminal bankster system is stealing BILLIONS from taxpayers, defrauding millions of people out of their homes, retirement accounts and savings, with none of them going to jail for any of these crimes. What happened to the Anti Trust laws? 

Meanwhile, grannies using or growing medical marijuana are sent to jail for 20 years, and people stealing bread from the store because they cannot find a job are imprisoned for 15 years. The answer? Vote for Green Party representatives that take no money from corporations, because the politicians protect their criminal masters on both side of the monopolistic political aisle, Democrat and Republican. Corporations rule in the shadows, using fear, plus divide and conquer strategies to hold people inside this power structure.  

The world that consists of the upside down power structures of the 1% is collapsing in slow motion. The top down 1% governing method does not work and is not sustainable. 

The top down 1% controlling heads of various organizations hold and express the consciousness of fear. The 1% express, govern and control by using FEAR and top down methods, such as mass media TV mind ‘programming’. 

What is the result of watching mass media TV? Could it be that the result of being programmed is experiencing and operating from fear?  Could it also result in the feeling of insecurity plus ‘not enough’?  The mass media is also a venue for portraying the 1% top down power structure in a positive light, with almost never a negative word or movie about huge corporations or the 1% who ‘control’ everyone through fear and greed. Criminals and violence are rewarded and honored, while virtue, and doing the right, sustainable thing is punished or put down. Whistle blowers are punished while arch criminals get away with stealing Billions. 

Money was invented and is now being used to enslave people. Money controls people, by using the fear of ‘not enough’. Money gets people thinking about self first and short term what can I get for me now, rather than what is good for community or what works for seven future generations of all children globally.  The American Indian and indigenous people model is sustainable and has existed for tens of thousands of years, but it is shoved off on reservations and made to look worthless, useless and weak. 

The world is collapsing under the upside down model of short term profits and greed as taught and expressed by the 1%. Yet the answers are all there as well. But you have to travel the road less traveled to find those answers, because the 1% will generally not teach you about them or allow you to know what is there via the mass media. 

The subject of sustainability and green living is generally taboo, attacked or made fun of among the 1%, because it means a change of consciousness FIRST. Thus change is feared worse than death, because it means letting go of the worlds described above, which are based on greed and fear, lack of consciousness, ego and separation. So change must be resisted at all costs, even if it means the whole planet is destroyed in the process. Ego destroys itself in the end, no matter what. Either we do it consciously, with awareness, or we do it unconsciously and destroy the world along with ourselves. That is our only choice.

The answer? Let go, and change from fear/anger/hatred ego based system to living from the heart and feeling the love inside. The heart must be changed first, before anything changes outside. Go inside. See what is there, and face the darkness. Meditate. Seek out some gurus and spiritual masters who know how to cure this dis-ease of fear and greed. Follow your heart, not your fear. 

Then embrace change outside and welcome it. The outside will change into a more sustainable system as love, compassion and empathy governs all actions.

How To Solve Financial Collapses, Fracking, Fear, GMO Foods And Chaos; via @AGreenRoad

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