Stock/Bond Trader Tells Truth, BBC Announcers Jaws Drop, Made Speechless

It is rare that the mass media allows someone to tell the truth, but it happens once in a great while. How did this trader get on the air? Why did he tell the whole world that Goldman Sachs was in charge, NOT the US or European governments? Could it be arrogance? Could it be hubris? Could it be that this trader really wanted to help people from inside the bowels of the most powerful financial institution that world has ever seen? He is right of course, which is why the US President and all global power brokers are surrounded by Goldman Sachs types, not by average guy on the street, community based people.  

In any case, what he says is that the economies of Europe are toast and so is the stock market. He predicts their demise within 12 months, and that he and his clients will make a fortune from this collapse. 

But before this collapse happens, in an effort to prevent the collapse, banksters are stealing peoples savings, raiding pensions and using fancy market manipulations to whip saw money out of people operating from fear. 

The trader claims that the US Dollar and US Treasury bonds are ‘safe’ investments compared to the Euro and it’s bonds, which he predicts are worthless and will disappear. But what he fails to take into account is that sales of US bonds have been falling, and the US Treasury is being forced to buy it’s own long term bonds, just to make it all keep working, via QE1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.. 

The US Federal Reserve is printing Billions in fresh Dollars, backed up by nothing, and then handing it out to the biggest banks and firms such as AIG, Goldman Sachs and others. They in turn are forced to buy US Treasury bonds with this money, instead of using it to stimulate the economy and give loans to small businesses.  

Normally printing money out of thin air creates hyper inflation, but fancy back room deals that create more bond debts and highly leveraged derivatives debt are keeping interest rates artificially low. The whole thing can be summarized as a huge pile of cards being built higher and higher with more and more debt, until it all collapses. Those holding the bag when the air comes out and the house of paper debt cards collapses will be left with nothing. The traders all know about this, but it is supposed to be kept secret from people like you. 

Be careful what you invest in and be aware of the chance of things just disappearing at any time that everyone is calling secure and safe today. Pursue and support what is sustainable with your money, preferably on a local level. Donate to sustainable causes, not to causes like corporate owned politicians or causes that promise to find ‘cures’ someday. The answers are all here now. Avoid get rich quick or fear based paper debt schemes with lots of slick presentations and high pressure sales tactics. Avoid anything advertised on TV, as it will more than likely mean paper and/or debt, all of which is not sustainable and it feeds the 1%. Avoid investing in monopolies, such as nuclear, oil, coal, diamonds, drugs, medical, etc… which is basically almost all of the stock and bond market. 

Do not be afraid to walk or create a road less traveled. Think about your decisions and what will happen seven generations from now as a result of what you are doing today. Then act, AFTER you have considered THEIR needs, not just yours. 

Stock/Bond Trader Tells Truth, BBC Announcers Jaws Drop, Made Speechless; via @AGreenRoad

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