What is Needed? Top Down Champions Of Sustainability With $$$$

In many cases, huge paradigm shifts or changes happen from the bottom up. But if leaders are willing to, they can help drive change that would happen anyway, in a faster way. The women’s suffrage movement happened, possibly faster than it would have otherwise, because a few rich individuals stepped up and funded it. 

Heads of corporations are no exception to this ‘rule’. Corporations are huge organizations that can drive change if a champion at the top is supporting the positive evolution or change. 

Paul Polman of Unilever is championing a new set of Sustainable Development Goals to replace the UN Millennium Development Goals (due to expire in 2015).
Pavan Sukhdev, a former managing director at Deutschebank, who led The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study for the UN, began the task of putting a price tag on nature.
Jochen Zeitz, chairman of Puma, used the Rio platform to promote the potentially disruptive Environmental Profit and Loss accounting method that the sportswear company has pioneered with Trucost and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Mr. Richard Branson, of Virgin Airlines is pushing A Unite and  Team “B”, dedicated to promoting people and the planet alongside profit. The Tagboard.com team is honored to power the #PlanB social media conversation.
What about thinking; people and planet BEFORE profit? Organizations always need to look at the bottom line, but if life on the planet does not survive, then what is short term profit worth? 
As the American Indians say, when you find out that we cannot drink or breathe money due to polluted water and fouled air, what will business leaders and those following them do then? When the whole financial system collapses, and entire monetary systems disappear, then what? 
When business leaders finally find out find out that money cannot buy health once it is lost due to plants growing in dead soil devoid of all minerals, what happens then? When business leaders find out that money cannot buy happiness or health in a radioactively contaminated environment, then what? 
These are important questions, but lack of awareness, lack of consciousness and a fundamental split in mental thinking prevents most leaders from even going close to these important questions.

A leader in the nuclear industry cannot do that work, unless they totally believe in nuclear energy and the total safety of all things  nuclear, despite all evidence pointing to the opposite.

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There is huge money being donated to foundations such as Bill Gates Foundation. His foundation seems to be behind the huge monopolies of nuclear, pharmaceuticals and others like it. Instead of creating a new paradigm, the Bill Gates Foundation and others like it seem to be perpetuating more of the old system, that is totally broken and does not work sustainably.

Drugs, Medicine and GMO’s

The money pouring into this foundation and the existing huge corporations via stocks, bonds, derivatives and retirement accounts is supporting the old, obsolete, broken system. What is needed is just the opposite. What is needed is a restart, a rebirth of something completely NEW, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a total system failure. 

If an organization starts asking what is good for seven future generations, that organization and all that it touches would very rapidly make paradigm shifts away from a monopolistic, top down power structure. It would move away from dirty polluting energy sources into sourcing and using renewable,  zero carbon energy sources just as ONE example of the many paradigm shifts that would happen if this question were truly asked and answered with HONESTY, lining up with intuition.

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This process of paradigm shift is happening now. The renewable energy industries are growing in the double digits, while the coal and nuclear industries are shrinking, but this process is not happening  fast enough. We need leaders who have at least a limited awareness of the paradigm shifting awareness to push the paradigm shifting process faster and put their  energy and money behind it, much like the examples above. 
Money cannot be eaten. The world is headed for destruction in a short amount of time due to the consequence of a broken, divided way of thinking, and a lack of consciousness underneath it. What better use is there for money than to try and save what can be saved and shift some small part of the world to a more sustainable way of living? 
Who knows, maybe a miracle or two will happen and we may even pull off saving the entire planet? But what we do know for sure, is that the globe has reached and crossed the tipping point of 400 PPM of carbon dioxide. This spells disaster for our future.

This will mean huge negative consequences for the whole planet. The train has left the tracks, so the rest is just waiting for everything to happen in seeming slow motion. We are all on this train. Who can be saved? Who and what will make it through the crash that is sure to follow?

The important thing to understand is that ALL of the answers are there, ready to go. The only thing lacking is the WILL, and then the money to plug into those answers to make it all happen. 
For example, the Science of Sustainable Health is ready to teach, using existing books and knowledge. A university could be built to teach it, or existing ones could switch their subject matter to teach it. Sadly, the existing education system is for the most part, included in the monopoly that is headed off the tracks.

It is easier to start completely new, because the EXISTING money flowing into existing universities and colleges is supporting the top down monopoly power structure which do NOT allow the teaching of sustainable subject matter.

The mass media which is controlled by huge corporations does not allow the airing of sustainable subject matter, because it ‘competes’ with the existing monopolies.

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

One university teaching ONLY the Science Of Sustainable Health could serve like the ark in the Bible. A Science Of Sustainable Health University could serve as an example that others could copy. A tiny amount of yeast in a bread dough transforms the entire loaf, not just one piece of bread.

Or, worst case, a Science of Sustainable Health University could serve as a tiny seed to save what little can be saved when the rest comes crashing down, as it will, because all of the systems that have been put in place by monopolies cannot keep going forever. All of the existing systems are built on non sustainable structures and dymanics that will all fail catastrophically at some point in time.

The medical system is built on the assumption that drug and surgery work to maintain health. This is upside down thinking and profit motivated. It will collapse in time.

The food system is built on a theory that 3 chemicals made from oil, injected into the soil will support life, and that 10 calories of cheap oil can be used to forcibly extract via GMO seeds 1 calorie of food energy. This system will collapse eventually and cause the extinction of the human race if allowed to continue.

The global energy system is built on carbon fuels which acidify and pollute the whole planet. We have reached and crossed the 400 PPM tipping point. The rest is all downhill.

The global drinking water system is built in a top down way and built on a premise that chemicals added to water protect health, when the opposite is true.

The fisheries system is based on extracting the largest amount of $$$ in pounds of flesh at the least cost with no limits or controls, which is causing the total collapse of the global fish population.

The financial system is built on worthless paper, with nothing backing it up, and no sustainable systems in place. Debt piled on top of mountains of debt cannot keep growing forever, and that is what constitutes the present financial system globally.. It is a race to see who can destroy their own financial system faster at this point, by printing more worthless paper, while supporting this through back room secret monetary policy debt shifting to obfuscate the consequences.

Communities and nations are built with no sustainable plan in place for creating LOCAL jobs that cannot be exported to the cheapest labor country. Presently, millions of jobs have been exported from the US to Mexico. Then moved again to China, then moved again to India or whatever other nation offers cheaper labor.

When another nation gets desperate enough to sell out their citizens as slaves, corporations will leave whole nations even more desperate as they move factories to the next nation for even cheaper wages and worse working conditions, plus ZERO environmental protection. Corporations are making record profits, while the people in many nations are suffering more and more. Again, this is a race to the bottom.

The environment is used as a dumping ground for the waste products produced by ALL corporations in all monopolies, as well as by unconscious citizens who do not realize the price that their children will be forced to pay for their denial. This cannot continue for much longer.

Natural resources are forcibly taken from the living breathing Being called Gaia, with no respect, love, caring, much less a sustainable plan. Take without giving back is the watchword. This cannot continue for much longer. Even a being made of pure unconditional love cannot be carved up like a turkey and have pieces taken out and poisons injected or dumped on top, without consequences.

Politics is controlled for the most part by monopolistic corporations. They use fear plus the mass media to divide and conquer the people. Each major party uses fear to control the people, who vote against their own best interests, despite the Green Party offering all solutions, with no corporate money involved. Votes are power, and corporations know this.

All of these monopolistic systems which are based on greed and fear are starting to collapse with HUGE consequences, one of which will be the extinction of the human race. Like a house of cards built on sand, these non sustainable structures are starting to collapse in on themselves. They will all disappear within several generations. 

All of these non sustainable systems and others like them are like a cancer eating away the inside of the patient and killing the patient. The deadly cancer keeps on growing. It is getting bigger and bigger, spreading throughout the whole body. What is the end result? Anyone with common sense can predict what will happen with no changes put in place.

It is time to make huge paradigm shifts in order to try and save some small pieces. What part will you play? Will you give up and support the death industries conspiring to carve up and feast on the bones of Gaia? Or will you work to shift the paradigm and do your part with what you have to give? We each have a choice, a will and power to do our part. 

What is Needed? Top Down Champions Of Sustainability With $$$$; via @AGreenRoad