Roseanne owns state rep on fair wages, taxes, labor rights, and plight of the middle class

In the video above, Roseanne owns the state representative on fair wages, taxes, labor rights, and plight of the middle class due to corporate greed.

It is not the unions that are the problem. The corporate owned mass media propoganda outlets claim that unions are the problem, but unions before Citizens United only contributed about $1 for every $10 dollars that corporations gave to politicians, and that is not counting the free air time and other perks that corporate owned stations give their presidential candidates who are also on the payroll as ‘consultants’ at Fox News. Now the gap is widening by orders of magnitude as the money rolls into the coffers of politicians like tsunami waves, from the 1% who control the politicians, mass media, monopolies and the creation of most laws..

Democracy is not possible when one side has all of the marbles and refuses to even play a fair game. When the game is so rigged so that corporate backed candidates win almost every time and workers lose  90 percent of the time, that is NOT a democracy or even a Republic.

When even if the vote comes in on the citizens side in a majority,  they STILL lose, democracy has been twisted into something that is nothing more than Fascism, with a painted lipstick face. In the last few elections, liberal voters were in the majority both in state elections and nationally, but no liberal representatives ended up in Congress. Only corporate backed Republicans were installed. Why is that? 

The US today is not much more than a corporate pig with lipstick. This pig is sucking at the taxpayer trough of money, leaving only the dry marrowless bones for the citizens to suck on. The US government has been hijacked and twisted to serve the 1 percent corporate owners.

Politicians owned by corporations, elected by corporations and ordered to pass laws favorable to corporations now willfully ignore the will of the majority of voters, and get away with it, because the corporate owned mass media has convinced most people to vote against their own interests. 

Corporate ‘owners’ think that they are entitled to destroy and dismantle workers rights, abolish unions, get rid of environmental laws, Constitutional rights, and prevent the freedom to bargain for better working conditions or a clean environment.
Those aligned with the 1% use one state against another, bidding for the best ‘tax giveways’ and other benefits that taxpayers must make up for by paying higher tax rates than the rich, in order to work at part time, minimum wage jobs with no benefits. It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul, and both of them lose, while the banksters laugh all the way to the Bahamas.  
Corporations are making record profits, plundering the national Treasury of all nations, while millions of people globally lose their homes, retirement accounts, freedoms, rights, pensions, unions and benefits. 
Pure greed allows an all out war by the 1 percent on workers and the unions who produce all of the profit enjoyed by the 1 percent at the top. Yet, in their minds, all profit is created by the 1% alone, not to be shared with lowly slaves who work in the mines, the fields, or inside of the the machinery of the Matrix corporations that make up the world business community. The lowly workers are there to be fleeced, bamboozled, and fooled into giving their money WILLINGLY and with a smile to the 1 percent. 
Pure greed allows the 1 percent to hire the best propogandists to produce the best propoganda in history that makes up the mass media; claiming that their Capitalism is the only and best way, above all critics and complaints. They repeat the lies and twisted truths so many times, that most people are ‘programmed’ to believe, and refuse to hear the truth, even when it is in front of them. 
According to the corporate speak media, there is no darkness, no blemish, no fault in Capitalism. Capitalism is a holy cow, never to be touched, never to be slaughtered and certainly it cannot be eaten, because the flesh of Capitalism is too pure to be consumed or even modified slightly by any fire or critic.   
Capitalism is holy and taboo at the same time. It cannot to be discussed in debates and it cannot be put down in any mass media. The holy golden Idol of Capitalism has been combined with the religion that the Earth is the ‘dominion’ of the ‘righteous’. Where is the proof? Check on your local mass media channels. See if you can find any mass media show, movie or news that is critical of a corporation… You can’t find anything, right? 
In the eyes of the 1%, the Earth and all people is here to be raped, plundered, spoiled, abused or stolen. People are nothing more than commodities to be bought at the lowest bid possible. When the 1 percent leave,  only poisons are left over, some of them for 2 million years time, which is basically forever. 
The 1 percent reap the rewards of aligning themselves with religion, who teach the sheep that at some magical point in some distant and forever receding future, a magician will come and fix it all, and start it all over again, so that the ‘dominion’ story can start all over again. Thus the abused and dominated can look forward to a time when they will be ‘saved’. 
According to the 1 percent and all those who control all others and order them to work for slave wages, while forcing the poor to pay the corporate taxes, they must agree to work, or die as useless worms, not worthy of unemployment benefits, food, housing, education, healthcare or even clothing.

In the eyes of the 1%, only churches are worthy of giving handouts, not the government. The only problem with that is the largest handouts and welfare is given to the 1 percent in the form of corporate subsidies, grants, write offs, tax giveaways, slush funds, secret bank accounts, no bid contracts, taxpayer stimulus funds, emergency relief to the tune of TRILLIONS, and more. 

The corporate owners hire their ‘expert’ mouthpieces and PhD’s. Anyone disputing the 1 percent corporate elite is silenced with a mere comment; “They are not even an expert. These upstarts who dare to be a critic of the Holy Capitalist system have no education or experience in this arena. They are quacks and charlatans, or worse, terrorists who deserve to be put to death. Maybe they should be imprisoned for ten years with no charges, or bombed out of existence with drones. No one should listen to them”. 
Certainly Roseann Barr knows nothing and she should not be listened to. And definitely do not pay attention to the 1 percent pulling the strings behind the curtain. They are the producers of all of the mass media ‘programming’ that fills all of the airwaves, as they are the ‘owners’ of the mass media that is full of TV ‘programming’. Just keep on being ‘programmed’ and keep on ‘buying’ their stuff, while paying taxes for the privilege of working, while the corporations pay nothing and steal everything.

Roseanne owns state rep on fair wages, taxes, labor rights, and plight of the middle class; via @AGreenRoad

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