100 Nations Have Signed, Banning Cluster Bomb; Illegal Weapon Of MASS Destruction, But Not The USA!

War is a VERY Profitable business. It used to be that war profiteers were looked at much like bootleggers… with disgust. Now, war is a respectful business enterprise, supported, admired, and much  in demand in all communities. Politicians fight over who can get a piece of the military industrial complex into their town, in order to ‘create jobs’. 

The military obliged. The Pentagon think tank did it’s job well, by spreading the jobs of killing people into all US states, and most communities within them via the war contract business. Now it is harder to vote AGAINST war and the 60% of the total US budget dedicated to it, due to people in communities all across the US being so desperate for work. 

How did we end up in this situation? Millions of good middle class jobs were outsourced from the USA into Communist China and Vietnam. Many of the good paying jobs left are military industrial complex jobs. So communities will do almost anything to keep the war machine going, just for a few jobs. 

After all, it comes down to our communities supporting either jobs making cluster bombs, or going to work for McDonalds, part time, at minimum wage, with no benefits. Which would you vote for? Duh…

The war on Communism seems to be lost, as Communist China and Vietnam are now our best and most favored trading nations plus our best buddies. The ‘Cold War’ is over and done with. Russia is now an official democracy, or so they say. So now the military industrial complex has had to find another boogie man to create fear and foster an environment of revenge, which would justify the world’s largest military budget, larger than all other civilized nations combined. Voila! 

Terrorists appeared, and the corporate owned mass media obliged by featuring the scary and violent stories of terrorists behind every library bookshelf, and a terrorist hiding in every mailbox. We should all turn in our neighbors if they even dare to try on a turban or go to the wrong church. 

Fear of terrorists has been whipped up into a frenzy, and a whole new agency and power structure appeared, combining all of the former government agencies, into ONE huge HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY… The sales tactic seems to be that we need the military industrial complex and thousands of military bases to whip up on these terrorists, because the law enforcement and armies around the world in all of these foreign countries are not up to the job. The US military has to do the job, because no one else is doing it. 

How did we end up being the world’s police and paying the entire bill as US Taxpayers? 

The war on terrorism is a ‘good’, holy and just war, because there are terrorists EVERYWHERE. The terrorists never stop, so it justifies a HUGE standing army, the largest military budget in the entire WORLD and over 2,000 foreign military bases, just so we can go find a few lowly terrorists here and there and kill them BEFORE they get to the USA, via drones. 

This war on terror also justifies any means in order to win, since they terrorists are fighting ‘illegally’. Thus the illegal and immoral mass weapons of destruction are deemed to be holy and justified to be used anytime, anywhere, even in the middle of cities. Thus, napalm bombs, Depleted uranium bombs and shells, cluster bombs, drones, phosphorus bombs, and more are all ethically ok, even against US citizens. Who cares about freedoms, rights and international agreements, when fear of terrorism is all that matters? Let’s elect a leader who can go after them and WIN this war.  

After all, what jobs would be left in the US, if war on ??? (whatever the menu choice of war is) stopped tomorrow, and all the terrorists just went home to their farms and villages? The US military industrial complex NEEDS terrorists to support the FEAR, which then justifies the weapons, which then justifies the HUGE war budget. 

But with all other jobs outsourced, maybe the war machine will never stop. Because if the millions of Americans engaged in the killing machine military industrial complex could not go to work, the US would have to find a peaceful use for labor, and that is not something the US has been good at, historically speaking. 

That is why the US  is consistently the biggest exporter and user of weapons of mass destruction. That is why the US is the biggest cause and contributor in genocidal wars. 

That is why the US is behind the suffering caused to millions of people worldwide each year. That is why the US consistently votes AGAINST the outlawing and banning of weapons of mass destruction.. FEAR and greed drives this huge military budget, and FEAR plus greed is what keeps it going, with a little bit of religious Dominionism thrown in for good measure. 

After all, the Holy Books can be interpreted to justify wiping out all other nations, if we so desire it. Historically, it was justified and it happened. The Jewish nation was commanded by God to wipe out all unbelievers and foreign pagans. 

The Old Testament is full of God smiting whole nations, wiping out the whole world and all life on it. The Jewish nation is proud of killing every man, woman and child of other nations, at the command of God no less.. That is after all, how 10-100 million American Indians were wiped out.. And that is part of the legacy of burning witches, and the Christians fighting Holy Wars overseas in the Crusades, during the Middle Ages. God commanded it, allowed it, justified it and it was holy, because they were ‘unbelievers’. Nothing has changed. The Holy War continues. God’s vengeance continues. Fear and revenge, and eye for an eye until the whole world is blind, still continues. 

Is there a choice? Is there a better way? What if there is a better, non violent way that does not require a huge permanent standing army in the US and 2000 foreign military bases, plus the largest military budget in the world? Who would lead the way? How would we find the alternative? 

The current situation is not sustainable. Either we find a way to solve this unsustainable situation where weapons of mass destruction are ok, despite 100 nations voting against it, or something will be forced on the US through natural consequences. The US is structured systemically upside down and backwards in almost all ways. 

To get things right side up and looking forward sustainably will take huge paradigm shifts in consciousness, letting go of fear, opening to love and peace, and going within. There is no law that will create this paradigm shift and evolution of human consciousness. This process will happen inside of people as they evolve in understanding, awareness and let go of their death grip on the war machine. 

Living in peace is the natural order of things. War is an aberration. Killing at a distance is an aberration. Violence via war is not natural. It is an aberration. Trying to create a system that depends on standing armies and creating ever more toxic, dangerous and deadly weapons is an aberration, not in line with the natural order of the universe. 

We do have a choice both personally and through our votes. We can choose through free will to be violent, or peaceful with our thoughts, words and actions, as well as who we elect. 

We can choose fear or love and forgiveness in our feelings, thoughts and actions. We can choose to resolve conflicts peacefully or through death and weapons of mass destruction. It is up to us. Other nations seem to be evolving peacefully, as evidenced by 100 nations voting for banning these weapons. 

Other nations are abandoning nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, biological weapons, and closing down their war machines. Why can’t the US do the same, or even LEAD THE WAY?

100 Nations Have Signed, Banning Cluster Bomb; Illegal Weapon Of MASS Destruction, But Not The USA!; via @AGreenRoad

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